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"City of Townsville"

The City of Townsville is a fictional city and the main setting of The Powerpuff Girls. The Narrator always opens each episode with the phrase: "The City of Townsville..." Despite its name, however, Townsville is, in fact, a city and not a town.

Townsville is practically a beautiful place. It’s filled with clean air, home of the superheroines, sharing and people who are so friendly and very nice to The Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium.

City skyline

The city skyline is the opening scene of mostly every episode. Exceptional episode openings include the Citiesville skyline in "Town and Out," the Citiesburg skyline in a Freedom Gal comic at the start of "Super Zeroes," and the Farmsville area in "Beat Your Greens."

Townsville is the largest city in Pokey Oaks County by population and land area. Citiesville is the second largest in the county, also by population and land area.

City fame

This city is most famous for an active volcano found in Townsville Central Park (which would later become the base for Mojo Jojo's observatory). The city is also famous for crime rates, giant monster attacks, day-savings, Little Tokyo district, and taffy.

Other city features

  • Townsville Central Park is where people, young and old, read books, play games, and have a good time. The park is also home to Mojo Jojo, who lives in his lair atop a volcano. It is similar to Central Park in New York City.
  • Townsville's forest is home to precious little woodland creatures, and it is also home to the now-honorary member of the Powerpuff Girls, Bullet (he has been introduced in "Stray Bullet"). It is also the home to villain Fuzzy Lumpkins.
  • Townsville is similar to New York City.
  • The design of the tallest skyscrapers in Townsville are based off the Empire State Building and One Liberty Plaza in New York, NY and Liberty Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • The design of Townsville Hall is based off the New York City Hall in New York City.
  • There is a suspension bridge in Townsville crossing a bay and harbor with no name for it, and it's based on the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles, California; San Francisco Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California; the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California; and St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon.
  • Little Tokyo, Townsville is based on Little Tokyo, Los Angeles; Japantown, San Francisco; Chinatown, Los Angeles; Tokyo, Japan; Chinatown, San Francisco; Japantown, Vancouver; Chinatown, Vancouver; Little Tokyo, Toronto; Chinatown, Toronto; Little Tokyo, Perth and pretty much every Chinatown and Little Tokyo.
  • The design of Townsville Convention Center is based off the New York Convention Center
  • A freestanding tower can prominently be seen in the Townsville skyline. The design of the tower is similar to the CN Tower in Toronto and the Space Needle in Seattle.

Locations in the city of Townsville



  • In the first season, the city skyline was yellow. In seasons 2-4, the skyline was blue. And from the movie until the series finished its run, the city skyline was a neon blue and white mixture. The reboot retains the color palette of the skyline from the post-movie episodes of the original series.
  • The coordinates of Townsville are fictionally given as 32°N by 212°W in season 4, episode 4: Him Diddle Riddle. 212°W does not actually exist, as the lines of longitude only increase numerically from the Prime Meridian in either the east or west direction until they meet at 180°. If however, 212°W is assumed to be reached by traveling west from the Prime Meridian and then going past the 180th meridian, it would correspond to 148°E. This set of coordinates in real life would place Townsville in the Pacific Ocean, several hundred kilometers southeast of Japan.
  • In the dub of Powerpuff Girls Z, Townsville is renamed New Townsville (in the original show it is just Tokyo).
  • Townsville is also the name of a city which actually exists in the real world: Townsville, Queensland, Australia. There is also a Townsville in North Carolina, the United States, however it is not a city, but rather an unincorporated community in Vance County. Neither of these places should be confused with their fictional Powerpuff Girls counterpart. In fact, this Townsville is claimed to be in the fictional Pokey Oaks County.
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