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Not To Be Confused With Her 1998 Counterpart

Ms. Keane is the school teacher of the Powerpuff Girls at Midway Elementary School. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale, just like her original counterpart.


Ms. Keane is a young woman that works as a teacher at Midway Elementary School. She has black hair that is similar to Buttercup's, blue eyes, and light pink lipstick. She also wears an orange dress with a red sweater.

In Save the Date, she wears light purple eye shadow, pink blush, and bright pink lipstick along with white earrings and a white necklace. Her hair lacks the fringe in the front and flips out more in the back. She wears a purple strapless dress with a gold bracelet and matching heels.

When she is turned into a giant in the same episode, her hair becomes unkempt and her dress gets ripped in a style resembling prehistoric fashion.


Ms. Keane is shown as a kind, patient, and very smart teacher. In her debut episode, she is shown to be strict when she needs to. In Save The Date, she claims that she does not like getting dressed up for formal events like dates and doesn't wear a lot of makeup. In the same episode, it is shown that she possesses above average fighting skills just like Buttercup. It is also possible that she isn't very flirty. She can also run in heels.



  • In the 2016 TV series Powerpuff Girls extended intro, there's a scene in which the girls are hanging out at their school and talking to their fellow classmates. In the background, however, you can clearly see Ms. Keane going in her lockers and retrieving school stuff.