Blossom Carrying Whale

The Whale is an unnamed baby whale, that Bubbles kept as a pet in the episode "Helter Shelter".


Bubbles first found the whale after doing a final patrolling run of Townsville on the beach. Unknowingly to her sisters, Bubbles brought home the whale as Blossom and Buttercup interrogate Bubbles on what she has been hiding. After Bubbles and Buttercup argue over what the animal is, Blossom reminds the group to not bring animals into the house.

Bubbles tells her side of the story on why she brought the whale home. She didn’t want the whale to feel sad but also had to remember the “no animals in the house” rule, so she stored the whale in a closet. To their horror, the Professor is coming home and the trio need to conceal the whale from their dad.

After various hiding places such as behind the Girls’ bed and behind a coffee table, they decide the best place is the Professor’s lab, where Blossom states that they will have to accept the consequences. The whale is now in a not so healthy state, to which Bubbles returns with a glass of water. Buttercup says that much more will be needed than that. Blossom suggests a bigger space with lots of water. After questioning where the water can come from, Buttercup punches Blossom in the stomach, activating her ice powers while Buttercup uses lasers to melt the ice.

The Professors arrives home while the girls ask him about his day. He says that he was a beached whale, so he invented new sneakers to help him get active. He notices a little bug in the invention and goes to the lab to fix it. The girls tell their dad about their various accomplishments throughout the day as he hurries to the lab. To his shock, a whale is in the lab, causing him to yell at Bubbles.

Bubbles enters in, commenting that he got soaked. She says that there’s a whale in the house, and that he needs to be saved. The Professor realizes what is going on, and asks if it’s like how badly she wanted to save the whale. Bubbles tells the truth by confessing the truth. The Professor knows how much she loves the animals and how badly she wants to take care of them, but he says that the best thing to do is to set them free so they can return to their families.

Bubbles is shown the next day on the beach saying her goodbyes to the whale. In her mind, the Professor‘s words echo and she smiles. Blossom and Buttercup ask if anyone’s going to be grounded, to which the Professor says that nobody will be grounded as everyone makes mistakes. The news station turns on to show Bubbles releasing all the animals from the Townsville zoo, causing the Professor to yell out Bubbles’ name again.


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