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What's the Big Idea?
Season 6, Episode 13b (136)
Episode name pun on: Mojo's idea to make the Girls bigger and the expression of the same name and the phrase of the same name.
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Airdate: August 27, 2004
Director: John McIntyre
Story: Paul Stec
Writer(s): Ken Allen
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"Roughing It Up"
"Nuthin' Special"

"What's the Big Idea?" is the twenty-third episode in the sixth season of The Powerpuff Girls. It is the one hundred thirty-sixth episode overall. It is also the thirteenth episode along with "Roughing It Up". It is the second to final episode of the original series, followed by The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!


Mojo Jojo makes the girls giants so that they can’t stop his crimes without causing massive collateral damage and it’s up to the Professor to save the day.


That day, Mojo Jojo was making a scale model of Townsville in 1:87th scale in his volcano observatory. Then, while he was thinking what to do, he put his figure in front of the Jewel shop. He thinks of another plan and took the figure to the Art Museum. However, he was spiked by the tower and jumped on the electric poles. Then the poles wrapped around him and destroyed his scale model. He then has the perfect idea for the Powerpuff Girls.

The Powerpuff Girls were oblivious about Mojo's plans. They were playing near his volcano. When they started arguing, Mojo walked between them. The Girls ask "What's the Big Idea?." Mojo replied "Exactly." He showed his newest creation, along with its introduction etc. etc. He used it to make the Powerpuff Girls gigantically huge. At first, the giant girls were overconfident and started laughing Hysterically. The now towering Blossom begins to mock Mojo and calls him an idiot for making them huge and that they will crush him under their heaviness. Mojo accepts the challenge and the confident leader Blossom lifts her massive weighty foot on top of Mojo to flatten him. But, Blossom was too ponderous due to her enormous size and mass which gave Mojo enough time to escape being buried into the ground under her overwhelming pressure which frustrated Blossom who keeps stomping to catch Mojo which causes large holes in the ground and causes the nearby buildings to start forming cracks from the impact of her ginormous weight. And at this gigantic size, the girls stepped on the electric poles, destroy buildings, and cause more chaos. The citizens tell them they are making things worse. Bubbles cried, causing huge tears, almost flooding Townsville. Then, they went to their home, flying but cause fires in Townsville.

While they went to see Prof. Utonium, Mojo was stealing DVD's, jewels and money. The Professor ran out of his house and ran into the large leg of Blossom, she explains that Mojo turned the girls into giants with a device that she accidentally stepped on. The Professor tried to repair the device while the Powerpuff Girls search for Mojo Jojo. The Professor finished the device and shrinks the girls back to normal size. After kicks and Punches, Mojo goes to jail as usual. He then tries to think how the girls got smaller as the device does not work that way. The narrator shows that Townsville actually got bigger than the planet Earth and the girls did NOT get small (which doesn't explain how Townsville got back to normal in The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!). The Narrator shows how the episode ends as "The day is saved by Powerpuff Girls! Don't step on me!"


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Don Shank (animated)


  • As the girls were grown upto several feet tall (most probably 50 feet tall) then it would make them each weigh more than 650 tons or 13 million pounds! Which makes sense as Bubbles' one single giant eyelash was able to literally crush a car under its weight.
  • This is the only episode to have question as its title; the only one to have question mark (?) in its title.
  • This is the last 11-minute episode in production, though this is not the last-aired episode, which aired on March 25, 2005.
  • This episode, along with Roughing It Up premiered on the same day Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode The Trouble with Scribbles premiered, making it the second and final time Foster's and PPG had premieres side-by-side.
  • This episode is similar to every episode of the show with growth as a topic
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  • This was the last episode where Mojo was the main villain until "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!
  • This is the last episode of The Powerpuff Girls before making a special episode, "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!"
  • Bubbles' eyelashes can be seen making it the second or fourth time in general since the girls' lashes have been shown onscreen, first being The Rowdyruff Boys (episode), second being The City of Clipsville (non-canon) and the third being A Made Up Story.
  • Running gag: Characters ending their sentences with sorry.
  • It was the last episode to air in 2004.
  • This is the last episode of the series to be animated using digital ink-and-paint animation until the 2016 reboot came out.
  • When Mojo Jojo walks out of the train, he is humming the music from the series' theme song.
  • This is the third time a character sings the Powerpuff Girls theme song. First was Bubbles and Buttercup in "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever," and the second was Blossom in "Night Mayor."


  • At some point in this episode The Powerpuff Girls say "Zoinks!", which is Shaggy's catchphrase from the Scooby Doo franchise.
  • When Bubbles cries in big tears after they were growing, which is the same as Alice cries in big tears causing the water flooding after she cannot get through the talking door to looking for a white rabbit from Disney's 1951 version of Alice in Wonderland.


  • This is the third episode where the girls changed size, the first one being "Nano of the North" and second being "Nuthin' Special".
  • If in "Nano of the North" were to be considered canon, Professor Utonium could have just easily shrunk the girls back to normal size by using his Micro-Stabilizer without having to even worry about fixing Mojo's device.
  • The final time the girls earn the ire of the citizens, the first three being, "The Powerpuff Girls Movie" (they were referred to as "freaky bug-eyed weirdo girls" at that time), "Tough Love" (it was HIM that caused that actually), and "Sweet 'N Sour".