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Our Brand is Chaos
Season 3, Episode 32
Episode name pun on: Our Brand is Crisis
Our brand is chaos.jpeg
Airdate: March 29, 2019 (Online)
April 14, 2019
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: John West
Angela Zhang
Writer(s): Jake Goldman
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"Rebel Rebel"

Our Brand is Chaos is the thirty second episode (and the one-hundred and eleventh overall) of Season 3 of The Powerpuff Girls. It premiered on Cartoon Network on April 14, 2019.


While at home reading one day, Blossom suddenly finds herself attacked by HIM who claims he came to collect on a deal he made with Bubbles and Buttercup who sold her soul for a dollar they needed to buy a bobsled. He takes Blossom to his home, the Dimension of Chaos. But suddenly finds out that having Blossom as his captive might be more then he bargained for when she starts organizing the realm.


The episode starts with the Powerpuff Girls' house, where we see Blossom claiming that "With Bubbles and Buttercup going out, she can finally enjoy reading a book called Tax Codes: Overly Complicated Edition" only for HIM to come and invade the bedroom. Blossom was shocked to see HIM and prepares to challenge the demon to fight her, but HIM shrinks Blossom and explains that he is taking her with him to the Chaos Realm, due to the trade that Bubbles and Buttercup made. In a flashback, Bubbles and Buttercup wanted to purchase the Bobsled that is called: The SnowSploder 7000 Turbo, but it costs $585.00, and with Bubbles' $580.00 and Buttercup's $4.00, they are one dollar Short. Bubbles claims that she would trade anything for the bobsled, and that is where HIM offers them the last dollar they need, in exchange of their leader and older sister's soul.

Bubbles and Buttercup agree to the deal, and with that, they set off to buy the Bobsled, while Buttercup randomly asks to what is a soul anyway. This infuriates Blossom, and HIM takes her captive to the Chaos Realm. HIM leaves Blossom to do a Band Practice. Blossom witnesses the chaos and unorganized objects around the realm, and angrily says that she hopes her sisters realize what they've done. Apparently, Bubbles and Buttercup didn't realize that they traded their sister and are carried away with the bobsled they purchased. Both of them are then invited to the Bobsled Tournament: Bobsledageddon. Buttercup claims that this is the BEST DAY EVER, and HIM claims that this is his WORST DAY EVER after lamenting about one of his band members with the trumpet. HIM is then shocked to see a door and a GIANT WALL in the realm.

HIM enters the door, and is shocked to see Blossom establishing Chaos Inc. and HIM asks why Blossom did this. Blossom claims that she made her "visit" as an advantage of an Organization. Meanwhile, Bubbles and Buttercup gloat about becoming a Dynamic Duo Bobsleigh Superstar, such as appearing on Magazine covers, Cereal Boxes, and even a Hit Single music trackcalled: You & Me & The Bobsled makes Three. THe Interviewer asks to how Bubbles and Buttercup got this far. Buttercup claims that it's thanks to the SnowSploder 7000 Turbo Bobsled, and Bubbles adds that they took a Bus from Townsville. Buttercup then taunts at the other contestants participating in the tournament to BRING IT ON. That is until a trip who call themselves as the Tracer Triplets insult their Sled, as well as claiming that Baby Animals are ugly, enraging Bubbles and Buttercup.

Back at the Chaos Realm, Blossom laments at HIM for not following the Dress Code. While Blossom states that it's true that people prefer Creative Expressions, if people disobey the rules at work, things will be chaotic and Random. HIM claims that everything about him (Even his villainous actions regardless of incarnation) is Chaotic and Random, and that he has a Coffee mug of a Leprechaun. HIM wants to send Blossom home, but Blossom retaliates that she enjoys the "Invitation" and sends HIM to the Mail Room. HIM regrets offering the deal with Bubbles and Buttercup, hoping that they would trade the Bobsled back for their Sister. But Buttercup claims that she would NEVER trade the Bobsled for anything. HIM asks for advice from his coffee mug, and the mug said that he has to destroy the Soul Contract to get rid of Blossom and send her back to Townsville.

This causes a fight after HIM clogs a mail chute, and Blossom berates HIM for trying to keep her busy. Blossom has the contract, and HIM wants it to be destroyed because HIM can't stand Blossom organizing things in his realm. The fight causes the contract itself to rip in two halves. And with Blossom sent back to Townsville, the Chaos Realm is back to normal, and as a risk, Bubbles and Buttercup lost their Bobsled when they almost win the Bobsledageddon tournament's final stage and fell to the snow, causing massive injuries. (Whether or not that the two get their $584.00 back is unknown) At the end, Blossom reads her book for her sisters, much to their horror.



  • This is HIM's first and only appearance in the third season, his first and only appearance since Power of Four, and his final appearance in the reboot.
  • This is the second time a deal has been made with HIM ever since Electric Buttercup.
  • This is the second time in the reboot where HIM talks without his eerie echoing tone. The first time was in Imagine That.
  • If Bubbles and Buttercup have $584.00, can't they just simply ask for Blossom or the Professor for one more dollar?
  • It's ironic that Bubbles and Buttercup fell into the ground easily when they can just fly.
  • It's also ironic that Bubbles scolded Buttercup for scolding the Tracer Triplets about calling the SnowSploder 7000 Turbo a lame bobsled, yet she goes berserk when they say that Baby Animals aren't cute.
  • If the iconic ending is present in this episode (and the entire 2016 series) Blossom would be the only one who saves the day alone, something that Blossom never gets in the entirety of the Powerpuff Girls series.
  • The SnowSploder 7000 Turbo bobsled has three features: Super Sonic skis, Antiglass-Coating, and Built In Waffle maker (Which ironically looks like a toaster).
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