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Maid Mary
The True Maid Mary.png
Name: Maid Mary
Gender: Male (True Form)
Female (Maid Mary)
First appearance: Neighbor Hood
Last appearance: Neighbor Hood
Episode count: 1
Voice actor: Grey Griffin

Maid Mary is a fictional character, from The Wondrous World of Whimsical Willy. She is a woman, who lives in Daydream Lane and appears to be the love interest of Whimsical Willy. She is actually a male criminal in disguise. She appeared in "Neighbor Hood".


In "Neighbor Hood", Whimsical Willy went to go visit his friends in Daydream Lane. There, he encountered Maid Mary, who was making happy stew, with the assistance of Duke Monday. Whimsical Willy acted rather sheepish around her, implying that he had a little crush on her. Maid Mary asked Whimsical Willy what makes him happy. Whimsical Willy was about to answer, that she made him happy, busting a move on her, but just then, he was interrupted by Dynamite Dog, warning the duo about a Sadness Cloud.

Blossom and Buttercup revealed to Bubbles that Willy was a con artist and everyone involved with the show, was really a criminal. They tore off Maid Mary's costume, revealing her to actually be a large framed Latino man, in a corset.


  • Maid Mary stands out from the rest of Willy's gang for being the only member to wear a realistic mask and bodysuit to disguise himself rather then use a cheap costume or puppet. The reason for this is unknown, although out-of-universe it's likely either done for comedic effect or due to it being common practice (especially in older shows) to make generic, unnamed henchmen/criminals all unattractive males to decrease the chances of audiences sympathising with them.
    • It's unknown how Blossom and Buttercup knew Maid Mary was wearing a mask and bodysuit, considering they don't seem to suspect Willy of doing the same thing.