1. EXT. (In a misty and desolate place, soldiers are firing at each others.) (The Doctor is standing there alone, and looks around. A man in black robes appears before him.) TIME LORD: Ah. Welcome, Doctor. DOCTOR: (Confused.) What's going on? Don't you realize how dangerous it is to intercept a transmat beam? TIME LORD: Oh, come, Doctor, not with our techniques. We Time Lords transcended such simple mechanical devices when the universe was less than half its present size. DOCTOR: Look, whatever I've done for you in the past... I've more than made up for. I will not tolerate this continual interference in my life. TIME LORD: Continual? We pride ourselves we seldom interfere in the affairs of others. DOCTOR: Except mine. TIME LORD: You, Doctor, are a special case. You enjoy the freedom we allow you. In return, occasionally, not continually, we ask you to do something for us. DOCTOR: I won't do it. Whatever it is, I refuse. TIME LORD: Daleks. DOCTOR: Daleks? Tell me more. TIME LORD: We foresee a time when they will have destroyed all other life forms and become the dominant creature in the universe. DOCTOR: That's possible. Tell on. TIME LORD: We'd like you to return to Skaro at a point in time before the Daleks evolved. DOCTOR: Do you mean avert their creation? TIME LORD: Or affect their genetic development so that they evolve into less aggressive creatures. DOCTOR: Hmm. That's feasible. TIME LORD: Alternatively... if you learn enough about their very beginnings, you might discover some inherent weakness. DOCTOR: All right, just one more time. TIME LORD: You'll do it? DOCTOR: Yes. If you'll let me have the space-time coordinates, I'll set the TARDIS for Skaro. TIME LORD: There's no need for that, Doctor. You're here. This is Skaro. DOCTOR: What? (He looks around incredulously.) TIME LORD (OOV.): We thought it would save time if we assumed your agreement. (The TIME LORD hands out a small golden device to the DOCTOR. It looks like a bracelet.) DOCTOR: What's this? TIME LORD (OOV.): A time ring. It will return you to the TARDIS when you've finished here. There's just one thing. DOCTOR: What's that? TIME LORD: Be careful not to lose it. That time ring is your lifeline. TIME LORD (OOV.): Good luck, Doctor. (The DOCTOR is examining the time ring.) DOCTOR: Just a moment. (When he looks up the TIME LORD has vanished.) DOCTOR (OOV.): (Angrily.) Don't just disappear. (Shouting.) What about Sarah and Harry? (The DOCTOR puts on the ring on his left wrist and starts walking.) (SARAH and HARRY are climbing the slope to meet him.) SARAH: Doctor? Doctor! DOCTOR (OOV.): Ah, there you are, Sarah. HARRY: I say, Doctor, that was a pretty rough landing. What happened? SARAH: Yes, where are we? This isn't the beacon. DOCTOR: No, there's been a slight change of plan. (Explosions can be heard not so far away. The DOCTOR instinctively ducks.) DOCTOR: This is Skaro. HARRY: (Looking at the sky.) What's that? It's gunfire. DOCTOR: Heavy artillery. SARAH: Doctor, it's getting closer! DOCTOR: It's a creeping barrage. Get down! (The three of them quickly retreat behind the slope while explosions are now really close and loud. They all have their hands on their ears. SARAH is screaming.) DOCTOR: Something's annoyed them. (Some more explosions. Then it stops.) SARAH: Doctor. Doctor, look. (A man wearing a gas mask is lying in front of them.) DOCTOR: All right. (They approach him and HARRY quickly examines him.) HARRY: Nothing can be done for this chap. (The DOCTOR is looking at the weapons the man was carrying.) DOCTOR: That's strange. There's centuries between these two weapons. SARAH: What's that on his jacket? HARRY (OOV.): Radiation detector and a gas mask. The two things don't go together, do they? SARAH: Part of his uniform is made of animal skins and yet the combat jacket is a modern synthetic fiber. DOCTOR: (Pensively.) It's like finding remains of a stone age man with a transistor radio. HARRY: Playing rock music. DOCTOR: A thousand year war? Civilization on the point of collapse. SARAH: What? DOCTOR: Nothing. Just theorizing, that's all. (The DOCTOR puts down the weapons.) DOCTOR: Come along. HARRY: Where are we going? DOCTOR: Er... forward. (They pass several dead bodies on the ground. The place is a battle field where only rocks and dead wood can be seen. Smoke is rising.) 2. EXT: THE MINEFIELD. (Several feet ahead of them are land mines, partly concealed under rocks and debris.) DOCTOR: Halt, don't move. SARAH: What is it? DOCTOR: I see a land mine. We're in the middle of a minefield. Follow me and tread in my footsteps. SARAH: Good King Wenceslas. (They start moving carefully; the DOCTOR is first, then goes HARRY and SARAH. All of a sudden the DOCTOR stops and looks up to their left.) HARRY: What? DOCTOR: I thought I saw something move. (They resume walking carefully on the rocks.) DOCTOR: I have a feeling we're being watched. SARAH: I get that feeling, too. HARRY (OOV.): I can't see anything. DOCTOR (OOV.): Let's hope it's imagination. (Suddenly, the DOCTOR stops walking again and stays very stiff and still.) HARRY: What is it? DOCTOR: Harry, I'm standing on a land mine. (And indeed, the DOCTOR has is left foot on a mine.) DOCTOR: I felt it shift. If I move my foot, it might detonate it. HARRY: Don't move your foot. DOCTOR: I won't. (HARRY moves cautiously to go in front of the DOCTOR. He crouches down and examines the land mine.) HARRY (OOV.): It's rocking. SARAH: Wedge something under it, make it firm. HARRY: Yes, I'm trying to, Sarah. (HARRY is trying to stabilize the land mine by putting small rocks under it.) HARRY: Back up, Sarah. DOCTOR: You back up, too, Harry. No point in risking both our lives. HARRY (OOV.): No, Doctor, you'll have a better chance if I hold it firm. DOCTOR: Please, Harry, don't be difficult. HARRY: Don't you argue, Doctor. (He has finished stabilizing the land mine.) HARRY: Now... just lift your foot very, very gently. (The DOCTOR lifts his foot. Nothing happens. HARRY stands up, visibly shaken.) DOCTOR: (Smiling.)Thank you, Harry. HARRY: (Smiling too with relief.) My pleasure. DOCTOR: Let's go. (Up on the rocky hill, unseen of the DOCTOR and his companions, a shrouded figure is standing, watching them.) 3. EXT. OUTSIDE THE TRENCHES. DOCTOR: Hey, look. What do you think? (In the distance, through the smoke, can be see a great silver dome.) SARAH (OOV.): It's like a big bubble. DOCTOR (OOV.): Protective dome. SARAH (OOV.): What? (Incredulously.) Large enough to cover an entire city? DOCTOR (OOV.): Yes. HARRY: Why are they fighting with old-fashioned things like barbed wire and land mines if they can build something like that? 4. EXT. BEHIND THE TRENCHES. (They approach what looks like tranches made of sandbags with barbed wire on top. There are dead men put on the trenches obviously in order to look like alive combatants.) DOCTOR: Even the dead have a part to play. Propped up to make the trenches appear fully manned. HARRY: Different sort of uniform from that other chap's. DOCTOR: Yes. We may have crossed the lines. SARAH: Same mixture of ancient and modern, though. DOCTOR: Yes. That's why I think this war has being going on for a very long time. They probably started out with the most modern equipment but no longer have the resources. Have to make do. HARRY: War of attrition, eh? Only backwards. At this rate, they're going to finish up with bows and arrows. DOCTOR: Well, it would explain the mixture of equipment. (SARAH has found a door, at the extremity of the trench.) SARAH: Psst. HARRY: (Whispering.) Be careful, Sarah. SARAH: (Also whispering.) It's all right. It's locked. HARRY: It's pretty solid, isn't it? Some kind of service tunnel, I suppose. It might even lead into the dome. DOCTOR: Let's see where the trench leads. (They move away from the door. Someone is watching them from a letter box like opening. He wears a gas mask.) (There is a projectile whistling, and greenish smoke is rising near them in the trench.) DOCTOR: It's a gas shell. SARAH: Gas! DOCTOR: Poison gas. HARRY: (Indicating the dead men.) Respirators, quick. (All three of them manage to put a mask on their head. Soldiers in a camouflage uniform and gas masks of their own appear in the trench and manage to subdue the DOCTOR and HARRY.) (Some more men, this time wearing a black uniform, get out from the door and start shooting at the other soldiers.) KALED LEADER: (Speaking about the DOCTOR.) This one's alive. Get him inside. (They help the DOCTOR to get inside through the door. HARRY is on the floor and coughs.) KALED LEADER: There's another one here. Get him inside. Quickly. (They retreat through the door and close it. SARAH is lying unconscious among the dead Thal soldiers, unseen.) 5. INT. COMMAND COMPLEX – ENTRANCE. (The soldiers remove their gas masks. HARRY and the DOCTOR are recovering on the floor. The leader is holding them at gunpoint.) KALED LEADER: They don't look like Thals. I wonder... There have been rumors recently that the Thals were developing robots. Anyway, stick them on the transporter. I shall alert command headquarters with General Ravon. (HARRY, the DOCTOR and the KALED LEADER sit down on the transporter vehicle.) KALED LEADER: Count the ammunition and clean your weapons. 6. INT. CORRIDOR. 7. INT. COMMAND COMPLEX - HEADQUARTERS. (In the middle of the room is a great relief map of the battleground outside. The dome is represented, as well as the mountains. Small blocks, red and blue, with X or O on it, are figuring the position of the different forces. A man in a black uniform with gallons on his shoulders is moving a red block across the map.) (The DOCTOR and HARRY enter, visibly still shaky because of the gas.) RAVON: Well? KALED LEADER: Two prisoners, sir, captured section 1 01 . RAVON: For interrogation. Good. I enjoy interrogation. DOCTOR: Yes, you look the type. (One of the soldiers hit the DOCTOR from behind and he falls on his knees.) RAVON: You insolent Muto. KALED LEADER: Sir. RAVON: What? KALED LEADER: My section totally destroyed the Thal attackers except for these two. But our supply of ammunition is running low. RAVON: Then conserve it. Ammunition is valuable and cannot be wasted. KALED LEADER: Yes, sir. RAVON: For instance, when I've finished with these two animals, they'll be hanged. Not taken out and shot as in the past. And that will be all. Return to your unit. (They salute and clack their heels. The KALED LEADER exists the room.) RAVON: (In a mocking tone.) So... the Thals have come down to recruiting Mutos, have they? (He waves his gun at the DOCTOR. HARRY is sitting on a bench with his head low.) RAVON: (In an authoritative voice.) Turn out your pockets. DOCTOR: Certainly. (The DOCTOR begins pulling items out of his pockets. He puts them on the relief map. There is the sonic screwdriver, a large magnifying glass, a yellow yoyo...) DOCTOR (OOV.): It might take some time. (The DOCTOR continues to put things on the table. A pair of handcuffs and a sort of orange crystal.) RAVON (OOV.): Take a good look. RAVON: In a few weeks we're gonna change the shape of that map forever. We'll wipe the Thals from the face of Skaro. DOCTOR: (Muttering.) Yes, I've heard that before. RAVON: What? DOCTOR: I was just wondering how you propose to wipe the Thals from the face of Skaro with boy solders, no ammunition and very young generals. RAVON: You've had one warning about your insults. (A machine buzzes in the background.) DOCTOR (OOV.): I do beg your pardon. RAVON: When victory is ours, we'll wipe every trace of the Thals and their city from the face of this land. We will avenge the deaths of all Kaleds who've fallen in the cause of right and justice and build a peace which will be a monument to their sacrifice. Our battle cry will be Total extermination of the Thals! DOCTOR: That's very impressive. You mean you're going to sweep these wastelands absolutely... (While talking the DOCTOR is pointing at the map with a stick. He then uses it to disarm the General, whose gun lands in HARRY’s hands. He quickly gets up and disarms the other soldier in the room.) DOCTOR: Harry. (The DOCTOR retrieves the handcuffs he has put on the table and passes them to HARRY.) DOCTOR: (To RAVON) Did I hurt your fingers? RAVON: You'll never get out of here alive. DOCTOR: Yes, so you said. So you're Kaleds, eh? (The DOCTOR uses his sonic screwdriver to destroy the communication device.) RAVON: Even you Mutos know the difference between Thals and Kaleds. DOCTOR: K-A-L-E-D-S. Why, that's an anagram of... How interesting. (To HARRY.) Are you fit, Harry? HARRY: (Holding his gun at RAVON with a smile.) Never felt fitter, Doctor. DOCTOR: Good. (To RAVON.) Now, Alexander the Great, you're going to lead us out of here. RAVON: Never! DOCTOR: You won't get any medals for being stupid, General. In fact, you won't be getting any more medals for anything. RAVON: Where do you want me to take you? DOCTOR: Back to the wastelands. RAVON: (With disdain and a contemptuous smirk.) Yes, that's home to you Mutos, isn't it? But you won't get that far, I promise you. HARRY: Come on, we're wasting time. 8. EXT. IN THE TRENCHES. (SARAH is coming round and put off her gas mask.) SARAH: (Not very loudly.) Doctor? Doctor? Harry? (She coughs. She goes to the door and finds it closed. She picks up a gun but it is out of ammo; she throws it back on the floor with a sigh.) 9. INT. CORRIDORS. HARRY (OOV.): Where are we? This isn't leading to the surface. RAVON: There's a platform lift at the end. You Mutos must have seen it. HARRY: You're still making the same mistake. We're not Mutos, whatever they may be. RAVON: Only Mutos live in the wastelands. DOCTOR: Come on! (They have arrived in front of the lift. HARRY is still holding RAVON at gunpoint.) HARRY: Sarah's all right? DOCTOR: Yes. RAVON: If you've a friend up there, they won't last much longer. DOCTOR: What do you mean? RAVON: Night's coming on. The Mutos start moving at night. (Two soldiers following a man with round glasses and gallons on his uniform shoulders are approaching in the corridor.) HARRY: (In a whisper, to RAVON. He holds him by the hand and has the gun hidden but pointed at his back.) Just remember, we're your friends. NYDER: General Ravon. RAVON: Nyder. NYDER: I wish to see you. RAVON: If you'll wait in my office, Nyder, I'll be a few minutes. DOCTOR: (To RAVON.) Perhaps you should introduce us, General. RAVON: (Reluctantly.) Security Commander Nyder. NYDER: You're civilians, I see. DOCTOR (OOV.): Yes, but we're not staying long. DOCTOR: Don't let us detain you. NYDER: You won't. (NYDER and the soldiers to carry on in the corridor, but suddenly their stop and they turn back, riffles raised.) NYDER: (Shouting.) Down, Ravon! (The soldiers start shooting in the direction of the lift.) NYDER: (On a small intercom on the wall.) Alert all guards. Two Thal intruders in the command complex. 10. INT. CORRIDORS. (More soldiers are coming while an alarm is sounding. The DOCTOR and HARRY are running away.) DOCTOR: This way, Harry. Come on. 11. INT. IN FRONT OF THE LIFT. RAVON: They took me by surprise. NYDER: Fool. What kind of soldier lets two unarmed prisoners overpower him in his own headquarters? RAVON: There's something different about those two. They're not Thals and they're not Mutos. NYDER: We'll find out what's different about them... by autopsy. 12. INT. CORRIDORS. (The doors are closing before HARRY and the DOCTOR, trapping them.) HARRY (OOV.): We're trapped. DOCTOR: Yes. (The doors re-opens behind them.) DOCTOR: After you. (They get inside the lift just in time before soldiers start shooting at them.) NYDER: (On the intercom on the wall.) Alert surface patrols to watch for intruders in the area of platform lift 7. 12. EXT. (The lift has brought the DOCTOR and HARRY outside. They start running.) HARRY: Now what? DOCTOR: Keep running. HARRY: What? DOCTOR: Keep running! (On the top of the hill appear the silhouettes of Kaled soldiers. They start shooting at the DOCTOR and HARRY who resume running.) 13. EXT. MINEFIELD. (While running the DOCTOR notices a wire on the floor, linked to a landmine. HARRY is going to step on it.) DOCTOR: Down, Harry! (The two of them get down to the ground and escape the explosion. The DOCTOR helps HARRY to get on his feet.) DOCTOR: Are you all right? HARRY: That was a lucky escape. DOCTOR: I wouldn't say that, Harry. (Several soldiers are standing before them. They are surrounded.) 14. EXT. SARAH: (Still not very loudly.) Doctor? Harry? Doctor. Harry. (A deformed creature is following SARAH.) 15. INT. COMMAND COMPLEX – HEADQUARTERS. (NYDER is examining some of the DOCTOR’s items left on the table. The DOCTOR and HARRY are pushed back into the room by armed soldiers.) NYDER: This is yours? DOCTOR: Yes. NYDER: What is its function? DOCTOR: Well, it's an etheric beam locator. It's also useful for detecting ion-charged emissions. NYDER: Oh, really. (RAVON is standing behind him, looking not pleased at all.) NYDER: It is not of Thal manufacture. DOCTOR (OOV.): Well, naturally not. DOCTOR: My friend and I are not from your planet. NYDER (OOV.): Aliens? HARRY: Humans. (Looking at the DOCTOR.) Well, I am anyway. NYDER: I've heard Davros say there is no intelligent life on other planets. So either he is wrong or you are lying. DOCTOR (OOV.): We are not lying... NYDER: And Davros is never wrong about anything. DOCTOR: Well, he must be exceptional. Even I am occasionally wrong about some things. Who is this Davros? NYDER: Our greatest scientist. He's in charge of all research at the bunker. RAVON: They could be Mutos, Nyder. Intelligent Mutos who've developed a technology. DOCTOR (OOV.): Tell me... what exactly are Mutos? NYDER: Mutos are the scarred relics of ourselves. Monsters created by the chemical weapons used in the first century of this war. They were banished into the wastelands where they live and... scavenge like animals. DOCTOR: In other words, genetically wounded. NYDER: We must keep the Kaled race pure. Imperfects are rejected. Some of them survive out there. DOCTOR: That's a very harsh policy. HARRY: It's horrible. NYDER: Your views are not important. (To RAVON.) General Ravon, I'll take these two back to the bunker for interrogation by the special unit. RAVON (OOV.): They're the army's prisoners. NYDER: Then you will release them to me. The special unit will get more out of them than your crude methods ever would. RAVON: Very well, if you insist. NYDER: I do insist, General. (NYDER picks up a list and hands it out to RAVON.) NYDER: And I have a list of requirements here. All these items are to be sent to the bunker immediately. RAVON: I can't spare this equipment. These spare parts alone would take more than half my supply. NYDER: You'll notice the requisition is countersigned by Davros himself. If you would like to take the matter up with him... RAVON: I'm expected to fight a war without equipment. Very well, I'll have these things out to the bunker by dawn. NYDER: By midnight, General. The order specifies midnight. RAVON: By midnight. NYDER: Good. (They salute.) NYDER: (To the soldiers.) Bring the prisoners. 16. EXT. (The night is falling. SARAH is walking outside and hears something behind her. She starts running. Several Mutos are following her.) 17. EXT. NEAR A RUIN. (SARAH runs up to a ruin. She peeps through a hole in the wall and sees an old and crippled man in a mobile chair. An assistant is setting shooting pictures of soldiers with a circle on them, along one of the walls.) GHARMAN: Ready, Davros. DAVROS: Observe the test closely, my friend. This will be a moment that will live in history. (DAVROS reaches a level on the panel of his chair and pushes it. On one corner of the ruin there is a Dalek.) DAVROS (OOV.): Halt. Turn right. Halt. (The Dalek obeys and turns then halts.) DAVROS: Now... exterminate. (The Dalek destroys all the targets with its weapon.) DAVROS: Perfect. The weaponry is perfect. Now we can begin.DAVROS: Follow. Gharman, there is much to be done. SARAH: Help! TANE: Party approaching. Check one. TANE: You will announce your name, rank and serial number. Speak now. NYDER (OOV.): Tane, this is Security Commander Nyder with prisoners and escort. NYDER: I want these two screened and passed to Ronson for full interrogation. TANE: Yes, sir. NYDER: Prisoner's belongings. DOCTOR: Good. Well, now he's gone, any chance of a cup of tea? TANE: What! DOCTOR: Or coffee. My friend and I have had a very trying experience. Haven't we had a trying experience, Harry? HARRY: Very trying, Doctor. TANE: Step into the security scan. DOCTOR: What, no tea? TANE: Let me point out to you that you have no rights whatsoever. I have full authority to torture and kill any prisoner who does not comply absolutely with my orders. That is your first and last warning. DOCTOR: No tea, Harry. TANE: You're cleared. Move forward. You, next. TANE: Scan detects power source located below prisoner's left elbow. Remove object from prisoner's left wrist. DOCTOR: You can't have that. That bracelet could have no possible use as a weapon. TANE: It remains with the other confiscated items. HARRY: Let's not make a fuss, Doctor. DOCTOR: The Time Ring is our only hope of getting back to the TARDIS. TANE: Two prisoners at checkpoint. Awaiting orders. DOCTOR: Recovering it has got to be our number one priority. Do you understand, Harry? It's vital. HARRY: Yes, I know it's vital, but we don't want them to know that, do we? TANE: The prisoners are to be given into the custody of Senior Researcher Ronson. Here, take this with you. TANE: Move! SEVRIN: She's beautiful. No deformities, no imperfections. GERRILL: She is a norm. All norms are our enemies. Kill her now for what she's done to our kind. SEVRIN: No, why? Why must we always destroy beauty? Why kill another creature because it is not in our image? GERRILL: Kill her! It is the law. All norms must die. They are our enemies. And if you won't, I will. MUTO: There's something over there. SEVRIN: It's a patrol, very close. GERRILL: Let's get away from here. SEVRIN: No. No, they're too near. If you move, they'll see you. GERRILL: They're coming this way. I'm going. Come on. SEVRIN: No, I tell you they'll see you. THAL: Halt! Stay where you are. Stand where you are and don't move. THAL: Oh, it's only a muto. What a waste of good ammunition. There's a couple more of them. THAL: Hold it. If they're not too badly mutated, we might be able to use them. They still need expendable labour for the rocket loader. (re Sevrin) This one looks all right. Got all it needs to carry and walk. (re Sarah) There's no reason why this one shouldn't work. Why, it's almost a norm. Come on, get up. Up! Oh, kill it off, it's too slow. SEVRIN: No, it's all right. I'll help her. THAL: Then move, and move quietly. There are Kaled patrols out tonight. RONSON: Sit down. DOCTOR: Thank you. You're not with the military, I assume? RONSON: I'm with the Science Division. DOCTOR: Oh, good, good. Then perhaps we can talk without interruption from rifle butts. RONSON: That depends. If you don't answer my questions, I shall hand you back to the military. They take a pride in loosening tongues. Now, where did you get these things? DOCTOR: Oh, here and there. RONSON: If I didn't know better, I should have to assume that these were made by some intelligence on another planet. DOCTOR: If you didn't know better. RONSON: It is an established scientific fact that in the seven galaxies only Skaro is capable of supporting intelligent life. DOCTOR: It is also an established scientific fact that there are more than seven galaxies. RONSON: Indeed. DOCTOR: Yes. RONSON: Well, when you passed through our security scan our instruments ran a complete check on your blood and chemical make up, encephalographic patterns and so on. Physiological compositions. And so, if you are from another planet DOCTOR: You were saying? RONSON: There's nothing. Nothing conforms to any known life on this planet apart from external appearances. DOCTOR: You can't always judge from external appearances. RONSON: Who are you? Where are you from? DOCTOR: It's a long story. RONSON: Then tell me. DOCTOR: Do you have any inkling of the theory of space dimension correlated to relative time? KALED (OOV.): Davros wishes all members of the Elite scientific corps to assemble in the main laboratory immediately. RONSON: Our session will have to wait. Davros is coming. DOCTOR: Your chief scientist. RONSON: He's our supreme commander. When he calls a full meeting like this, he obviously has something of the greatest importance to tell us. DOCTOR: Well, I shall be delighted to meet him. RONSON: Stand up and keep quiet. DAVROS: If I may have your attention. For some time I have been experimenting with the Mark Three project. Details of modifications will be distributed later. However, I am anxious that you should see immediately the remarkable results that I have achieved, and to that end I have arranged this demonstration. DOCTOR: (sotto) A Dalek. HARRY: (sotto) What? DOCTOR: (sotto) A Dalek. Very primitive but undeniably a Dalek. RONSON: (sotto) You're mistaken. It's a Mark Three travel machine. DOCTOR: (sotto) If you say so. DAVROS: Halt. Turn left. Move forward. RONSON: That's magnificent. He's perfected voice control. DAVROS: Turn right. Move forward and circle left. You will agree, I think, that voice control represents an enormous step forward, however the best is yet to come. Nyder. DAVROS: Our machine is now equipped with a weapon for self-defence. Now, I am going to turn the machine over to total self-control. It will be entirely independent of all outside influences. A living, thinking, self-supporting creature. DAVROS: Brilliant. Brilliant! It has detected the non-conformity. DALEK: Aliens. I must exterminate. Exterminate. RONSON: No! DAVROS: You dare to interfere! You have the audacity to interrupt one of my experiments? RONSON: But it would have destroyed him. DAVROS: So you think the saving of a worthless life more important than the progress we have made? My creature showed a natural desire, an instinct to destroy, and you interceded! You will be punished for this! RONSON: Davros, I'm sorry, but I believe that these prisoners, they could be extremely valuable. By all means, when I have my questions, let the machine do what it likes with them, but I do need to interrogate them further. DAVROS: You will be punished for insubordination. In the meantime, you may question the prisoners until first light. After that, they will be used to resume the experiment. This meeting is ended. DOCTOR: Thank you. I am obliged to you. RONSON: I was merely doing my duty. I believe that you have knowledge which could be of the greatest assistance to us. But if you don't cooperate, then it is certain that Davros will use you as an experiment with his machine in a few hours time. NYDER: The prisoners are to be taken to the cells. You can continue questioning them there. Davros orders it. SARAH: Where are we? SEVRIN: We're inside the Thal dome. We should be lucky to be alive. The Thals normally kill on sight. SARAH: Then why the change? Why bring us here? SEVRIN: Perhaps they need slave workers for some project. KALED: The muto is right. The work they're making us do kills with the same certainty as a bullet between the eyes. SARAH: What work? KALED: The Thals have built a rocket. They've used up all their manpower and resources. They're gambling that it's going to bring them victory in one blow. And if they can make the launch successfully, I don't see how they're going to fail. My race, the whole of the Kaled people, will be wiped out in seconds. SEVRIN: Perhaps we should be happy to welcome such a weapon if it ends a thousand years of war. KALED: You won't be when you find out what it is. SARAH: Well, what is it? KALED: The nose cone of the rocket is being packed with distronic explosive. We have to put it in position. SARAH: So? KALED: To reduce weight, they're using no protective shielding. Every load we carry exposes us to distronic toxaemia. After a few hours exposure, we'll all be dead. SARAH: We'd better think of something, hadn't we. SARAH: Well, now what's happening? KALED: The rest period's over. We start loading again. I've already done one load since I was captured. SARAH: All right, don't push. HARRY: You all right? DOCTOR: Looks like I might be. HARRY: What happened? DOCTOR: They took down reams of notes, every bit of scientific gobbledygook I could think of. Technical jargon that even I didn't understand. HARRY: That'll keep their experts tied up for weeks. DOCTOR: Yes. And I learnt a great deal more from them than they did from me. HARRY: About this bunker? DOCTOR: Yes. HARRY: It is underground, isn't it. DOCTOR: Yes, and bomb proof. Impregnable from attack from the outside and about three or four miles from the Kaled dome. HARRY: What are they doing down here? DOCTOR: Years ago the Kaled government decided to form an Elite group. The best scientific brains in every field. HARRY: A sort of Think Tank. DOCTOR: Yes. But over the years the Elite has become more and more powerful, and now they can demand whatever they like. RONSON (OOV.): Open up. HARRY: Perhaps this is the tea? RONSON: There's no need to wait. I am armed. RONSON: I'm sorry if they hurt you. I lack the courage to interfere. DOCTOR: But you did save me from becoming the very first victim of a Dalek, thank you. RONSON: Yes, now you used that word earlier. It had never been heard before. And yet only an hour ago, Davros announced that henceforth his Mark Three travel machine would be referred to as a Dalek. Now how could you have known that? DOCTOR: Well, I have an advantage in terms of time. You see, we've come here at this time because of future concern about the development of the Dalek. I think you're concerned too, aren't you? DOCTOR: (sotto) I think he's going to bite. RONSON: Yes, I am concerned, and there are a few other who think the same as I. But we're powerless. DOCTOR: Then let us help you. RONSON: You see, we believe that Davros has changed the direction of our research into something which is immoral, evil. You see, the Elite was formed to produce weapons that would end this war. We soon saw that this was futile and changed the direction of our research into the survival of our race. But our chemical weapons had already started to produce genetic mutations. HARRY: And the mutations were banished out into the wastelands. RONSON: Yes. DOCTOR: The mutos. RONSON: Now Davros, he believed that there was no way to reverse this trend and so he started experiments to establish our final mutational form. He took living cells, treated them with chemicals and produced the ultimate creature. Come with me. RONSON: Now this is what the Kaleds will become. RONSON: That is our future. DOCTOR: You've got troubles. SARAH: We have to do something now. If we work another shift, we won't have the strength to take any kind of action. KALED: Action? What do you mean? SARAH: I mean we've got to get out of here. SEVRIN: It's not possible. SARAH: Why? The guard's not expecting trouble from a group of exhausted slave worker. KALED: So we get out into the rocket silo. Where then? The only other exit goes out through a command point, and that's going to be crawling with Thal troops. SARAH: There is another way. SEVRIN: Where? SARAH: Straight up. The scaffolding. It goes right up to the nose cone of the rocket. Now, if we could get up there, then there's a chance we could get out onto the surface of the dome. KALED: It wouldn't be too difficult getting down again. The angle of the dome is quite gentle. SEVRIN: That scaffolding! I mean, it's so high. SARAH: It's the only way. It's our only chance. KALED: I'd rather die taking a chance like that than rot away in here with distronic toxaemia. SARAH: Okay, I'll pass the word to the others. DOCTOR: Go on, Ronson. RONSON: Well, knowing our ultimate form, Davros had to devise a travel machine. The Dalek. DOCTOR: Now he's trying to change that into a weapon. RONSON: And he's succeeding. He's created a monster, utterly devoid of conscience. HARRY: And you want to stop him. RONSON: Well, I must. There are a few in the Kaled government who still have the power to act. If they knew the truth, they would end Davros' power, close down this bunker, finish the Elite. DOCTOR: Then go to them, Ronson, go to them. RONSON: But I'm not allowed in the city. Security here is absolute. DOCTOR: Then help us to escape. Give us the names of the men who have the power. HARRY: Could you get us out of here? RONSON: Well, there is a way through one of the secondary ducts in the ventilation system that leads to a cave at the edge of the wasteland. HARRY: Well? RONSON: The entrance is barred. And there's something else. Davros' early experiments were with animals. Some of the things that he created were horrific, and they're still alive. DOCTOR: And I have an uneasy feeling you're going to tell me they're in that cave. SARAH: Shush. Quickly. RONSON: These are the people you should try to contact. HARRY: Right-o. RONSON: Look, if anything at all should happen DOCTOR: Don't worry, don't worry. We won't let it fall into the wrong hands. RONSON: Quick! SARAH: Come on. DOCTOR: Here's where it comes out into the cave. DOCTOR: Shush. What was that? HARRY: Probably one of Davros' pets. KALED: That's the alarm. They'll be after us in a minute. Come on! SEVRIN: They're coming up after us. You must keep moving. You must. SARAH: I can't. I can't move. SEVRIN: Come on. You must.SEVRIN: Are you all right? SARAH: I think so. SEVRIN: We must go on, Sarah. It's our only chance. SEVRIN: That section of the roof slides out. We can get to it from the top of the rocket. SARAH: We've got to get across first. SEVRIN: We'll have to jump. Now I'll go first, you follow and I'll catch you. SEVRIN: Come on, Sarah. Come on! You've got to do it, do you hear me? Jump! SEVRIN: We're nearly there. Just a bit more and we're out on the surface of the dome and safe. SARAH: Yes. SOLDIER: That's far enough. Right, come on back down here. SOLDIER: Now you. Come on, move! I'll get her. SOLDIER: Give me your hand. Come on. SOLDIER: If I should just slacken my grip. They say that people who fall from great heights are dead before they hit the ground. I don't believe that, do you? SOLDIER: You're going back to work. In a day or so, you'll wish I had let you drop. Right, get over. DOCTOR: It's lighter this way. HARRY: Looks as though we've made it. DOCTOR: Look. HARRY: It must be the way through to the wastelands. HARRY: Doctor, quick! My leg! Quick! Pull it out, Doctor. HARRY: Quick, it's pulling me in! DOCTOR: Easy, easy. HARRY: Get that thing off. DOCTOR: One of Davros' experiments? HARRY: Magna poluris. (I think) DOCTOR: What? HARRY: Latin. DOCTOR: Never mind the Latin, let's have a look at your foot. Nothing seems to be broken. It's incredible. You have some bruises though, Harry. HARRY: Why is it always me who puts a foot in it? DOCTOR: You'll be all right. Can you stand up? HARRY: I think so. DOCTOR: Let's get out of here. HARRY: We must look out for Sarah. She's out there somewhere. DOCTOR: We'll find her. We've got to contact the Kaled leaders first. HARRY: Try again, they're pretty corroded. DALEK: We await your commands. DAVROS: Excellent, excellent. KAVELL: Perfect, Davros, perfect. A brilliant creation. DAVROS: A brilliant creation, yes, but perfect, no. Not yet. I want improvements made to the optical systems and the sensory circuits. Their instincts must be as accurate as a scientific instrument. You will begin at once. Dismantle the viewer circuit. KAVELL: Does Davros know the prisoners have escaped? RONSON: I don't know what you mean. The prisoners are in their cell. KAVELL: Don't worry, I won't betray you. You're not the only one concerned about the morality of the work we are doing here. Now answer me. Does Davros know they've gone? RONSON: The prisoners are in the detention room for further interrogation. KAVELL: Well, I have news for you. They've reached the city and made contact with the leaders whose names you gave them. RONSON: How do you know? KAVELL: There is some advantage in being in charge of the communication system. All we can hope for now is that they convince the leaders that Davros' work here must be ended. RONSON: They must. They must! MOGRAN: My fellow councillors, I've asked you two assemble here and not in our House of Congress as our meeting is of a most secret nature. There are no listening devices here, are there, Ravon? RAVON: Not that I know of, Mogran. MOGRAN: Doctor, will you please tell the councillors what you have told me? DOCTOR: Yes, of course, and some of what I will tell you relates to events in the future. Not only on this planet but also on others whose existence you don't even know of. But my knowledge is scientific fact. Now, Davros has created a machine creature, a monster which will terrorise and destroy millions and millions of lives and lands throughout all eternity. He has given this machine a name, a Dalek. It is a word new to you, but for a thousand generations it is a name that will bring fear and terror. Now undoubtedly Davros has one of the finest scientific minds in existence, but he has a fanatical desire to perpetuate himself in his machine. He works without conscience, without soul, without pity, and his machines are equally devoid of these qualities. GUARD: What's the matter with her? SEVRIN: She's tired. She needs rest. GUARD: This is the last consignment. When that's packed aboard she'll get all the rest she needs. Now pick up your loads! NYDER: I've just had word from one of our supporters in the Dome. Councillor Mogran has called a secret meeting. The only councillors invited are known opponents of the work we are doing here in the bunker. DAVROS: I want a full report on everything that was discussed. I don't care how you get the information, get it. However, I think we need not be too concerned. Many times in the last fifty years, factions of the government have tried to interfere with my research here. They have failed. They will fail again. NYDER: There's something else. The two prisoners in Ronson's charge, they've been seen at the dome. They are at the meeting. DAVROS: Impossible! There is no escape from here. NYDER: I've checked their cells. They are missing. DAVROS: Find out how they escaped and report to me immediately. NYDER: What action shall I take concerning Ronson? DAVROS: For the moment, none. I will deal with him in my own way. RAVON: That was a very impressive speech, Doctor. DOCTOR: Yes, it was meant to be. HARRY: Let's hope it's convinced them. DOCTOR: Yes, let's hope so, Harry. Sometimes words aren't enough. HARRY: Well, they seem to have reached a decision. MOGRAN: I'm afraid, Doctor, the councillors could not agree to halt all experimentation at the bunker. HARRY: The councillors are fools. MOGRAN: Let me finish, please. It has been agreed that an independent tribunal will investigate all work that is being done at the bunker. DOCTOR: But that could take months! Davros already has several prototype Daleks ready for action. MOGRAN: It has also been agreed that pending the investigation, Davros' experiments will be suspended. DOCTOR: It is less than I'd hoped for. MOGRAN: And I promise you, Doctor, if your allegations are borne out, all work at the bunker will be closed down. DOCTOR: Thank you. MOGRAN: And now I must go with my committee and inform Davros of our decision. HARRY: Now I think it's high time we looked for Sarah, don't you? RAVON: The one you left behind in the wastelands? HARRY: Yes. You have some news of her? RAVON: I can't be certain, you understand, but our agents inside the Thal dome report a newly arrived girl prisoner who led an attempted breakout. Gave the Thals quite a bit of trouble. HARRY: That'll be her. DOCTOR: In the Thal dome, you say? RAVON: The Thals are using prisoners to load their last great rocket. HARRY: Rocket? RAVON: They think they'll win the war with it. What they don't know is that no matter how powerful their rocket, it cannot penetrate our protective dome. Only a matter of months ago, Davros perfected a new substance which has the strength of thirty foot thick reinforced concrete. DOCTOR: Yes, yes, well never mind about that. Could you help us to find Sarah? RAVON: One of my agents could lead you into the service shafts underneath the Thal city. DOCTOR: Oh, good, good. RAVON: But after that you're strictly on your own. HARRY: Fair enough. RAVON: Right, I'll give you a map showing how to reach the rocket silo area. DOCTOR: Thank you. HARRY: Well, Doctor, looks as though we've got to cross the wastelands again. DOCTOR: Yes, and that's when our troubles really begin. DAVROS: An investigation? But of course, Mogran. I welcome any inquiry into our work here. I think the idea is an excellent one. The Kaled people sacrifice much so that we should have the materials we need. They have the right to know how our work is progressing. And when they learn of our achievements, their patriotism will be refired. It is vital that our soldiers know that they and we of the Elite are as one, working together to bring the final victory. MOGRAN: I'm grateful that you've accepted this decision so, so patriotically. There's one thing more. Until the inquiry, all work is to be suspended. DAVROS: If that is your wish, then naturally I will obey. It will take some time to close down certain pieces of equipment. Shall we say, er, twenty four hours? MOGRAN: Twelve. DAVROS: It will be difficult, but it will be done. MOGRAN: The members of the tribunal will arrive in that time. Thank you, Davros, for your cooperation. DAVROS: It is simply my duty. The inquiry will reveal nothing, except our loyalty and total dedication to the cause of the Kaled people. NYDER: We cannot allow this investigation. They cannot fail to see the dangers to themselves in the Dalek project. DAVROS: Calm yourself, Nyder. There will be no investigation. NYDER: But you can't stop it now. DAVROS: I can and will! The council has signed the death warrant of the whole of the Kaled people. Only we, the Elite, we and the Daleks will go on. NYDER: The whole of the Kaled people? You would go that far? DAVROS: Did you ever doubt it? NYDER: No. DAVROS: There is much to do. I want the genetically conditioned creatures installed in the machines immediately. Twenty of them. NYDER: Twenty? DAVROS: They are our troops in this battle for survival. NYDER: But they're still very erratic, unstable. DAVROS: They will not be allowed self control. I will prepare a computer programme that will limit their actions. After that, we are going on a journey. HARRY: What's Davros doing here in the Thal city? DOCTOR: Shush. DAVROS (OOV.): And I am no longer influenced by DAVROS: Words such as patriotism and nationalism. My concern is only for peace, an end to this carnage that has virtually destroyed both our races. COUNCILLOR: Why aren't you telling this to your own government and people? DAVROS: I have tried. Time and again, I have tried. But now they will be satisfied with nothing other than total annihilation of the Thal people. COUNCILLOR: Then they deserve to perish, and perish they will when we launch our rocket. It's primed and ready. The countdown for firing can begin immediately. DAVROS: And it will fail. COUNCILLOR: It can't fail. DAVROS: The Kaled dome cannot be penetrated. Your great rocket will hardly scratch it. DAVROS: This is the measure of my faith. Nyder. NYDER: It is a simple chemical formula. If the substance is loaded into artillery shells and fired onto the surface of the Kaled dome, it will weaken the molecular structure and make it brittle. Your rocket will then be able to penetrate without resistance. COUNCILLOR: Why are you giving us this information? You know that your own people, the Kaleds, will be utterly exterminated. DAVROS: No price is too great to pay for peace. I only ask that when the war is over I be allowed to help in the reconstruction of our planet. NYDER: We want only to see the conflict brought to an end. This formula give you the power to bring that about. DAVROS: By dawn tomorrow, our world could be at peace. NYDER: You think they believed you? DAVROS: It is unimportant. They are hungry for victory. They will use the formula and fire their rocket no matter what they believe my motives to be. And when they do, Nyder, when they do. COUNCILLOR: I've given orders that a barrage of shells containing the formula should begin as soon as possible. The rocket launch can begin immediately. And now I'll arrange your safe escort out of the city. HARRY: Doctor, somehow we've got to warn Mogran and the other Kaled leaders. DOCTOR: Yes, and we haven't found Sarah yet. Come on. DOCTOR: Excuse me, can you help me? I'm a spy. DOCTOR: Their suits, Harry. SARAH: The rocket's loaded. Why are they still keeping us here? SEVRIN: Why take the trouble to move us? It's easier to leave us here. Yes, but when it's fired, the exhaust blast will burn us up. SARAH: Harry! Doctor! DOCTOR: You all right, Sarah? SARAH: Oh, I am now. Listen, we've got to get out of here. The Thals are going to launch this rocket. DOCTOR: Yes, yes, I know. Listen. I want you and Harry to go back to the Kaled dome. Harry knows the way. Tell them all we know. There's a chance if they launch and all-out offensive I might be able to stop the rocket. SARAH: What are you going to do? DOCTOR: Try to sabotage it, or at least delay it. Off you go. SARAH: Right. DOCTOR: Good luck. SARAH: Sevrin, you come with us. DOCTOR: Well, don't just stand there. Come on, you're free! Go now while you've got the chance. Come on! (The rest of the mutos shamble out and the Doctor goes over to the rocket. Harry leads them back to the hatch in the floor. Sarah goes down first, followed by Sevrin and Harry. Then Thal guards arrive and shoot down into the opening. While the Doctor continues to inspect the rocket, the guard comes round and reaches for a button on a panel. Electricity clamps the Doctor to the base of the scaffolding.)COUNCILLOR: It's working. The Kaled dome is breaking up. Start the countdown for the rocket launch. DOCTOR: No, you mustn't. KAVELL: How could the Thals have found the formula to destroy our dome? NYDER: Someone has betrayed us. KAVELL: That's impossible. Only a handful of us knew the formula. No member of the Elite would have given the secret to the Thals. DAVROS: Nevertheless, someone has, and his treachery has resulted in the total extermination of our people. DOCTOR: I sent Harry and Sarah in there. DAVROS: Switch if off. We will avenge the annihilation of our people with a retaliation so massive, so merciless, that it will live in history.) DAVROS: Let the vengeance begin with the death of the arch traitor, the Thal spy Ronson! RONSON: No! Davros. DAVROS: Exterminate! Exterminate! RONSON: No. DAVROS: Exterminate! RONSON: No! No! DAVROS: Today, the Kaled race is ended, consumed in a fire of war, but from its ashes will rise a new race, the supreme creature, the ultimate conqueror of the universe, the Dalek! The action you take today is the beginning of a journey that will take the Daleks to their destiny of universal and absolute supremacy. You have been conditioned and programmed to complete a task. You will now carry out that programme. DALEK: We obey. COUNCILLOR: A thousand years of war, and now its ended. Listen, the people, they know already. COUNCILLOR: Gentlemen, there's a great deal to be done. I must speak to the people. There must be a victory parade. And as for him, he must be punished. No, let us now show that whilst we were ruthless in war, we are generous in victory. Let all prisoners be freed, charges against them dropped. Issue that statement at once. BETTAN: Did you have friends in the Kaled city? DOCTOR: Yes. Two people very dear to me. I sent them into that holocaust. BETTAN: What will you do now? DOCTOR: Start again. Try and find a way to complete what I set out to do and stop the development of the Daleks. BETTAN: Daleks? DOCTOR: Yes. Machine creatures that Davros is developing. Monsters. BETTAN: Davros? No, you're wrong. It was he who told us how to destroy the Kaled dome. His only interest is in achieving peace. DOCTOR: Let me tell you something. The Kaled government was on the point of stopping Davros' experiments, and rather than let that happen, he helped you to destroy his own race. BETTAN: You'll never convince my people of that. Davros is a hero. DOCTOR: Yes, for how long, I wonder. BETTAN: I must go. Under the general amnesty, you're free to leave whenever you want. DOCTOR: Thank you. DAVROS: That outlines the chromosomal variations to be introduced into the embryo Daleks. It is to be implemented at once, Gharman. GHARMAN: Davros, this will create enormous mental defects. DAVROS: Not defects, improvements. GHARMAN: It'll mean creatures without conscience, no sense of right or wrong, no pity. They'll be without feeling or emotion. DAVROS: Correct. Now see that my orders are carried out. GHARMAN: But you DAVROS: Without question, Gharman. DAVROS: Well? NYDER: The Daleks are in position. They will act on your command. DAVROS: I see no reason to delay any longer. THAL: Peace! Thank you! DALEK: Exterminate. Exterminate! DALEK (OOV.): Exterminate! BETTAN: What are they? DOCTOR: Keep back. Get out of sight. DOCTOR: We've got to get out of the Thal dome. BETTAN: Are those the Daleks? DOCTOR: Out into the wastelands. Do you know a way? DOCTOR: Good. Yes, they are the Daleks. Come on, lead the way. DAVROS: The beginning, only the beginning. From this moment, all other research must cease. Absolute priority is to be given to the building of my Dalek force. Nothing, absolutely nothing, must delay this glorious project! (Meanwhile, the smoking shell of the Kaled dome falls in on itself. DALEK (OOV.): Exterminate! Exterminate! BETTAN: Oh, there was no need to go that far. When our leaders saw they were beaten they should have surrendered. DOCTOR: Perhaps they did. But Daleks accept no terms. They're programmed to wipe the Thals from the face of this planet. BETTAN: But there must be some who'll escape, some survivors? DOCTOR: A few, perhaps, but they need to be grouped into some kind of fighting force to strike the bunker. BETTAN: What? DOCTOR: Well, destroy Davros and you destroy the Daleks. BETTAN: What chance do we have against them? DOCTOR: It's your only chance. Will you do it? BETTAN: Yes. DOCTOR: Good girl. I'm going to try and get back into the bunker now. BETTAN: Alone? DOCTOR: Good luck. (Mutos pounce on the Doctor. One lift a large rock to hit him with when he is tackled by Harry. Sevrin scared off the others. SARAH: All right? HARRY: Yes. SARAH: Doctor? DOCTOR: Harry! HARRY: Hello. DOCTOR: Sarah! I can hardly believe it. SARAH: What's the matter with you? DOCTOR: I thought you were in the Kaled dome when it was hit. SARAH: We didn't get there. HARRY: No. No, you see, halfway across the wastelands we were attacked by a band of mutos. SARAH: And that's when the rocket was launched. HARRY: And then when the Kaled dome exploded SARAH: The mutos just ran for their lives. HARRY: Well, of course, I knew you'd try to get back into the bunker through the cave. DOCTOR: You were absolutely right, Harry. It's vital we go back into the bunker. SARAH: Why? HARRY: Because they took the Time Ring. DOCTOR: The bracelet that the Time Lord gave me is our lifeline. Without it we can never escape from this planet. GHARMAN: I wonder if you'd have a look at this. I'm having a problem with the dimensional thought circuit. GHARMAN: (sotto) We must stop the Daleks, Kavell. KAVELL: (sotto) I don't want to get involved. You saw what happened to Ronson. Davros wouldn't hesitate to have us killed if he suspected we were plotting against him. GHARMAN: (sotto) Then we must make our plans so he won't suspect anything. KAVELL: (sotto) Elite troops will stay loyal to him. GHARMAN: (sotto) That's not important! If the whole of the scientific corps act against Davros, he can't proceed. We can then demand that the Dalek project is halted. His whole concept is monstrous. It's evil and immoral. KAVELL: (sotto) What do you want me to do? GHARMAN: (sotto) Spread the word. Convince those who waver how vital it is that the whole Dalek project be ended. KAVELL: (sotto) I'll do what I can. DOCTOR: Sevrin, would you do something for us, something important? SEVRIN: Yes. DOCTOR: Over in the Kaled trenches there's a Thal, a girl named Bettan. She's trying to form a resistance group. Join her with as many of your own people as you can get. Their idea is to knock out the bunker. SEVRIN: Do you think they'll get away with it? DOCTOR: It'll keep the Elite's troops occupied while I try to find a weakness of the Daleks. SEVRIN: Okay. Good luck, Doctor. SARAH: Sevrin, thank you. SARAH: What was that? DOCTOR: Oh, just one of Davros' experiments. We'd better stick close together. HARRY: You're not scared, are you? SARAH: Of course not. HARRY: I am. NYDER: Gharman, I must talk to you. It's of vital importance. GHARMAN: Not now, I'm busy. NYDER: Then soon. And somewhere we can talk in private. GHARMAN: What's this about, Nyder? NYDER: You know that I have served Davros faithfully for many years. I've never questioned anything he has ever done. But he has become a megalomaniac. He's ready to sacrifice everything and everyone, including us, just so that the Dalek project can be completed. GHARMAN: You're not alone in your fears. Where can we meet in safety? NYDER: The only place Davros never goes is the lower level. GHARMAN: Well, there's the detention room down there. GHARMAN: Good. I'll meet you there as soon as I can. DOCTOR: Not much further. The entrance to the ventilation duct must be just through here. HARRY: Are you sure, Doctor? It doesn't look familiar. DOCTOR: Look out, Harry! DOCTOR: Jump! SARAH: I'll never eat oysters again. DOCTOR: They're not very fast. HARRY: It's obviously why Davros discarded them. DOCTOR: Come on, we're there. SARAH: Listen, I've been down tunnels before and I've just had a rather nasty thought. DOCTOR: Really? SARAH: Yes. Suppose something's waiting for us in there. DOCTOR: That is nasty. Better not tell Harry, he's gone first. GHARMAN: Nyder? NYDER: I had to be sure it was you. GHARMAN: We'll make this as quick as we can. I don't want to be missed. NYDER: What are we going to do? GHARMAN: Now look, a number of the scientist believe as we do. When we have enough strength on our side, we'll then give to Davros an ultimatum. NYDER: What ultimatum do you suggest? GHARMAN: That we will only continue with the work on the Daleks if he restores the brain cells, the conscience. The creature must have a moral sense, a judgment of right and wrong. In fact, all the qualities that we believe are essential in ourselves. NYDER: And if he doesn't accept that ultimatum? GHARMAN: Then we will destroy all the work that has been done. Everything. It'll be as though the Dalek were never created. NYDER: Right, I'll try and get some of the military Elite on our side. Who can you count on? GHARMAN: Kavell, Frenton, and Parran, but there'll be more soon, I'm sure of it. NYDER: Thank you. That's what I wanted to know. DAVROS: That information will prove most helpful. DAVROS: A pity. He has a good scientific mind. NYDER: Shall I kill him? DAVROS: No. A little surgery on the brain will remove these stupid emotions and still allow us to make use of his inventive skills. NYDER: And the other plotters? DAVROS: The same for them. But we must move carefully, not force their hands. Let us learn who are our allies and who are our enemies. Leave Gharman here, safely locked away. DAVROS: What was that? NYDER: It's coming from over there. There's somebody in the ventilator shaft. DAVROS: Welcome back. DOCTOR: You were right, Sarah, about there being something nasty waiting for us. DAVROS: I have read the initial reports of your interrogation. The suggestion that you have travelled through space and time was utterly dismissed by the computer analysis. DOCTOR: I imagine it had never been programmed for such a concept. DAVROS: Precisely. I, however, I am perhaps more flexible. Though the power of such travel is beyond my scientific comprehension, it is not beyond my imagination. Why did you come here? DOCTOR: To stop the development of the Daleks. DAVROS: Why? DOCTOR: Because having lived in what you would call the future, I have seen the carnage and destruction they have caused. DAVROS: Then my Daleks do go on. They do survive. DOCTOR: Yes, as weapons of hate and machines of war. DAVROS: Fascinating. DOCTOR: But there's still time to change all that. Why not make them a force for good throughout the universe? DAVROS: I could do it. DOCTOR: Then do it. Be remembered for that. DAVROS: You have seen my Daleks in battle? DOCTOR: Many times. I've fought against them. DAVROS: And do they win? Do they always win? DOCTOR: Not always. They have been defeated, but never utterly defeated. The Dalek menace always remains. DAVROS: If, as you say, they become the supreme creatures of war, how can they lose? How can they fail? DOCTOR: Misfortune, lack of information, sometimes overwhelming opposition. DAVROS: Yes, but tell me, how do the Daleks fail? DOCTOR: No, Davros, that is a question that the future must keep secret. DAVROS: What mistakes do they make? You will tell me! DOCTOR: No. DAVROS: You will tell me! DOCTOR: No, I will not! DAVROS: Nyder. DAVROS: You will tell me because you have a weakness that I have totally eliminated from the minds of the Daleks so they will always be superior. A weakness that will make you give me the knowledge to change the future. You are afflicted with a conscience. BETTAN: We don't have much of a fighting force. SEVRIN: I'm afraid my people won't be much help. They don't like fighting. BETTAN: At least we have weapons and a fair amount of explosives, too. SEVRIN: Are you going to attack the main entrance to the bunker? BETTAN: As long as there are people inside risking their lives to destroy the Daleks, that's the least we can do. SEVRIN: When will you attack? BETTAN: As soon as we've rested and picked up any stragglers. SEVRIN: But they need your help now! BETTAN: We must wait until we have the strongest possible force. Then we'll attack. DAVROS: Nyder. Let me tell you what is going to happen. You will answer my questions. You will answer them carefully and precisely. The instruments to which you are wired are particularly sensitive. They will detect instantly any attempt to lie. DOCTOR: And if I do lie? DAVROS: If you lie, your friends will suffer. I can create in their bodies all the torments and agonies ever known. SARAH: Don't tell him, Doctor! DAVROS: Now, you will tell me the reason for every Dalek defeat. With that knowledge, I will programme them. With that knowledge, they will know their errors and how to avoid them. With that knowledge, there shall be no defeats! We will begin. DOCTOR: Davros, if I tell you what you want to know, I betray millions of people in the future. I can't do that. DAVROS: But you can! You will tell me. You will tell me! You will tell me!HARRY: Doctor, please, don't tell. Doctor. DOCTOR: All right, all right! Just leave them alone. DOCTOR: The Dalek invasion of the Earth in the year 2000 was foiled because of an attempt by the Daleks to mine the core of the planet. The magnetic properties of the Earth were... Mars... the Daleks were defeated by a virus that attacked the insulation on the cables in their electrical systems. ...In the space year seventeen thousand was halted by the intervention of a fleet of war rockets from the planet Hyperon. The rockets were made of a metal that was completely resistant to Dalek firepower. The Dalek Task Force was completely destroyed. DAVROS: This seems an opportune moment to end this session. Nyder. Release the prisoners. Take them to the detention area. DAVROS: Interrogation will continue later. And I must thank you, Doctor. What you have told me will be invaluable. DAVROS: All this information, this foreknowledge, will be programmed into the Dalek memory banks. Take them away. DAVROS: Doctor, stay a moment. Sit down. Let us talk together now, not as prisoner and captor, but as men of science. There is so much I wish to know. Nyder, take charge of the tape. NYDER: Immediately, Davros. DAVROS: It will be your responsibility, and remember, it is priceless. It's value beyond computation. SARAH: Ah, thank you. HARRY: Who are you? GHARMAN: My name's Gharman. HARRY: Gharman? GHARMAN: Until a few hours ago I was head of the Military Elite Scientific Corps. SARAH: And now you're a prisoner like us? What happened? GHARMAN: Wait. GHARMAN: I was trying to organise a movement against Davros. He found out. Now, what's happening out there? Has there been any attempt to take away control from Davros? SARAH: Not that we know of. GHARMAN: Nothing? HARRY: He's still very much in charge. GHARMAN: I don't understand. You see, Davros tricked me into giving him the names of the group who were plotting against him. Have there not been mass arrests by now? Executions? SARAH: It all seemed pretty quiet out there. GHARMAN: But Davros knows that we're planning action against him. Why hasn't he moved to stop it? Why? HARRY: Perhaps that'd be too obvious, even for Davros. GHARMAN: Well, if that's true, he's being too clever for his own good. Every moment he delays, our movement grows in strength. SARAH: I hope you're right. GHARMAN: I know I am. Many of us believe that production of the Daleks must end. I believe now that we are in the majority. If we act soon, we can break his power. HARRY: We're not in much of a position to act at the moment, are we. GHARMAN: If only I could get word to them now. SOLDIER: Halt! State your business. KAVELL: I wish to question the prisoners. SOLDIER: Nobody is allowed to communicate with the prisoners unless they have a pass signed by Davros. SOLDIER: Stay where you are! KAVELL: I seem to have mislaid it. I'll come back later. DAVROS: Now, future errors will be eradicated. Defeats will become victories. You have changed the future of the universe, Doctor. DOCTOR: I have betrayed the future. Davros, for the last time, consider what you're doing. Stop the development of the Daleks. DAVROS: Impossible. It is beyond my control. The workshops are already fully automated to produce the Dalek machines. DOCTOR: It's not the machines, it's the minds of the creatures inside them. Minds that you created. They are totally evil. DAVROS: Evil? No. No, I will not accept that. They are conditioned simply to survive. They can survive only by becoming the dominant species. When all other life forms are suppressed, when the Daleks are the supreme rulers of the universe, then you will have peace. Wars will end. They are the power not of evil, but of good. DOCTOR: Davros, if you had created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life, would you allow its use? DAVROS: It is an interesting conjecture. DOCTOR: Would you do it? DAVROS: The only living thing, a microscopic organism reigning supreme. A fascinating idea. DOCTOR: But would you do it? DAVROS: Yes. Yes. To hold in my hand a capsule that contains such power, to know that life and death on such a scale was my choice. To know that the tiny pressure on my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything. Yes, I would do it! That power would set me up above the gods. And through the Daleks, I shall have that power! DAVROS: Release me. DOCTOR: No, Davros. DAVROS: Don't touch that switch. DOCTOR: Why not? DAVROS: It controls my life support systems. I could not survive thirty seconds without them. DOCTOR: Order the destruction of the incubator section. DAVROS: Destroy the Daleks? Never. DOCTOR: I mean it, Davros. Next time I press that switch, it stays pressed. Now give the order! DAVROS: Even if I do this, there will be no escape for you. DOCTOR: I'll take that chance. Now give the order. DAVROS: Press the communicator switch. DAVROS: This is Davros. Elite unit seven will go to the incubator room. All survival maintenance systems are to be closed down. The Dalek creatures are to be destroyed. DOCTOR: Tell them the order cannot be countermanded. DAVROS: This order cannot DAVROS: This is Davros, this is Davros. My last order is cancelled, repeat, cancelled. No action is to be taken. NYDER: What do you want done with this? DAVROS: For the moment he must be kept alive. He has knowledge that is vital to our future, and I will drain every last detail of it from his mind. And then, he will learn the true meaning of pain. NYDER: I will take him to the detention room. DAVROS: The dissidents. What progress are they making? NYDER: Feeling against you is rising. Many of the scientific corps are openly speaking against you. Even some of the military are joining them. DAVROS: As I expected. DAVROS: They will take action soon? NYDER: Almost certainly. They outnumber those of us who are loyal. Davros, why don't you let me take a squad of Elite men I can trust? In an hour, I could wipe out their leaders. DAVROS: You think like a soldier, Nyder. Rebellion is an idea in the mind. Suppress it, and it hides away and festers. No. My way is best. NYDER: As you wish. On your feet! DAVROS: All Dalek units! All Dalek units! DALEK: Davros has commanded all Dalek units to disengage and return to the bunker immediately. DALEK 2: I obey. BETTAN: Shush. There's something moving out there. SEVRIN: The whole of the Thal city is burning. The Daleks are moving through it, section by section, hunting down the survivors. BETTAN: Then there's no one left? SEVRIN: No, I covered a fairly large area and found no one. No one living, that is. BETTAN: So we're on our own. SEVRIN: You're still going to attack the main entrance though, aren't you? BETTAN: There's no point in delaying any longer. We'll move more safely under the cover of darkness. Come on, get ready, we're moving out. NYDER: Open up. HARRY: Not exactly as planned, Sarah. HARRY: How's the Doctor? SARAH: I don't know. HARRY: He's a bit groggy but he'll be all right. GHARMAN: Come on, Kavell, we've a lot to do. KAVELL: What about the guards? Suppose they won't come over to our side? GHARMAN: They'll be disarmed and held in custody until we've presented our ultimatum to Davros. DOCTOR: No, wait, wait. Davros knows what you're planning. I heard him talking to Nyder. GHARMAN: If he knows, why hasn't he taken action against us? KAVELL: Perhaps because he knows its futile. There are too many of us. DOCTOR: No, it's not that. I don't know what he's got prepared for you, but believe me, he's ready. GHARMAN: Well, even so, there'll still be too many for him. DOCTOR: Just be careful. Be careful. KAVELL: I think we can take care of things. Thanks for the warning. SARAH: No point in telling you to rest, I suppose? DOCTOR: No, there isn't. We've got to recover that Time Ring. SARAH: Because without it, we'll never get off this planet. But where is it? DOCTOR: It's on the desk in the main laboratory. And then there's that tape recording that Nyder took. We've got to get it back at all costs. It would make the Daleks invincible. Come on. GHARMAN: Ready? Now remember, we resort to violence only if there is no other way. GHARMAN: Stay perfectly still. Take their weapons. GHARMAN: No! That was stupid. A stupid waste of life. Our intention has always been to make a bloodless revolution. There's been enough of killing and violence. All right, take him away and lock him up with the others. GHARMAN: Start passing these out to our people. KAVELL: Gharman. Gharman, they're coming over to our side in droves. We've the backing of a good eighty percent now. GHARMAN: Good. Good. What about the hard core Davros people? KAVELL: They've all been rounded up. We're winning, Gharman. We're winning. GHARMAN: Then let's finish it off. NYDER: Davros, they're taking over. We must act quickly. In another hour they could be totally in control. Do you hear me, Davros? I have a dozen crack men hiding in section nine. Let me order them into action. Davros! DAVROS: I hear you. NYDER: Then what are we going to do? DAVROS: I want you to find their leaders and hand over your weapons to them. NYDER: Surrender? DAVROS: Order all members of the Elite guards still at liberty to do the same. NYDER: Do you know what you're saying? DAVROS: I know precisely what I am saying. Now, I will command and you will obey. You will do as I order! You will inform the rebel leaders that I have given these orders to avoid bloodshed. Tell them I submit, and will listen to their demands. That is all. NYDER: Then we are admitting that we're beaten. DAVROS: That is what they will believe. NYDER: You mean that DAVROS: You and they will find out exactly what I mean all in good time. Now carry out my orders. DOCTOR: Shush. DOCTOR: Useful. Ah. This is something rather more useful. SARAH: They're explosives, aren't they? DOCTOR: Yes. Explosives and detonators. It seems almost providential. SARAH: Why? What are you going to use them for? DOCTOR: The Time Lord gave me three options. There's only one still open. Genocide. HARRY: Genocide? DOCTOR: Yes. I'm going to kill everything in the incubation room. I'm going to destroy the Daleks forever. GHARMAN: Where is Davros? KAVELL: You said that Davros had agreed to meet us here. NYDER: He'll be here. DAVROS: You have something to say to me? GHARMAN: Davros, we wish to make our views plain to you concerning our work here. DAVROS: With what authority do you speak? With whose backing? GHARMAN: We speak for virtually all the Elite scientific corps and many of the military. We represent the majority. DAVROS: Very well. Continue. GHARMAN: Nobody disputes that in the past, under your guidance, we've made incredible progress in many fields of science. DAVROS: You did not come here to flatter me. You came to offer an ultimatum. Confine yourself to the terms of that ultimatum. GHARMAN: Very well. The initial concept of the Dalek was to build a life support system and a travel machine for the creature that we know our race will ultimately evolve into. DAVROS: You disapprove of that? GHARMAN: No, but we believe that concept has been perverted. You have tampered with the genetic structuring of the creature to create a ruthless power for evil. We cannot permit this to continue. DAVROS: Then what do you suggest? GHARMAN: All work on Dalek projects is to cease immediately. The creatures that have been conditioned and programmed are to be destroyed. If these terms are met, we will then be proud to work under your guidance on the rebuilding of our society. DAVROS: And if I refuse? GHARMAN: If you refuse, you will be placed under arrest. The Daleks will be destroyed and our work here will then continue under a new, democratically elected leader. DAVROS: Have you finished? GHARMAN: Well? DAVROS: You might at least do me the courtesy of giving me time to consider. SARAH: The Daleks are in there? DOCTOR: The flesh and blood part of them. Indeed they are flesh and blood. HARRY: Some of them can move about. SARAH: Well, how do I see? DOCTOR: Press the button. DOCTOR: Pay it out quickly, Harry. SARAH: You're not going in there, are you? DOCTOR: They're harmless enough, I think. Just unpleasant. HARRY: You don't want me to come in, do you, Doctor? DOCTOR: There's no need, Harry. It just remains to put the charges where they'll do the most damage. It shouldn't take me more than a couple of minutes. DAVROS: I have made my decision. I accept your ultimatum. On one condition. GHARMAN: Go on. DAVROS: That you allow me to speak to a full meeting of the Elite, both scientific and military. Anyone you elect may speak against me. When this is done, a vote will be taken. I will abide by the decision of the majority. GHARMAN: You already know the decision of the majority. You will lose, Davros. DAVROS: With such confidence, you can hardly deny my request. It was you who introduced the word democracy. GHARMAN: Do we accept his proposition? GHARMAN: Very well, it's agreed. DAVROS: The meeting will take place in one hour from now. Arrange it. You may go. DAVROS: Ours is the victory, Nyder. We have won! They talk of democracy, freedom, fairness. Those are the creeds of cowards. The ones who will listen to a thousand viewpoints and try to satisfy them all. Achievement comes through absolute power, and power through strength. They have lost! SEVRIN: The entrance to the bunker is just beyond the next rise. That's where they must be heading. SARAH: What's taking him so long? HARRY: It's a very delicate operation, Sarah. Still, he should have finished by now. SARAH: Doctor? Doctor, are you all right? DOCTOR: Sarah!SARAH: Get it off! Get it off! SARAH: What are you waiting for? DOCTOR: Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right? SARAH: To destroy the Daleks? You can't doubt it. DOCTOR: Well, I do. You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks. SARAH: But it isn't like that. DOCTOR: But the final responsibility is mine, and mine alone. Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child? SARAH: We're talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever invented. You must destroy them. You must complete your mission for the Time Lords. DOCTOR: Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. The Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Dalek. SARAH: Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate. DOCTOR: But I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks. SARAH: Think of all the suffering there'll be if you don't do it. GHARMAN: Doctor! Doctor, I've been looking everywhere for you. Davros has agreed to our terms. HARRY: He submitted? GHARMAN: He did, but he asked only one thing. That he might be allowed to address a meeting of all the Elite, scientific and military. DOCTOR: He's going to put a case? GHARMAN: Yes, but a vote will be taken. It's a foregone conclusion. There'll be a complete landslide against any further development of the Daleks. We've won. DOCTOR: I'm grateful to you, Gharman. More grateful than I can tell you. GHARMAN: The meeting's about to begin. Will you come? DOCTOR: Yes. GHARMAN: Everybody is here, Davros. DAVROS: The issues are simple and clear cut. I have given my life's work to the survival of our race. The travel machine I designed, the Dalek, will give the creature into which we will mutate its only possibility of continued existence. GHARMAN: But you have deviated from that intention. You have introduced genetic changes that will alter the mutation into a creature without morals and without ethics. DAVROS: I have introduced aggression, without which no race can survive. GHARMAN: But aggression without a conscience. DAVROS: History will show that cooperation between different species is impossible. One race must survive all others, and to do this it must dominate. Ruthlessly. DAVROS: Now I intend that when all the bickering and battling is over, the supreme victor shall be our race, the Daleks. DAVROS: At this very moment, the production lines stand ready, totally automated, fully programmed. The Daleks are no longer dependant on us. The machinery is ready. They are a power in their own right. If any one of you would destroy everything that we have ever achieved, then here is a destruct button. DAVROS: Press it, and you will destroy this bunker and everything in it. Only this room will remain. Press it and you will wipe out our entire race, destroy the Daleks forever. Which of you will do it? DAVROS: You are men without courage. You have lost your right to survive. HARRY: (quietly) The Time Ring isn't here, Doctor. DOCTOR: (quietly) What? HARRY: (quietly) The Time Ring, it's not here. DAVROS: (quietly) Good. We have achieved the delay we needed. Wait a few minutes then check that everything is ready. GHARMAN: You have heard Davros' case. What he has not made clear is that there is another way. DAVROS: There is no other way! GHARMAN: Production of the Dalek can continue. We can destroy the genetically conditioned creatures and allow the mutation to follow its own course. Our race will survive if it deserves to survive, but let it have all the strengths and weaknesses that we have. Compassion and hate. Let it do good things and evil. But we cannot let it become an unfeeling, heartless machine. That is our choice. Now, we must decide. DOCTOR: (quietly) We've got to find that Time Ring. SARAH: (quietly) Doctor. DOCTOR: (quietly) Good girl, Sarah. Now all we need is the tape recording, so keep an eye on Nyder. DAVROS: You've heard our cases. I will give you two minutes to decide. Then you must answer not only to me, but to the future. DALEK: Advance. BETTAN: Right, bring out the explosives. Now, lay the charges on each of these main carriers. One charge for each beam should be enough. Are you quite sure this is the only way into the bunker? SEVRIN: Well, the only other way was from the Kaled dome, and your war rocket caved that it. It can never be cleared. BETTAN: If we do the same here, we'll entomb the Daleks and those who created them. SEVRIN: But Sarah and the Doctor are inside. You'll give them a chance to get clear, won't you? BETTAN: I must blow the roof as soon as the charges are laid. I can't delay. If the Daleks find out what we are doing and attack, I don't have enough men or arms to stand them off. SEVRIN: How long? BETTAN: Thirty minutes, perhaps less. SEVRIN: Then I must get inside and try and warn them. BETTAN: That's up to you. But you must understand. If you're not back, I must go on. You'll die in there with them. SEVRIN: I understand. BETTAN: I'll give you what time I can. SEVRIN: Right. DAVROS: You have had ample time to decide. Those who would remain loyal to me and to the future of our race, move forward and stand at my side. DAVROS: No more? Kravos, will you betray me? DOCTOR: Now I wonder where Nyder's going at such a crucial moment. HARRY: I think we ought to find out. DOCTOR: So do I. Let's go. DAVROS: Kravos, I saved your life once. In your chest is a tiny instrument which I designed. It keeps your heart beating. Will you now turn that heart against me? DOCTOR: Now where are you going in such a hurry? NYDER: Davros has lost. I am getting away while I can. DOCTOR: Oh. Somehow that just doesn't ring true. SARAH: Why didn't you just join the other side? DOCTOR: Now that's a good question. Do you have a good answer? Evidently not. Well then, let's try something else. That tape recording you took, where is it? NYDER: It's put away in a safe in Davros' office. DOCTOR: Shall we go and see? NYDER: Down here. DOCTOR: Now, be reasonable and open it for us. NYDER: Only Davros knows the combination. HARRY: Come on, Nyder, you can do better than that. SARAH: Perhaps he's telling the truth. DOCTOR: Oh, no, no. On the contrary. Now, Davros can't rise from his chair, correct? NYDER: Well? DOCTOR: And he has the use of only one hand, this hand. (the right one) And Davros never goes anywhere without you, Nyder. So you must open the safe for him. Open it for us. DOCTOR: Thank you. Now let's destroy it. SARAH: Er, how about this? DOCTOR: How very apt. A Dalek gun. DOCTOR: There. DOCTOR: He's not important. SARAH: What? DOCTOR: We've got the Time Ring, we've destroyed the tape and Davros' power is broken. SARAH: What about the Daleks that are already operational? DOCTOR: Oh, I think we can leave Gharman to destroy them. HARRY: That means we can leave, then. DOCTOR: Yes, all we've got to do is touch the Time Ring. DOCTOR: Ah. I must have dropped it in the struggle in the corridor. SARAH: Well now we've got to get out of here. BETTAN: How many more charges to go on? MAN: Only four more. BETTAN: Won't take long. It doesn't give them much time. All right, carry on. DOCTOR: Even the sonic screwdriver won't open this door. SARAH: Doctor. DOCTOR: Huh? SARAH: Why is it going on so long? DOCTOR: Who knows. It's out of character for Davros to submit quite so easily. DAVROS: This is your last chance. Move to join me now or suffer the consequences. GHARMAN: Why don't you just accept the fact that you have lost. It's over for you, Davros. DAVROS: Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work be ended by the will of spineless fools like you? You have won nothing. I allowed this charade to be played out for one reason only. To find those men who were truly loyal to me and to discover those who would betray me! (Dalek-like) We, I will go on! GHARMAN: You are insane, Davros. DAVROS: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! KRAVOS: Stop this, Davros. You must stop them! SARAH: Sevrin! SEVRIN: I haven't got much time. The Thals have set the explosives at the entrance. They'll detonate as soon as they're ready. SARAH: What? DOCTOR: Give me a moment to find the Time Ring. DOCTOR: Ah! Good. Let's go. Back, back! DOCTOR: Back! SEVRIN: We're not far from the main entrance. If we can get through the next section, we'll be safe. DOCTOR: Sarah, take this. DOCTOR: Sevrin, lead them to the main entrance. Get them out of here. SEVRIN: Right. SARAH: What are you going to do? DOCTOR: I'm going back to the incubator room. This time I'm going to blow it up. SARAH: Let us come with you. DOCTOR: No! Get out of here. Hurry. Now, go on. DAVROS: Dispose of the traitor's bodies. The Daleks will assume all military duties necessary for the security of the bunker. As for us, work will commence as soon as possible on the improvement of every aspect of Dalek design. NYDER: Davros, the prisoners I locked away in your office have escaped. DAVROS: They must be found. Seek out the prisoners and exterminate. DALEK: We obey. MAN: That's the last one in position. BETTAN: Right. Prepare to detonate. BETTAN: Oh, I'd given up hope. Now quickly, move away. We're about to detonate. SARAH: No, you can't, not yet. HARRY: You must wait. SARAH: The Doctor's still inside. SEVRIN: A few minutes, please. SARAH: Please. BETTAN: All right, a few minutes. But if there's the least indication of the Daleks moving up that corridor, then I detonate. MAN: We're getting a picture on one of these scanners. DAVROS [on screen]: Send a patrol of Daleks to the main entrance. This will remain an area of maximum security. DALEK [on screen]: I obey. BETTAN: That's it. I can't wait any longer. Some of you get those doors closed. The rest of you move away. HARRY: One more minute, please. BETTAN: I'm sorry. DAVROS: The automated Dalek production line has been started. I gave no such order. Who did? DALEK: I gave the command. DAVROS: You will perform no function unless ordered by me. You will obey only my commands. The production line is to be halted immediately. You heard my order. Obey! Obey! Nyder. NYDER: Yes, Davros. DALEK: Production will continue. BETTAN: Fire. SARAH: No, wait! He's coming! He's coming! SARAH: Quickly! BETTAN: Now! DAVROS: You must obey me! I created you! I am the master, not you. I! I! I! DALEK: Our programming does not permit to acknowledge that any creature is superior to the Daleks. DAVROS: You cannot exist without me. You cannot progress. DALEK: We are programmed to survive. We have the ability to develop in any way necessary to ensure that survival. DALEK 2: Main exit blocked by explosion for a length of at least one thousand yards. SARAH: The incubator room, were you able to do anything? DOCTOR: Yes, with a little help from a Dalek. But I'm afraid I've only delayed them for a short time. Perhaps a thousand years. SARAH: What? DOCTOR: In the total time scale, no more than that. HARRY: Look. DALEK: All inferior creatures are to be considered the enemy of the Daleks and destroyed. DAVROS: No, wait! Those men are scientists. They can help you. Let them live. Have pity! DALEK: Pity? I have no understanding of the word. It is not registered in my vocabulary bank. Exterminate! DAVROS: For the last time, I am your creator! You must, you will obey me! DALEK: We obey no one. We are the superior beings. DALEK: Exterminate! DALEK: We are entombed, but we live on. This is only the beginning. We will prepare. We will grow stronger. When the time is right, we will emerge and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the universe! DOCTOR: Goodbye, Bettan. BETTAN: Goodbye, Harry. DOCTOR: Sevrin. SARAH: Thank you, Sevrin. DOCTOR: Goodbye. Thank you. DOCTOR: Hands on the Time Ring. SARAH: You don't seem too disappointed. We've failed, haven't we? DOCTOR (OOV.): Failed? No, not really. You see, I know that although the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, I know also that out of their evil must come something good.

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