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The Perfect Little Girl
Biographical information

Professor Utonium's House, Townsville (Whoopass Stew Version)


Being a perfect little girl


Professor Utonium, Townsville (Whoopass Stew Version)

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Light Grey

Out of universe information

Whoopass Stew era (1992)


Craig McCracken

First appearance

Whoopass Stew (Opening Sequence)

Last appearance

Whoopass Stew (Opening Sequence)

Created by

Craig McCracken

Teachers and Students

The Perfect Little Girl is a hypothetical character in Whoopass Stew. She appeared in the opening sequence and is never seen again. She was intended to be the final product of Professor Utonium's perfect little girl experiment before his concoction was accidentally exposed to a can of "WhoopAss". Because of the botched experiment she has never officially existed in any official iterations of the PowerPuff Girls series.


The Perfect Little Girl looks a lot like the Run-of-the-Mill Girls albeit with white hair, light grey eyes and a pale skin. She wears a white PowerPuff Girl attire. Her hair is up in a large white ponytail.


Seeing that she was supposed to be a perfect little girl, like the Run-of-the-Mill Girls, she wouldn't have any super human abilities apart from being an ordinary little girl. Being perfect might also mean that she also possess peak human strength, intelligence and agility for a girl of her age.


Although an exact name is unknown, fans have portrayed her in different ways, the most notable one being Bell, who appears as a major villain in the fan webcomic Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Although Bell's hair appears much different, in a joke page of the comic, Bell says "Remember that whoop-ass girls video? I was there at the beginning! Yeah, that was me! I was the perfect little girl!", stating that she is in fact supposed to be the perfect little girl.


  • Whoopass Stew is the first and only cartoon that she officially appeared in.
  • She has never officially appeared in-person in any of the Powerpuff Girl cartoons.
  • The Run-of-the-Mill Girls' character designs was based off of hers' referencing the supposed intended result of the original concoction without anything else added in.