• Powerpuff Girls OC Good vs Bad

    Rowdyruff Boys OC Good vs Bad


    I really like some Powerpuff Girls Oc's. But I also see many mary sue/gary stu Oc's. And I really dislike mary sue characters. 


    PPG OC good and bad

    I think a PPG Oc needs to look simple and look It's from the show. I have nothing agianst the artist's art style because they can draw good

    I think the same with RRB OC's

    RRB OC good and bad

    I love how some poeple add creative things like a bow tie or a hat. But I think to much clothing and to much accessoires ruins the OC.

    The Powerpuff your self game is good because you need to make your self but PPG/RRB OC's that are meant to be OC's from the show it self can be ruined by making it a Mary Sue/Gary Stu.


    Making powerpuff versions of cartoon characters is also creative and I really like that.

    But I really dislike these kinds of OC's.

    Tumblr obg7akoUk21ufhm8zo1 500

    But this dicussion is just my opinion.

    Have a nice day everyone and share your opinions if you want!

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    • I'm not really into the idea of creating Powerpuff Girls OC, since someone has to create them using either Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, or Snips, Snails and a Puppy Dog's Tail, with an addition of Chemical X. It makes the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys feel less special.

      If I'm designing PPG OCs, I prefer making them look like the side characters from the original series, with dynamic looks and such. alongside Townsville villains for the PPG to face.

      08 Sergeant Ballistic

      Here's an example.

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    • Oh my gosh. Did you drew that. That's so amazing!

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    • ToonStar VB wrote:
      Oh my gosh. Did you drew that. That's so amazing!

      Thanks! I have done other fanarts of PPG if you're interested.

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    • Gjaimesjr wrote:

      Long story short I made OC's that are actually born not made here they are
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    • I'm not into any of it, but here's 2 Ocs I made (the one-eyed character in Black is my Canon character)
      Sam (Tippy's negative self)


      Project Capture (60) (4)

      Tippy Nikkelson / Scar

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    • Powerpuff Bonnie
      This is my Powerpuff Girls OC, Bonnie.
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    • Mhm.. I always wanted to see an amazing rowdyrufff boys OC, but never did. I wanted them to be real bad looking and cool, like... The rowdyruff boys. I want one of them to beat up bubbles by flirting with her.

      Screenshot 2019-04-18-20-30-44

      This looks like Bliss. Why?

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