Season 1, Episode 12
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Sedusa is the twelfth episode of season one of Powerpuff Girls Z. It aired on Cartoon Network Japan on August 19th, 2006.


A local shop owner and the Girls' friend, Annie is hit by black Z-rays turning her into the monster Sedusa! She attempts to glamour herself to win the heart of her friend Jason.


On the day the Powerpuff Girls Z was born, Ms. Bellum visits Annie's shop and praises her food. She proposes an idea for Annie to make the shop a tourist hangout but she refuses. Her eyes land on Jason (Souichiro in Japanese) and both blush. She assumes that he must have feelings for her but eventually dismissed the thought, pointing the fact that he likes Ms. Bellum who is sexier.

As she nitpicks herself, Blossom appears and order her sweets, and then leaves. Ms. Bellum receives a call from Mayor about an iceberg that appeared in New Townsville. As she hurriedly leaves, she drops her purse, spilling all the stuff inside. Annie picks them up but Jason helps her and their hands bump each other. Jason gathers the stuff and tries to chase Ms. Bellum. Annie then spots the lipstick and grabs it.

Meanwhile, the iceberg explodes and releases white and black rays. Annie steps out and clutches the lipstick. She then begins to get jealous of Ms. Bellum and runs back inside. However, she gets hit by the black ray, as Sedusa is now born inside her.

A month later, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup hang out at Annie's shop. Blossom and Bubbles notice the glances between Annie and Jason. As Annie arrives on their table, Blossom and Bubbles tease Annie about Jason, thinking that they belong together. But Annie points out he likes Ms. Bellum because of her physical looks. Bubbles thinks that Annie could be sexier if she has make-up on. But Annie dismisses it, pointing out that the foul odor could spread on her desserts. As she leaves, Blossom and Bubbles formulate a plan to give Annie a makeover and then they leave the shop.

Later that day, Annie notices the identical lipstick Ms. Bellum had. She enters the store and gets noticed by the shopkeeper. She forces Annie to try the lipstick but refuses. However, she eventually gives in. The shopkeeper puts the lipstick on her lips. Annie transforms into Sedusa, which shock the shopkeeper. Sedusa grabs the falling makeup and puts it on her face, changing into different faces. As she changed to the shopkeeper, the shopkeeper faints while Sedusa steals the makeup. She formulates a plan to steal clothes, jewelry, and shoes. On that same night, she disguises as a shoe employee and steals the shoes while a female clerk and a male employee are closing up the shop, then find out the shoes are gone; and later on, she disguises as a security guard and steals jewelry, which triggers one fat officer who accuses a thin officer because he thinks that he's the one stealing all the jewelry. After successfully stealing the shoes and jewelry, she plans her next heist for the clothes in the evening.

Later that same day, the girls visit the shop and notice Sedusa, looking at Jason. The girls question Annie's whereabouts but Sedusa answers that Annie has left it to her. Jason gets worried about Annie, but Sedusa tries to flirt with Jason, to which Jason refuses and leaves. Dejected, Sedusa is determined to steal the dresses. After school, the girls hang out at Utonium's lab. The Mayor calls and tells them about a series of heists the following night, pointing out that the culprit has the ability to disguise, which could possibly be a monster. As Ms. Bellum shows them the surveillance footage, Poochi notices the black aura, confirming it to be a monster. However, Professor wonders why Poochi didn't detect it. Regardless, the Mayor sends the girls out to catch the monster. Unfortunately, they don't know its whereabouts. As Ms. Bellum mentions Annie's shop, Bubbles asks the Mayor what was stolen. Ms. Bellum shows the footage, which made Bubbles believe that Sedusa is the culprit since she was seen wearing the stolen jewelry. They immediately go to the shop but found it closed early. Bubbles hints that Sedusa's next target is a shop called Pink Jaguar and Sedusa steals all the clothes.

After the girls transformed, they fly to the shop, but Sedusa spots them and decides to formulate another plan. Later that night, the girls separate and watch for Sedusa's arrival. Blossom flies over to Buttercup and Poochie as she begins to get scared. Suddenly, Bubbles appears and is all tied up. Blossom and Buttercup untie her, as Bubbles tell them that Sedusa tied her and escaped. They try to catch her but Bubbles got her ankle sprained and gets left behind. As Blossom, Buttercup, and Poochi leave, Bubbles removes the makeup revealing to be Sedusa. She then disguises herself as Buttercup and enters the shop. Bubbles roams around inside but she finds Buttercup with two bags. She tells Bubbles that there is a "change of plan." Bubbles steps closer but she smells the foul odor, realizing that it was Sedusa. She confronts the imposter, pointing out that Buttercup doesn't wear makeup. Meanwhile, Buttercup realizes that the Bubbles they faced was an imposter. They flew back. Back at the shop, Sedusa tries to deny it, but Blossom, Buttercup, and Poochi arrived. Pointing out that the reason why Poochi can't detect her is because of the foul odor. Sedusa decides to reveal herself and begins to attack. However, Bubbles tries to save the clothes while Blossom and Buttercup attack Sedusa, who dodges their attack. But she gets hit by Buttercup's hammer in her face and knocks out cold. They bring her to the laboratory and turns her to human, only to reveal it was Annie.

The next day, the girls give Annie a cute pink uniform and thank them. Jason notices Annie and asks her multiple questions. Annie responds that she doesn't remember what happened. He confesses to Annie that he was worried about her and asked her to go out with him. Annie also confesses that she thought Jason had feelings for Ms. Bellum. Jason denies it, pointing out that she is not his type. He continues to compliment her, while Ms. Bellum asks for her order.


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  • Moral: Even if you disguise as someone familiar, Sooner or later, someone will find out that it's fake.
  • While Professor Utonium is turning Sedusa Back into Annie, She isn't wearing any shoes.
  • This episode is similar like Mommy Fearest, The original episode from The Powerpuff Girls (1998)
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