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The Prehistoric Puff Girls are prehistoric versions of The Powerpuff Girls. They are three cavegirls, who lived in Prehistoric Townsville, and fought crime, by smacking villains with bones. They appeared in "Seed No Evil".


In "Seed No Evil", The Prehistoric Puff Girls were summoned, when a Prehistoric Caveman stole a bag of seeds from The Cave Mayor. The Prehistoric Puff Girls were eating meat at the time, and they all jumped out of their house and finished eating their meat. They carried their meat bones and jumped down onto the woolly mammoth of the prehistoric caveman, and started beating the latter with their bones, trying to stop him. The caveman smacked them off of his back with his billy club, and he thought all was won, but just then, he realized that his woolly mammoth had run straight off of a cliff, and he and the mammoth went plummeting into freezing cold water, where the two were permanently frozen for centuries to come. The Prehistoric Puff Girls were safe, as they were swatted off of the mammoth, before they could land in the water too.


The Prehistoric Puff Girls look just like The Powerpuff Girls, only they have scruffier hair, thick black unibrows, and they wear animal skins instead of dresses. Their animal skins are the same colors as their orignal counterparts and they have black spots on them instead of black stripes. The counterpart of Blossom wears a bone in her hair, equivalent to the bow, worn by the modern-day Blossom.


  • They are the first alternate version of The Powerpuff Girls, from another era in history. The second alternate version of The Powerpuff Girls from another era in history would be The Steamypuff Girls from "West in Pieces", who came from an 1800's Old Western environment.
  • Unlike The Powerpuff Girls, they do not actually have superpowers.
  • Since they are neanderthals from the cretaceous period, it's safe to say that The Prehistoric Puff Girls are no longer alive anymore.


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