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The Powerpuff Girls Wiki is an unofficial database for all information about the Powerpuff Girls, be it comic and game versions, it's anime spin off "Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z", the Powerpuff Girls reboot from 2016 or the original Powepuff Girls. We strive to host all relevant information about the Powerpuff Girls and provide it for everyone who seeks it.

It's also a place where you can socialize with fellow Powerpuff Girls fans and tell the world how much you love the Powerpuff Girls. Go out there and say hi.


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Wiki index

This section will serve as an index listing some of the most commonly used or visited Wiki pages/features:

  • Forum — Here you can interact with other Powerpuff fans, ask questions, and get help from advanced wiki editors
  • Chat — This is used as a greater social part of the wiki where multiple users can instantly chat via a live chat room
  • Random — Takes you to a random article page on the wiki
  • RecentChanges — Shows the most recent edits made on the wiki. Another similar feature to RecentChanges is WikiActivity, but this does not show all (or some of the more advanced) edits

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