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Mayor of Townsville


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Escape from Monster Island

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The Mayor of Townsville is a comic relief character in the 2016 TV Series. He is voiced by Tom Kenny, just like his original counterpart.

The tiny, bumbling mayor of Townsville is a popular but useless leader. Even with the help of his monocle, the Mayor can never see danger until it is actually attacking his city!

Totally reliant on his personal assistant, Miss Bellum, the Mayor has to learn to fend for himself when she goes on a permanent vacation. Luckily, the Mayor has The Powerpuff Girls on speed-dial and relies on them to protect Townsville from the many villains who prey on his gullible and trusting nature.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


Likes and Dislikes


  • Pickles
  • The Powerpuff Girls
  • Chasing balls of yarn


  • Taking charge
  • Doing things for himself
  • Monsters


"Sweet salami, what am I gonna do?"

"I know, I'll call the Powerpuff Girls!"


  • He remains dim and dull-witted as in the original series.
  • Unlike his original design, his hat is placed on his head rather than floating.
  • In the original series, the blue sash which has written 'Mayor' was wearing on his front, but in the reboot., the word 'Mayor' has been disappeared.
  • The Mayor is shown to have two doppelgängers. The first is Baron Von Mayorsly of Citytropolis, which is mentioned in People Pleaser. The next instance happened in Summer Bummer, where his doppelgänger is the Beach Mayor. This doppelgänger may also be based on the fact that he often draws himself with large muscles, alluding to the 1998 series.
  • His job responsibilities are judging the Townsville Flair Pageant, opening the Townsville Pickle Museum and controlling the Townsville electrical grid.
  • His top secret is that he likes to skinny-dip.
  • His proudest moment is when he tamed the monsters on Monster Island by feeding them pickles.
  • His rival is Evil Baron Von Mayorsly of Citytropolis.
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