Miko Shirogane
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Name: Miko Shirogane
Nickname: Duchess Z
Gender: Female
Age: 16
First appearance: Sleepless in New Townsville
Last appearance: The Mighty Morbucks
Voice actor: Jillian Michaels (English)
Yuko Minaguchi (Japanese)
Family: Himeko Shirogane (younger sister)

Miko Shirogane (also known as Duchess Morbucks in English) is the older sister of Princess who is talented at everything. Proof of that is that she has won a fly swatting trophy, a trophy for being the most beautiful girl and the fact that most of the Morbucks videos are about her, this is in the episode "The Mighty Morbucks". She appeared in three episodes, two of which were cameos. Her first appearance was in "Sleepless in New Townsville" albeit only on TV. It wasn't until "The Mighty Morbucks", that she made her first actual appearance in person.


Duchess very much resembles her mother. She has shiny waist-length hair which she lets loose instead of piling it up the way her mother does. Like her family, Duchess's purple eyes have white stars in them. Her signature color is purple.

In The Mighty Morbucks, her prototype suit is similar to the Powerpuff Girls Z. Her one-piece dress is white with purple lining, white short skirt with white belt in star-shaped round buckle and purple lining on the edge of her skirt. Her jersey vest has an even more lighter shade of purple with purple collar, sleeves and on the edge of her vest; with a star on the left-side of the vest. Her gloves are white and goes over her elbow. Her boots are also white and goes over her knee. She also wears a big golden crown.


Duchess Z

While Duchess appears kind towards her family, she is jealous of the Powerpuff Girls Z and hates them, going so far as to bribe Mojo with gold to help her do her try and get rid of them. Duchess loves to show off and her main reason for returning to Townsville was to show off to the city and she succeeded. But all in all, Duchess is sweet natured to her family and an evil mastermind to everyone else.

Weapons and Abilities

Duchess has a device that turns into 3 different weapons, almost similar to the Powerpuff Girls Z. However, her weapons have different versions; Her version on Buttercup's Hammer is somewhat a club, her version on Bubbles' Bubble Wand is a Bubble Blower and her version of Blossom's yoyo has no strings and can grow bigger.

Her prototype suit can make her fly and release a powerful beam as a finishing attack. However, the powers of her suit can only last for 3 minutes.

Episode Appearances


  • Miko has several similarities to her sister's 1998 series counterpart. Hence, it can be said that the 1998 series character was actually split into two related characters for the anime.
  • Miko is the only villain in Powerpuff Girls Z to not be hit by the black Z-rays.
  • In the English dub, her age is specified as sixteen.
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