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Schoolhouse Rocked
Season 2, Episode 1-B
Episode name pun on: Schoolhouse Rock
Battle ceased.png
Airdate: June 25, 1999
Director: John McIntyre
Craig McCracken
Story: Cindy Morrow
Writer(s): Jason Butler Rote
Amy Keating Rodgers
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Schoolhouse Rocked is the second half of the first episode of Season 2.


A truant officer enlists the Gangreen Gang at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, and Ms. Keane forbids the girls to fight them at school. Is their career in danger?


The Gangreen Gang meet a truant officer named Mr. Jack Wednesday, at an arcade. He told them that they need to go to school, as they never go there. They are sent by their sleazy leader to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten and bully all the kids there. The Powerpuff Girls try to stop them but. At recess time The Gangreen Gang hurt all the kids by throwing dodge balls to their faces. Just when it looked like all was lost, Ms. Keane realizes she misjudged the girls badly and finally tells them that they can "play dodgeball with them" (meaning "defeat them"). The Powerpuff Girls then smash the Gangreen Gang in their faces with dodge balls. After the game, Mr. Wednesday comes to the school, berating Ms. Keane's teaching style before being hit in the head with a dodge ball by Ms. Keane. Afterword, Ms. Keane apologizes to the girls for not trusting their instincts.



  • It is revealed that Snake's real name is Sanford D. Ingleberry.
  • This episode also revealed that Big Billy's full name is William W. Williams and that he is a cyclops.
  • During "The day is saved" narration when the Powerpuff Girls appear. This remained for some episodes until "Meet the Beat-Alls".
  • Live-action footage is used for an arcade game played by the Gangreen Gang
  • Running gag: Ms. Keane telling the Powerpuff Girls to go back to their seats whenever they try to fight the Gangreen Gang.
  • Bubbles' right pigtail is missing the first time the girls are told to back to their seats.
  • Moral: Trust your instincts.
  • The name of this episode is a most likely a reference to the Elvis Presley song, Jailhouse Rock, as well as the animated series Schoolhouse Rock.