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Power of Four
Season 2, Episode 23-27
Episode name pun on: The phrase "power of two"
Power of Four.png
Airdate: September 17, 2017
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Kyle Neswald
Benjamin P. Carow
Alicia Chan
Grace Kraft
Julia Vickerman
Cheyenne Curtis
Jaydeep Hasrajani
Leticia Abreu Silva
Writer(s): Haley Mancini
Jake Goldman
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Power of Four is the twenty-third to twenty-seventh episode (and sixty-second to sixty-sixth episode overall) of Season 2 of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It is a five-part event. It aired on Cartoon Network on September 17, 2017.

This is the first special that has more than two parts, lasting for 5 parts.


Part 1 ("Find Your Bliss"): When Bubble blames a chain of accidents on her imaginary friend " Bliss " her sisters begin to think she's lost her mind.

Part 2 ("Bliss Reminisce"): The Girls learn Bliss's backstory from the Professor, Mojo Jojo, and Bliss herself.

Part 3 ("Blisster Sister"): The Girls hang out with their new big sister Bliss, who gets a taste of fighting bad guys as part of the Powerpuff Girls.

Part 4 ("Breaking Bliss"):  When Bliss struggles to control her powers an evil force arises to take advantage.

Part 5 ("Blisstersweet Symphony"): When Him absorbs Bliss and her powers, the Girls must work together to rescue their sister and save Townsville from destruction.


While out for a movie day, a mysterious Powerpuff-like girl saves Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup from a villain. The professor reveals that she is Blisstina, or just "Bliss" for short, and his earliest endeavor to create the perfect little girl. However, Bliss's powers became unstable and began combining with her emotions causing explosions whenever she was happy, sad, fearful or angry. 

Professor thought she was destroyed in their last encounter, when in reality, she had run away to a deserted island to avoid causing any further harm to the Professor. After ten years, Bliss has returned out of homesickness and is quite surprised to find that she now has sisters who are more then welcoming to her. However, Bliss still has trouble with her powers, which could both spell trouble for the city and dampen her relationship with her family.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode marks the debut of Bliss, the "fourth Powerpuff Girl”.
  • This is the first episode to have a 5-part movie special event. It is 55 minutes long, longer than the next longest special of any version, the original series holiday special, 2003's "'Twas the Fight Before Christmas". Overall, it lasted 90 minutes (1hr 30min), with the presence of some commercial breaks.
  • This episode is said to already have been aired on one of Cartoon Network's African feeds prior to its airing in the United States.
  • This is the first episode of the 2016 series to reference Chemical X.
    • When Professor Utonium first created Bliss, it was a homage of the original series' intro.
    • This episode reveals that unlike his 1998 counterpart in the original series, the Professor had a rival of his female doppelgänger.
    • This also reveals that when the Professor created Bliss, he accidentally spilled Chemical W, the same thing happened to the Girls when he also accidentally spilled Chemical X, as did his original 1998 counterpart when he created the Girls' 1998 counterparts in the original series.
  • Bliss has different English voice actresses in different regions. Olivia Olson, who played Marcelline in Adventure Time and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb, voiced her in the American airings. South African singer Toya Delazy voices Bliss in the African airings while YouTuber Wendy Aychee voices her in the Australian and New Zealand airings.[1] Singer and Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon voices her in the United Kingdom airings.[2]
  • One scene of this episode of Buttercup shoving Blossom's face was shown in "Pair Up: A Cartoon Network Mash-Up" advertisement.
  • This also marks the first time the Powerpuff Girls are revealed to have a long-lost older sister, ehich was unlike their original 1998 counterparts.
  • HIM's voice returns to his usual eerie and ominous tone.
  • When HIM transforms into his demonic and monstrous form, this mirrors how his 1998 counterpart did it two times in the original series episodes, 2000's "Speed Demon" and 2002's "Power-Noia".
  • This is the second episode to use the songs end credits remix of the opening theme song and the closing theme song. The first was "The Last Donnycorn".
    • This was used in the US airings only, while the solo episode versions was just the songs end credits.
  • The "Power of Four" title card has been use in US airing only, while the title cards of "Find Your Bliss", "Bliss Reminisce", "Blisster Sister", "Breaking Bliss" & "Blisstersweet Symphony" were used for international airings, as well as for Charter On Demand.
  • Designs from "Clawdad", "Secret Swapper of Doom", "Splitsville" & "15 Minutes of Fame" has been reused.
  • This episode sparks debate on the origins of Bliss, according to a You Tuber named Shadow Streak. Apparently, she was created as a way to get back at another scientist named Professor Newtronium who created the perfect little boy. She was created approximately 10 years before The Powerpuff Girls were created. This goes against what the original Professor's motives were to make the world a better place, as seen in Get Back Jojo, causing confusion amongst fans of the original show. She also has a color scheme exactly like Bunny, and Mojo Jojo looks green instead of tan like in the original.
    • This possibly means that the girls were also used as a motive for the Professor to be a better scientist. However, it's unconfirmed by the staff as of right now.
  • The scene where Bubbles says "Hello, sisters" with a creepy tone and sound effects could be a parody of several horror films, notably The Exorcist.
  • The leprechaun in Buttercup's version of Bliss' story resembles Wooly from the episode Mini Golf Madness.


  • Before Buttercup hides behind the counter with Blossom, her trail is pink instead of green.
  • When the girls are in the fashion store, Bubbles' eyes are briefly pink. This happened in a previous episode.
  • Buttercup's second arm is drawn ever so slightly past where her eye is.


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