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My name is Erik. I'm a fan of The Powerpuff Girls, mostly the original 1998 series from Cartoon Network and its series "Cartoon Cartoons", and I have been a fan of Lauren Faust's most recent series, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for several years now, right up to the end of the series in 2019 after nine seasons with our favorite Generation 4 ponies, and looking forward to what Generation 5 has to offer later on in 2021. I'm an avid, if not veteran, video gamer, playing all sorts of console and PC games like StarCraft, The Sims, Team Fortress 2, Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda, Garry's Mod, Dynasty Warriors, Hyrule Warriors, Need for Speed, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Disneyland Adventures, Pokemon, and many more, even if some are titles I haven't played for several years now due to other titles I'm interested in taking their places for the time being, such as Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy being the more-played ones. I've recently added Splatoon 2, Sonic Forces, Skyrim, and Fallout 76 to that list as well. Splatoon 2, Sonic Forces, Skyrim and Fallout 76 have become several of my favorite games, despite all the bugs that haven't been fixed yet by Bethesda in Skyrim and Fallout 76 and probably are still struggling to fix due to being focused on future titles and downloadable content for the games, compared to how Sega, Microsoft, and Nintendo at least debug theirs before releasing them out to the public, including my other favorite in Sonic Forces, and with announcing the debut of Splatoon 3 in the future, at least by 2022. Bungie, Koei, Square Enix, Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft, and the rest of the gaming companies do a better job debugging their games and testing them before releasing them than Bethesda does, though I am reconsidering my thoughts on that after the release of the latest Fallout 76 DLC that has fixed some of those bugs along with the updates that followed, even if there are still a few lingering about, and some new ones as well, and Bethesda is still working to get the kinks out of them as time goes on as they continue to update and work on Fallout 76 for all their fans out there in the gaming community that enjoy their products as time goes on. However, I will be taking a break from Fallout 76 for a while once my PlayStation Plus subscription expires to work on other games that don't require a PlayStation Plus subscription to use. Try to give Bethesda time to continue improving the game to draw more players in or veteran ones back before I rejoin when I see something they announce spark my interest.

While I may not have superpowers like the girls due to how they gained their powers by a freak accident when they were born through Chemical X, I do my best to help out my community by being a Good Samaritan. I've been trained in CPR and First Aid during my final semester at college, and I am good friends with my local police, fire, and EMS departments, along with the county sheriff and state police as well through having joined my local neighborhood organization that has a lot of fun activities to attend every year, and annual events that are done by the city over the summer, such as "Light Up the City" and the Fourth of July fireworks, along with a potluck at the end of the summer. However, if it is delayed or canceled due to weather or something else, I can always plan for next year instead, as long as whatever caused it does not linger around by the time it returns the following year, such as the recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, which I hope dies down soon, but I'm holding my breath on that as the months pass until the vaccine is distributed and there's no longer a threat from it getting a second or third wind, such as a new variant due to the virus' ability to mutate, meaning more time to alter the vaccine to deal with the mutations before it can cause more deaths via continuing to spread through close contact if social distancing is not maintained.

I'll add more to my page as I think of it, while trying to avoid missing a single day with contributing to the Wiki to the best of my abilities, which if I can't get the edit in immediately after the turn at midnight UTC time, I'll get it in first thing in the morning for me, and if I fail to contribute within 24 hours of my last edit, then I understand starting over from scratch again as a result, no matter how far I got before I skipped a day.

I've got my new computer now, so I'm back in business, but only for until I need to replace this one in the future depending on how long the hard drive lasts or something else happens to force me to repair or replace it with a similar model or new hardware to keep up with my edits and talking with friends with how technology keeps evolving and I'm always behind on the times in the process with nearly outdated stuff, especially to the latest generation of video games, Microsoft Windows, or Wi-Fi adapter. That also counts for if the router or modem goes so it has to be replaced as well to restore Internet access.

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