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Mayor of Citiesville
Name: Mayor of Citiesville
Gender: Male
First appearance: Town and Out
Last appearance: Town and Out
Episode count: 1
Voice actor: Tom Kane

The Mayor of Citiesville is the mayor of Citiesville and the true main antagonist of the episode "Town and Out", his only appearance. He was voiced by Tom Kane.


He is a tall, gaunt, white-haired man with black eyes.


The Mayor of Citiesville is a very busy man. Unlike Townsville's mayor, he is very competent and strict, and takes his position very seriously. He does not tolerate the destruction of city property and other historical landmarks, such as the Citiesville Bridge, even as a method of catching petty criminals.


One night, the Powerpuff Girls enter his office and try to introduce themselves and offer their services as superheroes, but he is apathetic and mostly ignores them, saying he is busy. After which, the mayor receives a call from the chief of police that the bank is being robbed.

Later that night after stopping the robbers from getting away by destroying the Citiesville Bridge, the girls have a serious discussion with the Mayor of Citiesville. He angrily informs them that they cost the city three million dollars in property damage by destroying the bridge, an irreplaceable historical landmark and the main route in and out of the town (because nobody actually lives in Citiesville and that they actually commute instead), just to catch some men who only stole four hundred dollars. After having a brief emotional breakdown over the destruction of the bridge, the mayor furiously presents to them a signed bill that bans all superpowers (including flying) in the town, then kicks them out of his office; this would ultimately result in the Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium moving back to Townsville.