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  • Wave9Nut

    So you may or may not have heard of the new Cartoon Network Show Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart.

    Either way I have made a wiki for it and would appreciate some help from friends and familiar faces. I didn't really know how else to get word out to all of you.

    Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Wiki

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  • Wave9Nut

    PPG Wiki Interview

    February 28, 2019 by Wave9Nut

    I am going to be making a video on my YouTube Channel (This is a Link) that will be about the argument as to the Canonity of PPG 2016 and the IDW comics. However I want to get some opinions so in the comments if you could fill out the following I will feature it in my video!

    Q: Do you believe PPG 2016 is Cannon or Not?

    Q: How do you feel about PPG 2016?

    Q: If PPG 1998 did not exist how would you feel about PPG 2016?

    Q: In what order did you see PPG 1998, PPG 2016, PPGZ?

    Q: Have you read the IDW comics?

    Q: When did you see PPG 1998

    Q: Please in 3 sentences each Summarize how you feel about each PPG series

    Q: Are you a Parent who got into it because of your kid(s)?

    Q: Do you believe that Cartoons aren't as good as they used to be, as in back when yo…

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  • Wave9Nut




    Warned you have been.

    It was awful Bells uncomunicatable nightmares.

    Eating other people. Watching a large amount of PowerPuffs mutilated by a bright yellow and black outfited Powerpuff.

    But when Blossom woke, neither Buttercup nor Bubbles had returned. 

    Where are they?! Blossom thought.

    {Silico industries}

    Buttercup stared into the empty, building engulfed in darkness.

    "Well we are not stealthy." Jamaica said offhandedly.

    "Arrgh!!!" Buttercup yelled in frustration. "I know you have it."

    Jemmica backed up starting to sweat nervously.

    "Umm uhh......"

    "Give it to me. Give me the real doom box."

    {Townsville Jail}

    Blaze melted a hole in t…

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  • Wave9Nut

    (Disclaimer: This episode features mentally disturbing, and violent sequences proceed with caution)

    it's been 4 days since they left me here. What am I supposed to do? Bell thought.

    You should eat them. Slowly. Another part of herself suggested.

    Bell was in the guest room at the girls house. She vaguely remembered the house but it looked different 17 years ago.

    Blossom enters the room.

    Eat her..... The voice told her in her head.

    Bell stares blankly at the floor.

    "Were there any other girls made by Chemical A?" Blossom asked carefully.

    Bell screeches and jumps at Blossom.

    But then Bell stops and collapses on the floor clutching her head.

    "Aaaagggghhhhrrrrrr!" Bell screens.

    Bell curls up on the floor hyperventilating. Blossom starts backing up.

    She's c…

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  • Wave9Nut

    This is a list of episodes for the series.

    It only takes a spark......

    Silico has a vendita, Blossom has a psycho sister who is the only one who can answer her questions, Buttercup is in search of a way to fix a great wrong she once did and with Jemmica's help she might be able to, Donny and Jared go on a mission to another Dimension so they can stop an alien invasion, Bubbles goes in search of an enemy so that she can come to peace with her secrets, Mojo must face his son's for the first time in five years, and The Professor must face his greatest fear. As Townsville falls Cody must deal with the ghosts of the past, and Ken must discover Proffesor Utonium's greatest secret to truly understand his own. Bliss is faced with an impossible choic…

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