• ...which do you think they would be?

    Here is what I think, based on personality:

    - Blossom - PlayStation 4

    - Bubbles - Nintendo Switch

    - Buttercup - Xbox One

    In terms of color you would switch Blossom and Bubbles, but I am going by personality.

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    • Buttercup would definetly be a playstation (1),

      Blossom, a commodore 64,

      I think Bubbles would be a gamecube.

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    • As much as I'm seriously reluctant to say this about either verion of the Powerpuff Girls, because I've been having loads of anxiety disorders about them as of 2010- and I still do today, I'd say...

      Blossom would be a playstation 2

      Bubbles, a nintendo wii

      and Buttercup, would be a Xbox 360.

      But in the back of my mind, what really gets me is, if either verson of the Powerpuff Girls were game consoles of any selection, they wouldn't save the world anymore, because they'll be just game consoles, inanimate, electrical appliances. But I have no control over what people think if the Powerpuff Girls were game consoles.

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    • Chillax Zoren, its just a forum game.

      And y'all are thinking too small babies, these are the consoles they'd REALLY be:

      Buttercup: Arm wrestling arcade machine, due to her love of strength.

      Bubbles: Portable game system/tablet, meant for simple enjoyment and willing to go anywhere!

      Blossom: Gamercore PC-AND YES IT COUNTS!

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    • Blossom: Dreamcast Bubbles: Saturn Buttercup: Genesis Bunny: Game Gear Bliss: Master System

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    • A FANDOM user
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