The Final Battle
Season 1, Episode 78
Episode name pun on: The 1984 miniseries, V: The Final Battle.
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The Final Battle is the seventy-eighth episode and series finale of Powerpuff Girls Z.


Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup fight for the final time against Him to save New Townsville and the world.


As HIM regained all the black Z-rays from the monsters, he uses his powers to create a volcanic eruption. Upon learning about this, Mayor sends out defense forces. At the laboratory, Professor explains to the girls how the girls will defeat HIM with the device they borrowed. However, he adds that they lack white Z-rays to fully defeat him. In order to get more, they'll take the white Z-rays from both the Powerpuff Girls Z and Poochi. Shocked, the girls beg the Professor to find another way but he refuses.

The girls openly share about how they thought they'll continue living their lives as Powerpuff Girls Z until they grow old. Poochi tries not to cry but fails. As the volcanic eruption gets worse, Ken is forced to take Poochi's white Z-rays. He refuses but Poochi reassures Ken that they'll be friends, even when he can no longer talk. With no other way, Ken and Pooch bid farewell and Ken takes Poochi's white Z-rays. The girls fly away and cry when suddenly molten rocks are about to hit the citizens of New Townsville. The girls protect them for it. They then call Professor and apologizes, as they finally understand the situation.

Suddenly, the eruption stopped. However, HIM begins to control the eruption and the flow of lava by a fan. The girls try to stop HIM with their device but HIM chases the girls with lava. Ken tries to find a way to stop the eruption but he suddenly gets an error due to the temperature. He finally finds out that HIM has a weakness with ice or cold temperature. He relays his discovery to the girls but they get hit by molten rocks. Coincidentally, they found an iceberg. Professor Utonium and Ken find out that there's strange weather going on in different parts of the world. Meanwhile, the girls put the ice inside HIM and he shrinks. They then use the device and strikes HIM. He then turns into a doll and the black particles leave HIM's body, hiding inside the volcano. Ken then shoots white Z-rays to the girls and they return to being a human. The white particles catch the black particles and sends it to outer space.

Later, the girls get conscious but finds out that they still have the power belt. They transform into Powerpuff Girls Z and becomes overjoyed. Poochi talks again and hugs Ken while Professor decides to take a research on this. Elsewhere, the monsters regain their power back and tests by attacking each other. The girls stop them and fling them away. As the girls return to the laboratory, they get greeted by the citizens of New Townsville and the monsters.

The series ends where the girls argue about the monsters they've fought throughout the series but they reach a decision that they make the City of New Townsville special and bids goodbye to the viewers.


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  • This is the series finale of Powerpuff Girls Z.
  • Sedusa is the only villain to not appear in this episode.
  • In the English dub, the scene where the white Z-rays were taken off of Poochi was cut off.
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