See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey
Season 5, Episode 11
Episode name pun on: See me, feel me, know me.
Girls listening to gnome.png
Airdate: March 18, 2004 (Canada)
April 19, 2005 (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia)
May 20, 2006 (Latin America) March 25, 2005 (United States)
Director: Chris Savino
John Mcintyre
Story: Craig McCracken
John McIntyre
Amy Keating Rodgers
Chris Savino
Dave Smith
Writer(s): Chris Savino
Dave Smith
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"Girls Gone Mild"

See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey is a musical rock opera special and the twelfth episode of Season 5.

The episode was banned in America because the network claimed that the metal beams in the destroyed buildings looked too much like crosses and that one of the hippies looked like Jesus.[1]

As a result, the episode only aired in Canada and a few other countries, but it is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Dailymotion, YouTube, Vimeo, and The Powerpuff Girls Complete Series 10th Anniversary DVD. It is also available on Hulu as The Powerpuff Girls (Classic) Season 5 Episode 16. 

The episode premiered exclusively in Canada on the channel YTV on March 18, 2004, and then in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia on April 19, 2005, and later in Latin America in May 20, 2006.

The episode did not see the light of day in the United States until 2009, when it was released on the complete series DVD.


The girls are manipulated by a gnome who offers them peace in the city, at the cost of their powers, but when they learn about his true nature, they outsmart him.


The Powerpuff Girls are once again fighting many of the villains of Townsville. There are too many villains to fight (Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins, the Gangreen Gang, Sedusa, HIM, and the Amoeba Boys), and the Powerpuff Girls are overwhelmed, defeated, and killed. They become deeply depressed with the way things are in this world and wish for a day of peace, love, and understanding. Just then, a drop of rain falls into a crack in the ground, and a rose blooms. A gnome emerges from within the rose's petals. The gnome tells the girls that he can get rid of all the evils of the world, but to do so, the girls must give him their powers. At first, Buttercup thinks it is insane to give up their powers, but Bubbles persuades the girls that with this, they can finally become normal girls. The girls agree and the gnome casts a spell - a mantra that gives him otherworldly powers. The gnome then unleashes this power upon the villains of Townsville who are all severely electrocuted and defeated, ridding Townsville of all evil. Townsville is now seemingly a peaceful and harmonic utopia, and the townspeople worship this gnome forming a cult devoted to him. The Professor convinces the girls even though the gnome has provided safety he has robbed the town of its free will. Since the gnome has become evil, the deal he made with the Powerpuff Girls is broken and the girls regain their powers. The girls travel to the gnome's headquarters (atop a giant rose) and confront him. They seem to have defeated the Gnome at first, but then the Gnome summons up all of his powers and casts a spell causing bright pink electric-laser beams to zap the Powerpuff Girls. The Girls are electrocuted for quite some time and they fall down unconscious after a while, no longer able to endure the shocks. They soon regain consciousness and proceed to give the Gnome one final beating. The Gnome cannot retaliate as he had used up the last of his powers zapping the Girls, During the confrontation, the gnome falls from the top of the rose. As he falls into oblivion, he realizes that he ultimately became the evil he sought to destroy and therefore cannot exist in his utopia. The world goes back to the way it formerly was. The Townspeople now worship the girls, but they tell the townspeople that evil and good make the world go round and that we must not wish for peace, but we must make it.




  • The narrator never says "The City of Townsville" at the beginning of this episode, but Mojo Jojo sings these words.
  • Storyboard artist/writer David Smith wrote the lyrics for all the songs in this episode, and he also composed the music for this episode.
  • Snake shows elastic ability similar to the episode Power Lunch.
  • The episode is sung in a Rock Opera form, similar to Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, GodspellTommy, and The Wall.
  • Jack Black was approached for the voice role of The Gnome but turned it down, though he did appear in the Clone High episode Raisin the Stakes, which was also a rock opera.
  • Despite the episode never airing in America, it was included when Netflix US added the series to its lineup.
  • The episode's title "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" is mostly based on the Who song "See Me, Feel Me" which is the finale to the Who's rock opera, Tommy.
  • The episode does not start with the theme song, but with the title and different music along with it.
  • Recycled footage from the episode "Buttercrush" was used in the scene where Ace gets beat up.
  • The explosion near the end of the episode is likely a reference to the 1988 anime film Akira.
  • Like in "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!", The Rowdyruff Boys are the only villains not present. Also, Ms. Keane and Ms. Bellum are the only main characters who didn't appear in this episode.
  • This is the third Cartoon Network Opera to been shown. The first was "LABretto", the episode from Dexter's Laboratory. The second was "The Pie Who Loved Me," an episode of Evil Con Carne. However, this one did not air on linear television in America due to it being controversial.
  • At the end of the song "Townsville's Going Down", Talking Dog makes a cameo and sings for a few seconds for an unknown reason.
  • When the girls sing the lines "Rain, rain, go away", Buttercup and Bubbles continue to sing after their mouths stop moving.
  • Sedusa, the other four Gangreen Gang members, Junior and Slim are the only villains who don't sing.
  • The woman and the man that was singing "Sunshine Down on Me" could be from the episode "Save Mojo."
  • There is some disagreement over whether or not Professor's claims are supported by what is shown in the episode, leading to an alternate interpretation in which the girls would actually be the villains of the episode, fighting for the return of evil to the world. But, what the Professor's words really mean is that the gnome did not do his part of the deal he had with the girls, and although he tried to erase evil (which he didn't after all), he himself became evil by robbing the world of its free will, which means he failed in his mission. As a result, the girls now know that life consists of opposites, and that evil without the bad there is no good and therefore, had to fight to make peace between evil and good.
  • When The Powerpuff Girls and the Professor were marching at the end of the song "Freedom Beef", they were walking the same way Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory did in the Dexter's Lab episode "Beard to Be Feared" and on Cartoon Network's former block, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.
  • Blossom has previously made her speech in the episode, Monstra-City.
  • This is one of the episodes where the girls lose their powers.
  • According to a YouTube contributor and the Cartoon Network Wiki, this was intended to be the series finale. However, a post from Craig McCracken on his official blog states that it wasn't.[1]
  • There are some differences between this episode and LABretto; in this episode, some parts have songs including "Townville's Going Down," "Freedom Beef," and "This is the Best Day of My Life Today." In LaBretto the whole episode is in opera. Also, this episode has the "The End" sign while LABretto does not.
  • When Blossom was going to say "You all have equal rights, dear town." Bubbles said that, not Blossom.
  • This episode has a seizure alert for the red and white blinking lights.
  • In the song "You wanna make us feel real good" when Buttercup sang 'There's no warm without the cold. There's no weak without the bold', both Buttercup's and Bubbles' mouths were moving.
  • This is the second episode/special to have a different ending theme.
  • This episode premiered exclusively on the Canadian children's cable network YTV.
  • Moral: You can't have good without bad. There is always yin for yang.
  • When Bubbles sang "Say hello to your grave," all of the girls' mouths were moving.
  • When Buttercup beats up Big Billy and Lil' Arturo, Big Billy's hair changes to his old design from other old episodes.
  • Despite being banned from some countries, the episode aired on the exclusive Latin America channel Tooncast in 2019.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode premiered on YTV in 2004, it was produced in 2003 according to the credits.


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