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Woman Neighbor is a one-time character from The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing at the end of the episode "Mommy Fearest". Her name was never revealed and it was never directly revealed, whether she was actually a real person, if she was just Sedusa, going in disguise or if she was a separate villain. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


In "Mommy Fearest", Sedusa disguised herself as an innocent woman named Ima Goodelady to make Professor Utonium fall in love with her as a roundabout way to gain authority over The Powerpuff Girls and ban them from fighting crime, allowing for her to commit crimes, unpunished. The Powerpuff Girls eventually saw through her disguise, blew her cover, beat her up, and saved The Professor and themselves from her evil reign.

Shortly after this happened, an unnamed neighbor lady came to the door of the Utonium Residence, saying that she heard about what happened to them recently and that to express her sympathies, she baked them a pie. Instantly upon seeing her, Professor Utonium fell in love with her, just like he did with Ima. The Powerpuff Girls suspected this to be Sedusa in another one of her disguises, so they shot right after this new lady and attacked her. The episode ended abruptly right there and the aftermath of the incident was never brought up again, so it's unknown if this woman was actually innocent, just another one of Sedusa's disguises or a different villain.


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  • Whether she was actually Sedusa in disguise or just a normal person remains ambiguous, as it was never mentioned in the episode. However, in the credits for the episode, "Neighbor Woman" and "Ima Goodelady/Sedusa" are listed as two different characters and they even have different voice actors, implying that they are in fact separate people and that The Powerpuff Girls did indeed beat up an innocent civilian. It's also possible she might be a separate villain using similar tactics to Sedusa.