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Monsieur Ducky is Buttercup and Professor Utonium's favorite toy. He is a rubber ducky, who talks like a French revolutionist. He first appeared in "Toy Ploy".


In "Toy Ploy", Monsieur Ducky seemed to be a bit delusional, seeing himself as a veteran of the French Indian war. He was produced in a factory, which was destroyed in a more modern day war, being blown up by a tank. It got him thinking he was a marine of some kind when he started floating out to sea. He fell in and out of love with a real mallard duck. After that, he got washed ashore on the Townsville beach, where Buttercup found him and kept him as a toy. Monsieur Ducky could not have been happier to have Buttercup care for him. He loved watching her fight monsters and he loved playing with her. Through all of this, he found out about her, that despite her overarching tough-girl attitude, Buttercup has a softer side, expressed through her love and affection for him.