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Pokey Folks is Townsville's home for elderly people. It is featured in the episodes Fallen Arches and Criss Cross Crisis. People such as Captain Righteous and his former sidekick Lefty reside here, as well as former villains the Ministry of Pain.

Pokey Folks is surrounded by forest and no adjacent buildings can be seen. It appears to be located in the outskirts of Townsville. Two paintings, one showing three dogs playing poker (this can be a reference to famous oil paintings of 1903, Dogs Playing Poker) and one presenting a cat-like figure in a suit, cover the wall in what appears to be the society lounges. Some tables and chairs are placed for social activity. A soda booth can also be found.

Other than the apparent distribution of medications, it is uncertain what kind of care, if any, is provided to the elderly as they seem to be left to their own devices.


  • When the Girls leave Pokey Folks after speaking with Captain Righteous for the last time the surrounding forest and hills that could be seen before has vanished and instead Pokey Folks appears to be located very central in Townsville.
  • The outside of Pokey Folks was designed after the old Hanna-Barbera building where The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and other Cartoon Network cartoons were produced before Hanna-Barbera moved their facilities to Warner Bros.' animation department and production of their Cartoon Network output was transfered to elsewhere which would become the site of H-B successor Cartoon Network Studios.
  • Pokey Folks is a pun on Pokey Oaks
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