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The Run-of-the-Mill Girls
Biographical information

Professor Utonium's House, Townsville



Weapon(s) of choice





Professor Utonium, Townsville

Physical description


Hair color

Red-Orange (Bertha)
Blonde (Beatrice)
Black (Betty)

Eye color


Out of universe information

1998 series


Cartoon Network

First appearance

Oops, I Did It Again (only appearance)

Created by

Craig McCracken

Voiced by

Catherine Cavadini (Bertha)
Tara Strong (Beatrice)
E.G. Daily (Betty)

Teachers and Students

The Run-of-the-Mill Girls are alternate versions of the Powerpuff Girls if they were created without the accidental usage of Chemical X, as seen in the episode "Oops, I Did It Again" when Professor Utonium realizes that all his greatest inventions have been accidents - including the girls. The Run-of-the-Mill Girls only appeared in the Professor's dream. In the episode, they have "dedicated their lives to just hanging around and doing nothing extraordinary."

Team Members

  • Bertha (Blossom) Leader of the 'Run-of-the-Mill Girls': she enjoys riding her bike, playing video games, painting nails, playing soccer, and getting good grades. She wears a headband with a bow like Blossom's attached. Her bangs are the same as Blossom, but the ponytail curls up. She doesn't have an eye color, unlike the Powerpuff Girls. She wears Mary Jane shoes, but squared, unlike the girls'. Also in contrast to the Powerpuffs, she has fingers, ears, and a nose. She still doesn't have a neck, just like the PPG.
  • Beatrice (Bubbles) Member of the 'Run-of-the-Mill Girls': she enjoys riding her bike, playing video games, doing her hair, playing volleyball and talking on the phone.
  • Betty (Buttercup) Member of the 'Run-of-the-Mill Girls': she enjoys riding her bike, playing video games, getting pedicures and playing baseball. At one point, she attempts to kiss Mitch.


  • Like most of the show's supporting characters, they have visible fingers, toes, eyebrows, ears, and noses. 
  • Unlike Bubbles and Buttercup, Beatrice and Betty are not strictly girly girl and tomboy; much like Bertha and Blossom, they both demonstrate traits associated with both of these personality types.
  • The physical appearances of Bertha, Beatrice and Betty are based on redesigns that Craig McCracken briefly considered for Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup in response to negative reactions from the test audiences for the What A Cartoon! pilots.}