Ms. Keane in the The Powerpuff Girls Z anime series.

Ms. Keane (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) is a supporting character in the Powerpuff Girls Z anime series.


Ms. Keane is a young woman that retains many features shared with her 1998 counterpart. She has pale skin and light blue eyes. Unlike her 1998 counterpart, her hair color is more of a dark grey than a pure jet black color, but it still retains the similar flip hairstyle she is depicted with. She also wears pale pink lipgloss.

Her outfit is a pale yellow cuffed shirt with orange stripes and red sleeves and brown pants.


Personality wise, she retains many traits shared with her 1998 counterpart, such as her kindness, patience, and her lack of strictness. Unlike her original counterpart, she doesn’t know that Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru are superheroes, and even goes as far resorting to showing off her own skills in combating them from leaving the classroom. She is also shown to be fairly naive when it comes to romance, such as when she ends up going on a date with Mojo Jojo despite the fact that he’s a monkey.

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