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Memory Lane of Pain
Season 2, Episode 16
Episode name pun on: Memory Lane of Bremen and Rhyming
Powerpuff Girls Acı Dolu Anılara Yolculuk Tam Bölüm Cartoon Network Türkiye screenshot.png
Airdate: July 16, 2017
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Phil Jacobson
John West
Andy Cung
Writer(s): Haley Mancini
Jake Goldman
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"Home, Sweet Homesick"
"Spider Sense"

Memory Lane of Pain is the sixteenth episode (and the fifty-fifth episode overall) of Season 2 of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It aired on Cartoon Network on July 16, 2017.


While going through the Professor's collection of memories of the girls' exploits, Bubbles finds nothing about her and thus questions her worth as a superhero. Blossom and Buttercup try to cheer Bubbles up but their tales of how Bubbles "contributed" to their heroics only make things worse, making her feel useless. Bubbles is inconsolable until the girls, the Professor and Townsville's citizens stage a surprise for her.


After returning from a battle the girls run into the Professor who is built the "Wall of Fame-ily" witch for mementos of the girls past adventures. While going through the Professor's mementos, Bubbles starts to question if she's ever been a hero.

In Blossom's flashback, The Rubber Bandit snuck into a toy store and stole a bunch of Salvador Dollies and sell them on the black market. The Powerpuff Girls caught him in the act, as they were disguised as Salvador Dollies. The Rubber Bandit mistook them all for Salvador Dollies at first before The Powerpuff Girls revealed themselves to him.

The Rubber Bandit tricked The Powerpuff Girls into setting him free by taking out a Salvador Dolly and offering it to the girls. Bubbles fell right into the trap, snatching up the doll for herself, only to find out it was actually a bomb in disguise as a doll. The bomb exploded and The Powerpuff Girls became ensnared in a bunch of tangled rubber bands, while The Rubber Bandit escaped, albeit rather oafishly, as he slammed into a window before escaping through the door and getting into his tractor and driving away.

The Powerpuff Girls escaped the trap but The Rubber Bandit was already far away. Blossom got the idea to make a slingshot out of some of the rubber bands and fire a giant piece of modern art at him that resembled a lobster lying down on a telephone. The piece of modern art crushed The Rubber Bandit and Blossom captured him and tangled him up and used her heat vision to melt him into a big bouncy rubber ball, which was later used by The Salvador Dali basketball team to win the championship.

Later in the episode, The Rubber Bandit appeared, outside of the flashback, when The Salvador Dali was seen dribbling him when he was in the form of an even more mutilated basketball.

In Buttercup's flashback, The Powerpuff Girls remembered back to the time they fought with Popsicles. In the flashback, Popsicles was flying around on his ice cream sandwich saucer and laughing maniacally as he blasted people with his freezing lasers, turning them all into ice cream and popsicles.

The Powerpuff Girls came in to stop him and Popsicles blasted an ice laser at them to freeze them but they dodged it and he ended up turning the car behind them into an ice cream sundae. The Powerpuff Girls brainstormed a way to defeat him and Bubbles had the idea to blast him with a water hose to try and melt him. However, all she did was spray the hose all willy nilly and even squirting Blossom. Popsicles used the water to freeze Blossom and Bubbles into popsicles of themselves.

Buttercup went to save Blossom and Bubbles by using her frozen sisters as paddles to fight Popsicles and his popsicle swords in combat but Popsicles knocked Blossom out of her hands and smashed Bubbles to mush.

Buttercup got fed up with Popsicles and used her fire powers to melt him to death. After he melted, everything turned back to normal again and Buttercup got to keep one of his popsicle sticks as a souvenir.


Main characters

Minor characters


Blossom: Here's the time I beat Abracadaver! Man, I looked so different back then.

Bubbles: Some...hero I am...

Buttercup: Oh, man...Blossom, you screwed up!


  • Professor Utonium mentions an incident with an amnesia ray, which likely took place prior to season 2 of the 2016 reboot.
  • The picture Blossom dug up from the box depicts an alternate picture of her in her 1998 counterpart's design encountering Abracadaver by herself, which references the fifth episode of the original series of the same name, where the girls' original counterparts took on Abracadaver by fighting magic with magic.
  • Blossom is the second Powerpuff Girl to be seen in her 1998 counterpart's design. The first is Bubbles in The Wrinklegruff Gals.
  • This episode reunites Tom Kenny and John 'O Hurley who was previously cast from the hit Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • The girls going through past memories is slightly similar to the 1998 series episode "The City of Clipsville".
  • Also, this episode reunites Roger L. Jackson and Rob Paulsen who are known to be the voices of Mojo Jojo and The Rowdyruff Boys from the original 1998 series.
  • When Buttercup defeated Popsicles, he cried "I'm melting! Melting! What a world!" This is a reference to the Wicked Witch of the West's line from the Wizard of Oz franchise when SHE melted.
  • When the Girls confronts the Rubber Bandit, Blossom says, "Reach for the sky!" which is Sheriff Woody's original quote from the Disney • Pixar Toy Story franchise.
  • The way Rubber Bandit shoots rubber with his wrist, it was based Spider-Man's superpower from the Spider-Man franchise.
  • This is the third time Ms. Bellum was mentioned.
  • This episode aired thirteen years after "That's Not My Baby/Simian Says" of an episode from the classic series.
  • Buttercup's line "And once again..." and "...the day is saved thanks to Buttercup" is a reference to the Narrator's catchphrase outro.
  • Blossom being frozen to ice is similar to her 1998 counterpart from the classic series episode "Ice Sore".
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