Run, Blossom, Run!
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Episode name pun on: Run, Forrest, Run!
Run Blossom Run title card
Airdate: March 15, 2016 (internet)
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"113 consecutive days of perfect attendance, early admission into my top-pick university, ruined by one novelty alarm clock!"
— Blossom

Run, Blossom, Run! is an animated short based on The Powerpuff Girls first releasing on March 15, 2016. It is the fourth Powerpuff Girls short to be released.


After waking up from a pleasant dream, Blossom discovers that it's 7:30 am and she and her sisters are going to be late for school. She tries to wake up Buttercup and Bubbles but fails. In a panic, she tries to make it to school on time by herself in under 1 minute and 14 seconds. Along the way, however, she can't help but assist people, like a boy whose kite and cat are stuck in a tree, an elderly man trying to cross the street, and the Mayor of Townsville who has his head stuck in a pickle jar. Blossom almost makes it to school on time, but she suddenly realizes she forgot her homework.

Even after flying back home to get her notebook, she still makes it to the school's front entrance before being late. However, the school doors are locked, and Blossom realizes that it's Sunday. Buttercup and Bubbles arrive and tell her that she did the same thing the day before. With a heavy sigh, Blossom decides to go back to bed.


Blossom: Actually, it's just Miss President.
Blossom: Bubbles? Get up!
Bubbles: Look, Octi. Those mice are can-can dancing.
Blossom: Bubbles, please!
Bubbles: Touch me again, and I will end you.
Blossom: What's the problem, citizen?
Gerald: My kite's stuck in a tree. And my cat's stuck on a kite.
Blossom: It's Saturday, isn't it?
Bubbles: Sunday actually.
Buttercup: You did this yesterday too. I'm starting to think you have a problem.




  • This is the fourth short released to advertise the new 2016 reboot.
  • This was The Mayor's first appearance in the reboot with Tom Kenny reprising his role from the original series.
  • This short has several title parodies:
    • "Run, Forrest, Run" from Forrest Gump and The Godfather franchise.
    • From the Disney's Fish Hooks episode "Run, Oscar, Run".
    • From the 1998 German film Run, Lola, Run.
    • "Run, Johnny, Run" from the Johnny Bravo episode.
  • This marks the first time that the girls wore one-piece pajamas. The next appearance would be The Stayover, an 11-minute episode in the 2016 series.


  • Achievement on Blossom's certificate is spelled wrong.
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