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The Sporde, or simply just Sporde, is an evil space alien, who destroys planets Hydrus, Cygnus, and Vulpecula nebula. He has the ability to shape shift into any form, and is one of the enemies of Blisstina Utonium. He appeared in "Never Been Blissed".


In "Never Been Blissed", Bliss comes to Earth to warn her sisters about Sporde. She explains that he is an evil alien, who goes to different nebulae, and destroys planets. Recently, he landed a meteor on Earth and found his way into Midway Elementary School.

Sporde was responsible for some eggs and a bunch of maggots came out and possessed Jennifre. It didn't take The Powerpuff Girls long, to realize she was possessed. They quickly defeated Sporde and saved Jennifrey. However, all was not well, as many of Sporde's eggs had still hatched in the school boiler room, and his worms were infesting the school. The primary incarnation of Sporde had already gone in disguise as a boy named Logan Logan, who acted as a good guy, fighting against Sporde. He got on the good side of The Powerpuff Girls, and especially Bliss, who fell in love with him.

At the school dance, all of the students got infested with the slugs, and Logan locked The Powerpuff Girls (sans Bliss) in the boiler room. Logan went back to the dance and sang a love song for Bliss. He then revealed his true form and attempted to destroy Bliss, but the rest of The Powerpuff Girls broke out of the boiler room and went to fight Sporde and his possessed minions. Sporde won the fight with Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, by getting them all stuck in green goo, but Bliss managed to control her powers and defeat Sporde in battle.

Bliss imprisoned Sporde in a jar, and sent him to space jail. Bliss' heroism, led her to land a role as a member of the Universal Protection Bureau.



  • Either The Sporde is genderless and reproduced asexually or he did have a mate (a female of his species) once or a few mates long time ago were responsible of these laying eggs that will eventually hatch into Sporde's minions/offsprings throughout the universe. 
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