Sara Bellum
Sara Bellum
Name: Sara Bellum
Nickname: Ms. Bellum

Sweet Cheeks

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, about the same age as Professor Utonium & Ms. Keane
First appearance: "Insect Inside"
Last appearance: "The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed"
Voice actor: Jennifer Martin
Julie Nathanson (young)

"Mayor! Townsville needs the Girls!"

Ms. Sara Bellum is a character in the Cartoon Network animated series The Powerpuff Girls. She is voiced by Jennifer Martin.


Usually, besides the Mayor, Ms. Bellum is his deputy and the "brains" of his operations. The Mayor himself believes that she is the real head of Townsville. She has red hair, wears a red dress, red shoes, and her face is almost never shown throughout the series.

She is the Mayor's very competent and statuesque ginger. She has a Junoesque figure, long curly bright red hair, a dark red dress suit that exposes her curvaceous shape, and red pumps on her feet. and speaks with a throaty, alluring, and quite unruffled voice. She handles things the Mayor can't, which is practically everything. Her face is never shown onscreen, except for one instance in a form of a dog in "Monkey See, Doggie Do", although "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!" briefly revealed part of it.

Whenever she appears, an object will either block her face or the camera will cut off everything above her neck. Whenever she is the center of attention (as when Blossom's mind was switched to her body or when she fought Sedusa), her hair often covers her face. Other onscreen characters often claim that she is very pretty, with the exception of the abrasive Talking Dog.

In the bleak future of the episode "Speed Demon", she expresses an obsessive attachment to the Mayor's hat out of grief, possibly proving that she is in love with him. She attended elementary school with the Professor and Ms. Keane prior to the creation of the Powerpuff Girls.


Ms. Bellum is a tall, curvy, and strikingly gorgeous woman, with lush, ivory skin and vibrant, strawberry red hair. She wears a bright red buttoned down blouse, with a black belt, wrapped around her thin, hourglass shaped waist. She wears a black choker with a golden gem in it. Her orange hair is very curly and her dress exposes cleavage and much of her long, 'sexy' legs. The latter of which, she sports a pair of ruby heels.

Ms. Bellum never shows her face, so it's unknown what it looks like. However, every now and then, her chin has been shown on occasion, but it's never consistent, what it really looks like. Her chin is pointed in some shots, and rounded in others.

In the episode "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!", her face was finally shown, for a brief second, though it was still not in it's entirety. She did not seem to have any facial features, whatsoever, aside from the obligatory eyes and mouth. Only one of her eyes was visible, as the other was covered by her hair. Her visible eye was closed at the time, so it's unknown what her eye color is. Ms. Bellum had a black eyelash, coming off of the side of her closed eye. Her mouth was a red oval, with a horizontal line going though it, making for her lips. She didn't talk or open her mouth in this shot, so it's unknown what it looks like, her mouth is in any different positions. This is the most, that's ever been shown, and probably ever will be shown of Ms. Bellum's face.


Ms. Sara Bellum is rightfully described as the brains of Townsville. Because The Mayor is such a foolish idiot, who can't come up with good ideas on his own, he needs someone as wise as Ms. Bellum to give him the advice he needs to run the city properly. Putting up with The Mayor all the time, can really drive her to madness, causing her to scream and rant and stress out from time to time.


Ms. Bellum is also a good fighter and hand-to-hand combatant as she can fight against Sedusa herself. In said fight, she is shown to have good agility, stamina, resistance, enough strength to knock Sedusa out for a short time, and even the ability to breathe underwater for a good while.

She also has high intelligence, often being the voice of reason for the girls.

In the episode "Something's a Ms.", Sedusa disguised herself as Ms. Bellum in an attempt to trick the Mayor into thinking Bellum was trying to seduce him.


Ms. Bellum has no superpowers, which makes her very vulnerable to many dangers.

A lot of her physical weaknesses can be seen in her fight with Sedusa, in the episode "Something's a Ms." In it, she gets instantly incapacitated when Sedusa uses her hair on her, which ensnares her easily and leaves her suspended in the air. Ms. Bellum gets easily whipped in the face and slammed to the ground soon-after. This shows she has no defense against this.

Afterwards, Ms. Bellum gets launched by a kick by Sedusa into a flight of stairs, which knocks her out instantly. Sedusa takes advantage of it and tosses her around her own home a few more times, without Ms. Bellum retaliating once.This implies she is still much weaker than Sedusa when it comes to physical strength and endurance.

Underwater, Ms. Bellum was still susceptible to Sedusa's hits, leaving Ms. Bellum gasping and coughing for a lengthy amount of time afterwards, while Sedusa was ready to fight her as soon she got out of the water. This leaves Ms. Bellum vulnerable without the girls' aid.

Episode Appearances


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Ms. Sara Bellum's brief appearance of her face.

  • Ms. Bellum's name is a pun on "cerebellum," the part of the brain that controls motor control such as attention, language, and emotion. It works on many levels since she is usually the "Logical" thinker in most situations and that she is the one who tells the mayor what he should do since he "lacks" said motor skills.
Chowder msbellum

Sara's brief appearance in Chowder episode "The Hot Date"

  • Blossom dressed like her in "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever". She wore high heeled red shoes (identical to the ones Ms. Bellum wears), stood on a stool (to be as tall like her), and put stuffed animals under her shirt, resembling Ms. Bellum's buxom figure. Also, she spoke with a seducing voice as she does.
  • In the character section of Toei Animation's Official PPGZ, the PPGZ version of Ms. Bellum can be seen in a picture where she does not cover her face, although as it turns out, she doesn't have any facial features at all!
  • She appears in the Cartoon Network show Chowder episode "The Hot Date" at the ending.
  • Some scenes in The Powerpuff Girls with Ms. Bellum have errors of her neck being too long at times.
  • Ms. Bellum's face was revealed in one episode, although both her eyes and mouth were closed.
  • Ms. Bellum helped the Powerpuff Girls beat the Rowdyruff Boys in the episode "The Rowdyruff Boys".
  • She and Ms. Keane are the only women on the show who act as motherly figures to Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup.
  • Her home address is 69 Yodelinda Valley Ln.
  • The episodes "Insect Inside" reveals her first name to be Sara.
  • Her house has been shown twice, once in "Something's a Ms." and again in "Criss Cross Crisis".
  • Ms. Sara Bellum's character is very similar to Mac's mother from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Both are designed to not have their faces shown (though there could be brief moments).
  • In the episode "Abracadaver", there is a woman who sounds like her.
  • Ms. Bellum isn't a part of the new Powerpuff Girls (except her brief appearances in Bye Bye Bellum). Executive Producer Nick Jennings told the Los Angeles Times that, “We felt like Ms. Bellum wasn’t quite indicative of the kind of messaging we wanted to be giving out at this time, so we sort of had her move on. And that was a good choice I think on our part.”
    • Many fans were sad and angry that Ms. Bellum isn't part of the new Powerpuff Girls show, blaming it on being more kid-friendly. Some even started a petition to bring her back in the show.
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