This article lists the characters full name as Professor John Utonium (it had previously been listed as Arthur Utonium - either here or wikipedia, I can't remember for sure). It would help the article if the source of his given name was included.

Professor Utonium was never refered to by his given name in any episode of the series, nor in the movie [not even in "Get Back Jojo", when it would have been the most logical time to do so as he was seen as a child in that episode] [The mayor was at least refered to by his given name "Barney" in "Boogie Frights"]. I have not read the comics or any other source.

If John is Professor Utonium's given name, please list the source of this, whether it be a comic book, press release, Craig McCracken himself making an entry here (somewhat unlikely, but possible), something. [Sourcing make such an entry more credible]

Vern4760 19:58, March 7, 2010 (UTC)

Shouldn't Utonium's first appearance technically be Whoopass Stew?

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