Moko Jono.

Moko Jono (real name: Michelle) is a female monkey from the zoo.

Her only appearance is in the episode "Meet the Beat-Alls".

Moko is a parody of performance musician Yoko Ono, who is often attributed as the leading cause of the Beatles' dissolution as a band after she became romantically involved with guitarist John Lennon.


Moko has black fur and pink skin. She has black almond-shaped eyes with long lashes and wears a white sombrero and white mechanical dress and white boots. Mojo references say she has an invisible white cape related to Mojo's. When she is not in performance criminal mode, she looks like a regular chimp, which she will always be unless during criminal performance mode.


She belongs to a woman named Judy (reference to "Hey Jude" by the Beatles), who is the zookeeper at the zoo Moko lived in. She was used to distract Mojo by making him fall in love with her, later revealing that she thought Mojo Jojo gave monkeys around the world a bad name and that she wasn't actually a performance criminal.

Michelle, Moko Jono's true form.

Being a parody of Yoko Ono, the outcomes of her actions cause the Beat-Alls' own downfall after Mojo (In this case an analogue to Lennon) became infatuated with her and her otherwise peculiar methods.
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