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The Gnat is a recurring villain in The Powerpuff Girls. He is a mutated gnat who was bitten by a radioactive human; the man who was irradiated in question was stupid enough to stare at an open microwave. He spends his days of villainy, trying to exact his revenge on The Powerpuff Girls for the various things they did to him in the past, such as swatting him and using bug spray on him. Unfortunately for him, he is a very bland and forgettable person, and The Powerpuff Girls usually can't even bother to remember his name, usually addressing him as "Nate" or simply forget about him at all. He also thinks he is the archenemy of the girls which is false because Mojo Jojo is their archenemy.



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  • He is one of the many recurring villains created for the 2016 series, the others being Allegro, Manboy, The Fashionistas, Packrat, Jemmica, Silico, Pug-Faced Paulie, and Erica the Red.
  • The Gnat's face looks very similar to that of the Angry Scientist from Sheep in the Big City.
    • Also, a running gag that occurs in the show is that the characters constantly forget what his name is which is likely based on the same gag used for the Angry Scientist in Sheep in the Big City.