Okou ppgz.jpg
Name: Okou
Gender: Female
Voice actor: Kelly Metzger (English)
Machiko Kawana (Japanese)

Okou was one of the members of the Ooedo Chakichaki Girls/Goodenough Girls and was the Edo-era counterpart of Buttercup.


She appeared in episode 51 along with Omiya and Momo. She shares the same personality as Buttercup, her weapon is a big wooden hammer. she wears a green Kimono dress after transforming. Before her first present appearance, She also had a brief appearance in What's with Him? (Episode 30), where she is seen fighting off Him for the first time and is mentioned by Professor Utonium in that she was a part of the Goodenough Girls. She looks like Buttercup, except that she has tidier hair.


  • She is the tough member of the Group, she likes sports and so on.
  • She is tough and has a strong personality.
  • Her color scheme is the same as Buttercup.
  • Unlike Buttercup, she doesn't dislike her transformation outfit.
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