Los Dos Mojos
Season 2, Episode 6-B
Episode name pun on: A Spanish phrase meaning "The Two Mojos".
Little Bubbles is Mojo Jojo.png
Airdate: October 8, 1999
Director: Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken
Story: Chris Savino
Writer(s): John McIntyre
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Los Dos Mojos is episode 6B of Season 2. It aired on October 8, 1999.


After getting bonked on the head by a construction bar while fighting Mojo Jojo in his ship, Bubbles gets amnesia and believes she is Mojo Jojo. She starts wrecking Townsville and defeats her sisters before Mojo Jojo hits her with a construction bar again, removing her amnesia and having her act like a Powerpuff girl again. The episode ends with Bubbles beating up the real Mojo Jojo and Blossom/Bubbles exclaiming how there can never be two Mojo Jojos in Townsville.


The story starts off with Mojo Jojo terrorizing the construction area in Townsville in his flying alien ship. The Powerpuff Girls pursue him and all 3 shoot his ship with his lasers. Mojo exclaims that their "puny" eye beams can't defeat his ship and he then shoots a dangling I-beam, thus releasing it. Blossom tells the girls to look out, but Bubbles doesn't leave and when Blossom tells her to watch out, it is too late and Bubbles gets bonked on the head. When Bubbles lifts her eyes, Mojo exclaims on how he knocked her out and put her in a state of unconsciousness. Bubbles eyes close and she wakes up on the PPG bed with her headbands. She looks around and sees toys, the hotline, and the table. Frightened from looking, she leaves the bed and the house, leaving her headbands on the bed.

In the next scene, Mojo Jojo is seen taking a shower and humming. When he is done, he then proceeds(with his bath towel) to his closet to get his clothes, but sees them missing. Almost immediately, Bubbles's shadow is seen and she knocks Mojo out of his lair onto the grass outside. Blossom and Buttercup, meanwhile, are trying to search for Bubbles but can't find her under the bed or in the room. The hotline rings and Blossom responds to it. The mayor says the rhyming tune, "Mojo Jojo is destroying Townsville solo with his Robo Jojo, and that's a big no-no! So hurry up and go-go!". Blossom agrees and Buttercup says about finding Bubbles, to which Blossom replies there is no time. The girls proceed and land in front of the Robo Jojo. After Blossom tells Buttercup to hold her ground, Mojo is seen saying how much more menacing it would be if it were actually him there. Buttercup proceeds to beat him up, but Blossom notes that it can't be him in the vehicle. After that, Bubbles is seen getting out of the Robo Jojo and Blossom and Buttercup see her new suit and look. After that, Buttercup beats Mojo again repeatedly with Blossom questioning what "evil" has Mojo bestowed on their sister. Mojo exclaims how he is wet and naked as their sister is wearing his clothes and how he can't "rule the world as a soggy chimp in his birthday suit". Bubbles interrupts the conversation and says how she is not Bubbles and Mojo Jojo. Blossom tells her to snap out of it but Bubbles throws her to the wall. Blossom then proceeds to beat up Bubbles but Buttercup says how she's their sister and how they will end up beating each other and not getting anything done. Bubbles then mocks Buttercup who then decides to beat her up, but Blossom doesn't let her, saying how they have an "intrinsic" value to protect each other. Bubbles then continuosly beats up both Blossom and Buttercup by first punching and then throwing a bus at them. She caps it off by emitting a huge laser at them which knocks both Blossom and Buttercup to the ground. Mojo then exclaims that she did it and how they can rule the world together. Bubbles continuosly rambles on about how she isn't bubbles but Mojo Jojo and then says she will rule the world alone. Fed up with her continuous use of his style of speaking and rambling, Mojo hits Bubbles on the head again with another construction bar. He later says how there is only room in this world for one Mojo Jojo.

Meanwhile, Bubbles wakes up and realizes the damage and her sisters on the ground. She then concludes that only Mojo Jojo could've done this and proceeds to beat him up. Bubbles and Blossom become relieved that Bubbles returns to her old "cute" self and Buttercup ends the episode by saying how there certainly isn't room for two Mojo Jojo. The narrator ends the episode by saying how he has heard it 1 million times (in an irritated voice), then ends the episode with his usual save the day gag, but then explicates in Mojo's style of speaking about his purpose in the episode..



  • Bubbles takes on a villainous role in this episode, due to her impersonating Mojo Jojo for most of it.
    • Though it can be argued that, unlike her sisters' villainous roles, hers is unintentional due to her having amnesia from being hit over the head, and having no clue or control over her actions.
  • Despite suffering a severe injury (hit by a falling girder), blood was not shown in Bubbles' head while wearing her bandages.
    • It is probably because it is too gory for children's viewing.
    • In the Powerpuff Girls Universe, there is also a possibility that Bubbles is immune to injury exposure because she possesses superhuman strength.
    • Although, Blood has been shown before in "Bubblevicious". Bubbles was hit with a laser and she wiped some blood away from her mouth. Blood was again shown after she defeated one of the monsters, who was laying in a pool of his own blood after the fight.
  • Running gag: Talking like Mojo Jojo. This is also true in a later episode, "Mo' Linguish".
    • In this episode's instance Bubbles (throughout the episode) and the Narrator (during the end).
    • Buttercup constantly hitting Mojo twice.
  • The Narrator (talking like Mojo Jojo) breaks the fourth wall when he says "I begin and end each episode of 'The Powerpuff Girls'. Me, the narrator."
  • There is an episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy with a similar plot.
  • Because Tom Kane was unavailable to voice characters in this episode, the Talking Dog was voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Mojo Jojo is impersonated by a Powerpuff Girl. In "The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever", Blossom pretends to be Mojo Jojo. In this episode, Bubbles does.
  • When Mojo Jojo says "Three [Mojo Jojos] is right out," this could be a reference to the Holy Hand Grenade scene from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.
  • In Latin American Spanish dub, Bubbles (only during impersonating Mojo Jojo) pronouncing "Mojo Jojo" as [mo̞ːxaːxo̞xa] instead [mo̞ːxo̞ːxo̞xo̞].
  • Technically speaking, it was Mojo Jojo who caused Bubbles to abruptly become evil, as he's the one who detatched the supporting beam that knocked her out unconsciously, thus causing her to have amnesia.


  • In one scene, when Bubbles was looking into the craters and notices the unconscious Blossom and Buttercup, she is seen wearing her normal everyday dress, not Mojo's outfit.
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