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Biographical information

Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, & longevity (via the golden apples of Idunn).

Abilities via Mighty Axe:

■ Flight
■ Energy absorption & projection
■ Weather manipulation
■ Dimensional transportation
■ Electric manipulation


Superhero, Ragnarocker, Protector of mankind

Physical description

Asguardian angel



Out of universe information
Voiced by

Tom Kenny

Teachers and Students

Valhallen is the Viking God of Ragnarock n' roll and a member of the superhero teams The Justice Friends and Association of World Super Men.


Valhallen's costume is a clash of cultures of the Viking and Heavy metal fashion. Valhallen's axe is pink and his eyes are always obscured by his hair.


He lives with Major Glory and Krunk in the apex floor of an apartment called Muscular Arms and his favorite TV show is the Monster Truck Pull. His major adversary is Death Hellen, the Greek God of Death metal. Valhallen is a supporter of going to dentists for regular check-ups and it caused him to get into a fight with Major Glory when a tortilla chip got stuck in Krunk's tooth. In the end, Valhallen proved him wrong when the dentist was able to remove the chip and Glory paid for his mistake.


His powers come from his all-mighty axe, without it he reverts to a mere mortal dude.


  • His name is a portmanteau word of Valhalla the Nordic Heaven & the rock band Van Halen.
  • He is a parody of Thor the Norse God of Thunder (particularly the Marvel superhero), with some traits of He-Man, as he uses He-Man's catchphrase "I have the power".
  • Valhallen's sidekick is White Tiger, just like Battle Cat is to He-Man.