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Ms. Bellum is a character in the 2016 TV Series. She is described as the top aid of, and the brains behind The Mayor of Townsville. She is voiced by Amanda Leighton. Unlike her recurring role as a major character in the original series, Ms. Bellum was intentionally made as a one-time character in the new series, having left The City of Townsville in the episode she debuted. Her only appearance was in the episode "Bye Bye, Bellum".


Ms. Bellum made her first and last appearance in the episode "Bye Bye, Bellum". In this episode, The Mayor was in a state of terror because Ms. Bellum had left him. When The Powerpuff Girls came to help him, they saw that she left a note, saying that she had gone on a 1,000 day long vacation (possibly quitting her job), because after working for The Mayor for a total of 10 years, (referencing to the amount of time The Powerpuff Girls has been on TV, counting the original series) without a single day off, all of her vacation days have added up to 1,000 days of which she was going to take advantage of. She was seen at the end of the episode, laying down on the beach, reading the newspaper. She saw that everything was going just fine without her and she happily went to rest.

In "Mini Golf Madness", The Mayor witnessed a giant female robot named Owlie Boop on the loose, and described it as looking "like Ms. Bellum, but with a face."


Ms. Bellum looks exactly like her original counterpart, only her choker is thicker and her dress has four buttons on it, instead of three. Her hair is also stylized differently, where instead of there being loops, drawn in the crevices of her puffy hair, it's now just normal lumps.

Episode Appearances


  • Ms. Bellum was written off the series in the episode she debuted, making her a one-time character in the 2016 TV series. Executive Producer Nick Jennings told the Los Angeles Times that, “We felt like Ms. Bellum wasn’t quite indicative of the kind of messaging we wanted to be giving out at this time, so we sort of had her move on. And that was a good choice I think on our part.”
    • Many fans did not take her being written out well, believing the real reason was that today's moral guardians and parent watchdog groups demanded she be removed for having a busty physique and a seductive voice, elements that made her too risque and inappropriate for modern audiences.
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