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Rainbow the Clown
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Clown (as a civillain), Villain (as Mr. Mime)

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Mime for a Change

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Rainbow the Clown is a clown who entertains children at parties. After a truck with bleach hits him, he turns black and white and gets superpowers. Rainbow's evil alter ego, Mr. Mime, has the power to erase colors by touch and even render objects and animals, people, and music mute. For instance at first, he touches the bleach trucker and secondly the little boy who holds a balloon. He turned back into a very grateful Rainbow after the girls perform a song that restores Townsville's colors. He thanks the girls for bringing him back to life, but they beat him up and send him to prison anyway.

Rainbow, or another similar clown, later reappeared in Birthday Bash.

Rainbow was voiced by Tom Kenny.

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  • When questioned about Rainbow being sent to prison regardless of being cured on Twitter, series lead Craig McCracken responded "I think we just thought it was funny that the girls beat up the bad guy like they always did. I wouldn’t do this “joke” today."
  • Mr. Mime's name pretty much based on Mr. Hyde from "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" who is the evil alter ego of the good scientist, Dr. Jekyll. Rainbow becomes an evil black-and-white mime who hates colors and turns everybody and everything black-and-white-and-gray and mute every time he got bleached, which it also changes his personality as well.