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Season 2
No. of episodes: 40
Country: United States of America United States
Original run: March 3, 2017 - May 13, 2018
Production dates: 2017-2018
Season chronology
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Season 2 is the second season of The Powerpuff Girls (2016 TV series) began on March 3, 2017 with "The Last Donnycorn" and ended on May 13, 2018 with “Not So Secret Service.”

Cast and crew

Main cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Amanda Leighton Blossom Utonium
Kristen Li Bubbles Utonium
Natalie Palamides Buttercup Utonium

Recurring cast

Voice Actor Character(s)
Tom Kane Professor Utonium / HIM
Tom Kenny The Mayor of Townsville
Jennifer Hale Ms. Keane / Princess Morbucks
Roger L. Jackson Mojo Jojo
Olivia Olson Blisstina Utonium
Josh Fadem Donny
Andrew Russell Manboy
Lily Vonnegut Bianca Bikini
Dee Bradley Baker Barbarus Bikini
Jake Goldman Jared Shapiro
Jason Spisak Silico
Jason Kaye The Gnat
Kate Higgins Maylyn


The episodes are listed in airing order.

Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code


The Last DonnycornCardHD.png "The Last Donnycorn" March 3, 2017 0.95[1]
Donny comes to the girls for protection when he's hunted by a robotic unicorn. After narrowly escaping, he reveals he accidentally released evil unicorns from a magic mirror upon Unicorn Land and needs their help to save his dimension.


Green WingCard.png "Green Wing" March 10, 2017 0.82[2]
The Professor has the girls visit a retirement home and interact with the elderly, Buttercup isn't too thrilled at doing so, but meets an old woman who claims she was a superhero from the 70's dubbed Green Wing.


15 Minutes of FameCardHD.png "15 Minutes of Fame" March 17, 2017 0.81[3]
When Bubbles's video of Blossom and Buttercup sneezing at the same time becomes a viral hit, she becomes all pretentious and makes a scripted video of basically the same thing.


SplitsvilleHD.jpeg "Splitsville" March 24, 2017 0.79[4]
Each of the girls are faced with a separate dilemma: Buttercup with a monster dog that multiplies when it gets hit, Blossom with a destructive robot at the library, and Bubbles with helping a farmer cross a river. They each tap into one another's identities in accomplishing their goals.


Clawdad Carta de Título.png "Clawdad" March 31, 2017 0.89[5]
The girls and the Professor go on an outing to a lake where Buttercup is determined to catch the legendary crawdad One Claw McCraw. With Bubbles as her first mate, she has to compete with Princess Morbucks and her Cash Money Crew for it.


Super sweet 6.png "Super Sweet 6" April 30, 2017 0.64[6]
Princess Morbucks invites everyone in Townsville to her 6th birthday party...everyone, except Blossom just to annoy her.


Bombonesunaestrellappg.png "A Star Is Blossom" May 7, 2017 0.85[7]
Blossom thinks she's a shoo-in for the lead role in a school play. When the list comes out, it's Bubbles who wins the lead role.


LocuraMiniGolf.png "Mini Golf Madness" May 21, 2017 0.68[8]
Buttercup plays a perfect round of mini-golf and wants to keep her winning ball, but is told by the creepy proprietor that she has to return it, but she keeps it anyway.


SummerBummer.png "Summer Bummer" May 28, 2017 0.88[9]
The girls' day at the beach is disrupted when the Bro Sharks take over. The girls must overcome their differences and work together when the Bro Sharks challenge them to a volleyball game.


TheTellTaleSchedulebot.jpeg "The Tell Tale Schedulebot" June 4, 2017 0.82[10]
Blossom and Buttercup destroy Schedulebot and hide it in the ground outside. However it comes back from the ground and reveals itself to them.Bubbles becomes a detective in search of the culprits. Blossom and Buttercup do their utmost to keep the truth from coming out.


Musclecup.png "Musclecup" June 11, 2017 0.69[11]
Buttercup‘s intentions of getting buff go too far after she overworks at the gym and takes a toll on her crime-fighting abilities when she has to fight the Gnat.


Take Your Kids To Dooms Day.jpeg "Take Your Kids to Dooms Day" June 18, 2017 0.66[12]
During Career Day at school, the Professor proves to be extremely boring. The girls visit him at his job at TechCo where he introduces a suit that enables its wearer to run faster, repel bullets and activate its own weaponry.


The Bubbles-Sitters Club.jpeg "The Bubbles-Sitters Club" June 25, 2017 0.67[13]
Bubbles wants to prove she's responsible enough to own a dog, so she takes a job as a dog sitter. The dog, a pug named Paulie, keeps stopping and wanting stuff which Bubbles grudgingly gives into.


Buttercup vs. Math.jpeg "Buttercup vs. Math" July 2, 2017 0.58[14]
When Buttercup tests into Honors Math, she attempts to avoid being labeled a nerd, while Blossom tries to get her "nerd" back after failing the test.


Home Sweet Homesick title card.png "Home, Sweet Homesick" July 9, 2017 0.63[15]
The girls attend a space camp for two weeks, but it's not what Blossom thought it would be. Instead of learning all about the space program, it's all kiddie attractions in the guise of space stuff, and it hurts and annoys Blossom.


Powerpuff Girls Acı Dolu Anılara Yolculuk Tam Bölüm Cartoon Network Türkiye screenshot.png "Memory Lane of Pain" July 16, 2017 0.52[16]
While going through the Professor's collection of memories of the girls' exploits, Bubbles finds nothing about her and thus questions her worth as a superhero.


Spider Sense title card.jpg "Spider Sense" July 23, 2017 0.59[17]
The girls and the Professor spend a vacation at the Abundant Aranita Resort, which is run by Javier Xavier. But the vacation is suddenly interrupted by the invasion of a mysterious creature.


Imagine That title card.jpg "Imagine That" July 30, 2017 0.73[18]
When Bubbles' imagination causes a bit of a calamity at school, HIM sees it as an opportunity. He taps into Bubbles' dreamscape and turns the place into a hellish landscape, so sisters must find a way to stop it.


Phantasm Chasm title card.jpg "Phantasm Chasm" August 20, 2017 0.74[19]
The Powerpuff Girls and Jared Shapiro get trapped inside the board game Phantasm Chasm. Meanwhile, Buttercup is forced to team up with Jared in order to save her sisters.


Tooth or Consequences title card.jpg "Tooth or Consequences" August 27, 2017 0.88[20]
Blossom is beset with a toothache on the day the girls have their teeth cleaned at the dentist. After Buttercup tells her about cavity fixing at the dentist, she is scared out and skips the visit, lies about seeing the dentist, and gets more and more grotesque as the swelling increases.


Monkey Love title card.jpg "Monkey Love" September 3, 2017 0.61[21]
While trying to steal a weapon called "The Apocalipstick," Mojo Jojo is confronted by the Fashionistas, who have the same goal in mind. Mojo and Bianca's sister Barbarus suddenly fall in love with each other.


Bridezilla?.png "Bridezilla" September 10, 2017 0.43[22]
The girls receive an invitation to the wedding of Mojo Jojo and Barbarus Bikini. Bianca Bikini shows up and asks for the girls' help in stopping the wedding under the presumption of evil doings.


Find Your BlissCardHD.png "Power of Four:Find Your Bliss" September 17, 2017 0.98[23]
When Bubbles blames a string of accidents on her imaginary friend "Bliss," her sisters begin to think she's lost her mind.


BlissReminisce titlecard.png "Power of Four: Bliss Reminisce" September 17, 2017 TBA
The Powerpuff Girls learn Bliss' backstory from the Professor, Mojo Jojo, and Bliss herself.


BlissterSister titlecard.png "Power of Four: Blisster Sister" September 17, 2017 TBA
The girls hang out with their new big sister Bliss, who gets a taste of fighting bad guys as part of the Powerpuff Girls, especially when they repeatedly find themselves dealing with the Gnat.


BreakingBliss titlecard.png "Power of Four: Breaking Bliss" September 17, 2017 TBA
When Bliss struggles to control her powers an evil force arises to take advantage.


Bisstersweet Symphony title card.png "Power of Four: Blisstersweet Symphony" September 17, 2017 TBA
When HIM absorbs Bliss and her powers, the Girls must work together to rescue their sister and save Townsville from destruction.


Midnight at the Mayor's Mansion title card.png "Midnight at the Mayor's Mansion" October 29, 2017 0.72[24]
The Mayor is haunted by a monster roaming the halls of his office. The girls, dressed for Halloween, investigate, only to find that the Mayor himself is the monster.


You're a Good Man, Mojo JojoCardHD.png "You're a Good Man, Mojo Jojo" December 3, 2017 0.64[25]
After terrorizing Townsville during the holidays, Mojo Jojo is visited that night by three ghosts resembling the Powerpuff Girls who try to make him change his ways.


The trouble with bubbles title card.jpg "The Trouble With Bubbles" December 3, 2017 0.64[26]
Being overwhelmed with work, Bubbles creates a clone of herself to make it less of a hassle, while Buttercup suspects Bubbles is an alien. However, this clone is hiding a very dark secret...


SugarSpaceandSuperlice titlecard.png "Sugar, Spice, and Super Lice" April 15, 2018 0.65[27]
Buttercup grows out her hair in order to have a mullet but comes down with a case of Super Lice. To combat it, the Professor shrinks down Blossom and Bubbles to clear out the lice.


TheButtercupJobtitlecard.png "The Buttercup Job" April 15, 2018 0.65[27]
Jemmica returns, asking for help to retrieve an artifact known as the Cube of Doom. Blossom and Bubbles, remembering their last encounter with her, refuse. But Buttercup bored due to the downtime from any crime fighting, offers to help despite Blossom's objections.


A Slight HiccupHQ.png "A Slight Hiccup" April 22, 2018 0.45[28]
Due to drinking tons of soda in order to teach Bubbles how to burp, the girls come down with super-powered hiccups. They try to wait for their hiccups to go away, but when the Gnat comes to attack Townsville, the girls have to try to stop him while trying to avoid causing more trouble to the town.


ToyPloytitlecard.png "Toy Ploy" April 22, 2018 0.45[28]
Mojo, tired of a string of failures, decides to try and find the girls' weaknesses by taking their prized toys and using a machine to allow them to talk. However, getting the toys to spill their deep secrets turns out to be harder than he thought.


DerbyDolliestitlecard.png "Derby Dollies" April 29, 2018 TBA
After one of the Derbytantes injures herself during a Deathball game, Bubbles volunteers to replace her. Even though Bubbles is nervous at first, she comes to like playing on the team. However, this spotlight shining makes Buttercup jealous.


BubblestheBluetitlecard.png "Bubbles the Blue" April 29, 2018 TBA
The usually happy-go-lucky Bubbles goes into a blue funk, which puzzles Blossom and Buttercup. They try to cheer her up, but none of them work, much to their annoyance. The girls' battle against the monster Harmadillo may tie into all this.


DebONairtitlecard.png "Deb O’Nair" May 6, 2018 TBA
A nanny-esque woman named Deb O'Nair is aghast at the girls' behavior while they fight Mojo Jojo. The Professor, feeling he isn't raising the girls right, has Deb O'Nair visit and show them proper ladylike etiquette.


ManUp3titlecard.png "Man Up 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Manly" May 6, 2018 TBA
Manboy returns with a cannon that plants beards on everything. When Bubbles gets hit with the ray, she gets a beard and has taken on a behavior similar to Manboy.


TheBlossomFilestitlecard.png "The Blossom Files" May 13, 2018 TBA
Bubbles and Buttercup get into trying to contact aliens and build a gate with the help of one of their classmates, Barry. Blossom dismisses that aliens aren't real and the gate doesn't seem to work.


NotSoSecretServicetitlecard.png "Not So Secret Service" May 13, 2018 TBA
After Boxtroid tries to blast Mojo into tiny bits, The Powerpuff Girls are forced to take him in.


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