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Sweet 'N Sour
Season 5, Episode 13B
Episode name pun on: The animals acting "sweet" when they're really "sour".
Airdate: April 9, 2004
Director: Randy Myers
Story: Lauren Faust
Craig Lewis
Craig McCracken
John McIntyre
Amy Keating Rogers
Chris Savino
Writer(s): Cindy Morrow
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"Silent Treatment"
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Sweet N' Sour is the 13th episode and fifth season from The Powerpuff Girls (1998 TV series).


Major Roles

Minor Roles


After attempting to deal with 3 deceptively cute animals committing crimes around Townsville, the girls are met with backlash from the citizens (since they think that the animals are cute), leading to them being viewed negatively for their actions. However, in the end, the cuteness of the animals ultimately leads to their demise.


The episode starts with the Powerpuff girls fighting some common villains in Townsville: Fuzzy, Mojo, the Gangreen Gang, and some robbers. They are satisfied with how much they do to protect the city. The next day, the girls get a phone call about a bank robbery and fly to the bank. However, there they meet 3 cute baby animals (with their big rainbow eye adorable) who are stealing bags of money (with the bank manager giving them as many as they want). Buttercup tries to get at them, but the animals get harmed and start crying. This causes the people at the bank to condemn Buttercup's action. The girls eventually let the animals go but Buttercup looks behind and figures that they are being deceptive. The next day, the girls get a phone call about the jewelry store being robbed. When the girls enter the store, they again see the 3 animals stealing jewelry. After receiving some criticism from the citizens, the girls take the animals to prison, but the police sets them free with a hug since they are so cute. The girls then take the pets to the mayor, but he turns against them as well, calling the girls "awful" for their actions to the pets. A week has gone by and the girls have lost fame and love amongst the citizens due to their actions; they read the news, listen to the radio (both talking about their cruelty to the animals), and see people protesting outside their house. Meanwhile, the Fluffy Bunch continue to rob Townsville "blind", as Blossom puts it.

After several days, while the girls are hopelessly waiting for a phone call, Bubbles complains and says everyone loves the Fluffy Bunch too much because they are cute. After hearing this, Blossom gets an idea and formulates a plan. While walking on the sidewalk talking about how they have fooled Townsville with their cuteness, the Fluffy Bunch get tired of being hugged, snuggled, and complemented on it, proceeding to leave the town. When they see a place looking like a bank, the bunch go inside to rob it. But they are shocked when they see the Pokey Oaks students, who started hugging, kissing them, and taking them outside to play with them. The Fluffy Bunch are end up trapped in the crowd of kids; meanwhile, the "bank" is actually revealed to be Pokey Oaks Kindergarten in disguise. The kids carrying the animals outside to play them in pain. The episode ends with Blossom saying "If you cant beat them, love them" implying that the girls placed the Fluffy Bunch at the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten as their punishment for their crimes. In the outro, the narrator laments the day being saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls, ending the episode.


  • This is the second episode to have an animal that looks cute but is actually evil. The first was the White Kitty in "Cat Man Do."
  • The Fluffy Bunch are looks similar to the Sanrio Company's Jewelpet because their body and their eyes are the same color in this episode.
  • Each member of the Fluffy Bunch is voiced by the girls' voice actresses.
  • Before The Fluffy Bunch is first introduced, Bubbles is shown, playing with her stuffed animals. In the shot where Blossom gets a call about a bank robbery (which later turns out to be caused by The Fluffy Bunch) only three of Bubbles' toys are visible. These three toys resemble a dog, a cat, and a bunny, all of which happened to be the three animal species, in The Fluffy Bunch.

Note the animal species of Bubbles' toys.

  • During the scene where the girls fly them to jail, each Fluffy Bunch member being carried by one of the girls correspond to their voice actor; Blossom with Fluffy Kitty, Bubbles with Cuddly Bunny, and Buttercup with Puppy Wuppy. Except Cuddly Bunny was played by Buttercup's voice actor and Puppy Wuppy was play by Bubbles' voice actor.
  • This is the 3rd time the girls become pariahs, 1st being in The Powerpuff Girls Movie where they unintentionally wreck the town and the second being "Tough Love" where HIM hypnotizes the citizens. In this one, the citizens, affected by the Fluffy Bunch's cuteness, stop the girls from detaining the Fluffy Bunch. These behaviors apart from citizens are different than forgetting the PPGs, compared to "Major Competition".
  • Cuddly Bunny was once referred to as a male though she's actually female, this happened after Buttercup grabbed her.
  • It's another episode where the narrator only talked at the beginning and ending, at the ending he said "Too bad the day was saved by the Powerpuff girls because they were so cute, furry, snug-gable, and hug-able, hmm", implying that he was against the girls as well.
  • This episode is disliked by the majority of viewers due to the behavior of the citizens of Townsville towards the girls (despite the latter trying to do the right action) and how everybody accept the PPG's lacked common sense.
    • The people should of learned this lesson: No one has a right to break the law, no matter what every time, period.
  • This is the second episode where the PPG does not physically beat up the villain. Instead, children take them away to kiss, hug, cuddle and played with them making them miserable. First being Collect Her, where children opened and ripped Lenny Baxter's PPG merchandise making him miserable due to the item being "less value." Eventually he gave in and allowed the girls to be free and then being locked in jail.


  • During the bank scene, Puppy Wuppy's ears are white, instead of black.
  • At the end of the during of the scene, Fluffy Kitty's paw marks are missing, when she was get hug.
  • During the where the girls fly them to jail, Cuddly Bunny's eyes are getting sad, when tells Bubbles to let the Fluffy Bunch down.
  • One of Cuddly Bunny's dark rose paws are missing in the jewelry scene as she pops out with Puppy Wuppy.

    Puppy Wuppy's ears are white.

Production Notes

  • This episode and "Silent Treatment" are the first episodes produced in 2004. They are also the only episodes of the fifth season to be produced in 2004. Every other episode of the season was produced the previous year, in 2003.