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The Rowdyruff Boys
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Various Superpowers


Arch Rivals of The Powerpuff Girls

Physical description


Hair color

Orange (Brick)
Blonde (Boomer)
Black (Butch)

Eye color

Fire Engine red (Brick)
Cobalt blue (Boomer)
Forest green (Butch)

Out of universe information

2016 Series

First appearance

Total Eclipse of the Kart

Created by

Craig McCracken

Teachers and Students

The Rowdyruff Boys are the Bizarro evil counterparts of The Powerpuff Girls. They are a separate trio of superhuman beings, created by Chemical X, although instead of being made with sugar, spice, and everything nice, they're made with snips, snails, and a puppy dog's tail. The three members of the group are Brick, Boomer, and Butch. They debuted in "Total Eclipse of the Kart". Since they only appeared in one episode so far, not much is known about them.


In "Total Eclipse of the Kart", The Powerpuff Girls were in a desert race against numerous other villains, going after a "Mysterious Box of Mystery". One of the opposing racers were The Rowdyruff Boys. Bubbles noted how they look familiar before they noticed who they were. The Rowdyruff Boys looked at them, competitively. Just then, three of Mojo Jojo's missiles flew in and blasted The Rowdyruff Boys, covering them and their kart in sweeping ashes. They haven't been seen since.



  • Their origin in the 2016 reboot is unknown, while in the original 1998 series, they were created by Mojo Jojo while in prison of collecting snips (armpit hair clippings), snails from the prison cafeteria and a tail from a guard dog and purposely add Chemical X or a very suitable substitute to it he found in the toilet in his cell in order to finally defeated The Powerpuff Girls. They were resurrected and enhanced by HIM in The Boys Are Back in Town after they were destroyed at the end of their debut episode by The Powerpuff Girls by kissing them to death with cooties. HIM makes them immune to their former greatest weakness, "cooties" and wiped their original creator/father, Mojo Jojo from their memories like HIM was always have been their father.
  • Unlike in the original 1998 series, Mojo Jojo has a father-sons relationship with The Rowdyruff Boys and even considers them as his "children". But in the episode "Total Eclipse of the Kart" he blasted them and their vehicle causing them to be out of the race. It's possible that neither Mojo Jojo or even HIM were involved in their creation and existence in the 2016 reboot that someone else may have created them, probably by an unknown scientist who is an arch-rival of Professor Utonium, the creator/father of The Powerpuff Girls.