Townsville Police Department is the police station of Townsville.

  • They follow the orders of The Mayor.
  • They may confront any villains.
  • One cop became a criminal in the episode Cop Out.
  • In Twisted Sister, Bunny mistook the police for the bad guys.
  • They were manipulated by Him in the episode Tough Love.
  • In Bought and Scold, Princess Morbucks ruled the town with all recuit criminals and the police are owned by her and all cops are corrupt.
  • Blossom is arrested for theft in A Very Special Blossom.
  • In Crime 101, the girls are arrested by cops.
  • In Powerpuff Bluff, they are arrested by cops with accusation.

In Powerpuff Girls Z:

  • They're never seen, only mentioned.

In the 2016 series:

  • They only appear in the episode Strong-Armed and are mentioned in others.

Officer Dave Duncan as he appears in Documentary.

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