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Sapna Nehru
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2016 series

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Small World: Stone Cold Spider

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Sonal Shah


Dr. Sapna Nehru is the ex-girlfriend of Professor Utonium who broke up with him due to her mutation which causes her to become a giant spider whenever she felt love.



She initially tried to engage in a romantic relationship with Professor Utonium, but could not continue it due to her mutative condition.

Spider Sense

She went to the jungle to study and fell into the green, toxic lake. Her condition became worse and she could not transform into a human again. Then, Professor Utonium shot her and her condition became better but is not fully cured yet.

Small World: Stone Cold Spider

Her encounters with magical gems in the arctic not only transforms her but leaves her feeling paranoid through most of the episode. Her spider form is also


She is a dark-skinned, bespectacled adult female, of average height. As a spider, she's 100 stories tall. After Aracho-Romance her Arachnid form resembles a scorpion much more closely than an actual spider while retaining her human head and torso.


She has an awkward, but friendly personality, capable of charming or annoying those around at the drop of a hat. As a spider, she's violent and animalistic.


Professor Utonium

Sapna has truly grown fond of the Professor and genuinely loves him, and he mutually loves her back, so she decided to withhold the truth about her condition until she got to know him better. While the girls forge a breakup note, Sapna realizes that it would never work considering the fact that loving feelings trigger her transformation, and she broke up with Professor Utonium, leaving him in a deep depression. Later on, after learning her secret, Professor Utonium told Sapna that he is fine with it and they will work through it together. But Sapna refused, saying that they cannot truly be together until she is cured.

Powers and Abilities

  • She is a biologist specializing in arachnids.
  • Whenever she feels love, she turns into a giant spider.



  • Her name means "dream" in Hindi.  
  • She alludes to previous love-interests of the Professor, Ms. Keane, and Sedusa, the former because he openly expresses his romantic affections to her, and the latter because she was secretly a villain. The main difference in her with both is that her relationship with Utonium appeared more adult, and she wasn't actually evil but suffered from an unfortunate affliction of spider DNA. Unlike Sedusa, Sapna really did love and care for The Professor and still does and she also cared for The Powerpuff Girls as well, while Sedusa was pretending to love The Professor and she really hates the girls, even becoming a stereotypical wicked stepmother figure to them and have them grounded for no real reason in order to have them out of her way for her to commit crimes.  
  • Despite the fact that Sapna's existence in the episode respects the Professor's love life, the character herself is widely panned by a wide part of the fandom - mainly due to the episode having her compete with the girls for the Professor, thus making Sapna one of the most unpopular PPG characters. As a result, the PPG continuity still regards the Professor's attachment towards the girls, thus explicitly dismissing Sapna from canon.