Salami Swami
Salami Swami
Name: Salami Swami
Gender: Male
First appearance: Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins
Last appearance: Slave the Day
Episode count: 2
Voice actor: Tom Kenny

The Salami Swami is a villain that was mentioned in "Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins" and seen in action in "Slave the Day".

He flies on a magic carpet and he controls salamis with a magic flute. It is unknown if he is capable of communicating through other means than with his flute, since he has not spoken once in his entire role.

In "Slave the Day", he attempted to steal many valuable and irreplaceable pieces of art from Townville's Art Museum. He fought Big Billy by attacking him with salamis. It was no match for Big Billy though, as he could easily chomp all the salamis. Billy slammed several pieces of the art he was stealing on him to prevent the thief from escaping.

The Salami Swami has not made any other appearances in the series since "Slave the Day".

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