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The Powerpuff Girls have many powers and abilities that they all share, including:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Energy Trail (bright pink for Blossom, light blue for Bubbles, bright green for Buttercup)
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision (colored red)
  • Ability to breathe and survive in space
  • Energy projection (in their respective colors)
  • Super senses (smelling, sight and hearing)
  • Night Vision
  • Tornado Generation (in their respective colors)
  • Fire generation (in their respective colors) {Blossom and Bubbles can generate fire through their mouth}
  • X-ray vision
  • Limited Invulnerability
  • Immunity to extreme cold and heat
  • Supersonic screams, waves and bursts
  • Sonic Booms

One-Time Powers/Abilities

Abilities used in the episode Nuthin' Special:

  • Teleportation over short distances (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Super strength punch (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Inferno: Spontaneously catch on fire. (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Copy Cat: multiply. (used by the Powerpuff Girls).
  • Aqua Velvie: Transforming into a puddle of water. (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Atomic snot rocket: a snore combined spit which causes an explosion. (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Itsy Bitsy: Shrinking to microscopic size (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Electric Boogaloo force field: intensive break-dancing which generates a highly output energy force field (in their respective colors). [Perhaps they are only able to perform this move if they are shrunk in size] (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Three-Card Puffy: a card trick (used by the Powerpuff Girls).
  • Optomertron (used by the Powerpuff Girls).
  • The Penny Pincher (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Call of the Wild: Imitating the roar from a beast (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • The Matrix: imitating movement performed by the character "Neo" from the movie "the Matrix" (used by the Powerpuff Girls)
  • Magic, to bring themselves back to life or back together if their apart (Abracadaver (episode))

Abilities used in the episode Dream Scheme

  • The ability to enter each other's dreams (used by the Powerpuff Girls).

Abilities used in the episode Power Lunch

  • With combined efforts they had the ability to grant the Gangreen Gang abilities of their own when the Gangreen Gang recently inhaled various sorts of candy (Except for Lil' Arturo who at the time had inhaled coffee) (used by the Powerpuff Girls).

Various Abilities

  • Pink Magic (for Blossom)
  • Blue Magic (for Bubbles)
  • Green Magic (for Buttercup)
  • Energy fists (in their respective colors)

Abilities used in Combination

  • Furious Fiery Feline ("Furious Flaming Feline" in Members Only): First used in Catastrophe, the girls combine to create a cat of pure flames, a homage to the "Fiery Phoenix" of Battle of the Planets
  • Starburst Ray: First used in Town and Out, a triple attack from side to side and front.
  • Morphing into a ball that can be used for either defensive or offensive purposes.
  • Razzle Dazzle ("Flower Petals of Doom" or "Sassafras"): Used in Live and Let Dynamo, A twister of light that can catch and move even the heaviest of objects.
  • Cherry Bomb (Blossom and Buttercup): Used in All Chalked Up, They do a series of poses, hold their hands, and a red and white energy bubble surrounds them, along with the coming down to earth quickly, followed by a large fuse and explosion.
  • 2-Tornado (Bubbles and Blossom) (Blossom and Buttercup)
  • Wing Plan R: Used in Forced Kin, Blossom's bow, Buttercup's belt, and Bubbles's arms positioned to hold the belt while launch.
  • Fast Ball Special (Bowling Ball Special): First used in Stuck Up, Up, and Away, Bubbles' roll in the shape of a ball and Blossom or Buttercup throws her.
  • Fireball: Blossom uses her unique Fire Breath ability on Buttercup's hands, then Buttercup throws the amazingly hot flames at an opponent.
  • Cosmic Cannon Ball: Seen in Substitute Creature, the girls run in space and "fall", approaching each-other, and combining to form a ball.
  • Acrobattack: As seen in The Rowdyruff Boys, the girls spin in the shape of a wheel, and hit the enemies launching them in the air, then grab their feet and quickly spin ending with a pushing attack.
  • P-Bomb: They connect together and outlines in blue, green, and pink come out like incredibly strong hypersonic waves.
  • Attack Pattern Alpha Omega Atari
  • Atomic Twister: Used in Sun Scream, Creates an unusually strong and destructive tornado.
  • Super-Spin: The girls' discovered this new and unique ability while they were "mixed up."
  • Reflect Pattern Omega
  • Mega Blast Beam: Used in Live and Let Dynamo, against the Dynamo, and in Aspirations, against Sedusa. It generates a huge, focused beam of pure energy at the target.


It is unsure if some of these attacks are, in fact, canon. The episode in which some of these powers were shown in does not seem to exactly be canon, due to the circumstances, and, as a result, the powers introduced in this episode could possibly be non-canon. This also means that abilities such as supersonic screaming and tornado generation might actually be unique to Bubbles and Buttercup respectively. However, this is simply a theory, and should not be considered official.



It was seen in "Geshundfight" that the girls are prone to illness just like everyone else. They appear to become significantly weaker fighting wise. They couldn't even stay in full flight. While they are weaker, their powers remain no different as the girls are seen lifting heavy objects while ill.

Unique Abilities

Each Powerpuff Girl has her own special and unique abilities that makes them different.

Powerpuff Girl Special Abilities
  • Ice Breath
  • Microscopic Vision
  • Lightning Bolts
  • Pink Laser Beams
  • Advanced intellect
  • Intuitive Aptitude
  • Exceptional Leadership skills
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Danger sense
  • Photographic memory


  • Vaporiza
  • Energy Orbs/Sphere (colored light blue)
  • Electric Blasts (colored light blue)
  • Zoopathy
  • Animal Whispering
  • Multilingualism 
  • Laser-eye beams (colored light blue)
  • Thunder Claps
  • Sound Manipulation/Control
  • Hypersound Manipulation/Control
  • Hypersonic sound blasts and waves
  • Ultrasonic screams and bursts
  • Supersonic shields
  • Hypersound combustion


  • Ball Blast
  • Black Hurricane
  • Superior fighting skills
  • Better strength
  • Bright green-colored laser beams
  • Energy Orbs (colored light green)
  • Fireball (rubs her hands till smoke comes out and forms a ball then she hurls it)
  • Tongue Curling (Nuthin Special)

In Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Like the original Powerpuff Girls, the Powerpuff Girls Z possess the ability to fly, enhanced speed and strength, and their outfits seem to be indestructible and immune to any forms of impact especially being stunned in blunt force except for bullet firing guns, ammo and even laser firing weapons (or at least very durable). In addition, each of the girls wields a weapon, a super-powered version of toys being played with by children they protected from the white light which made them Powerpuff Girls.

  • In Episode 46, and again in Episode 51, the girls gain the ability to combine their powers into one of three super attacks, with the nature of attack depending on who delivers the last blow. Blossom's super attack involves her yoyo growing to enormous size, splitting open and electrocuting or crushing her enemies. Her attack has been used the most times. Buttercup's super attack lets her hammer grow to an amazingly giant size, easily crushing her enemies. She can use it many times but she wiggles it to return it to normal. Bubbles' super attack involves blowing large bubbles that pop to reveal pyramid-shaped metal structures of different sizes that crush large enemies. She pops the bubbles using the end of her bubble wand.

Unique Abilities and Superpowers

Each Powerpuff Girl has her own special and unique abilities that makes them different.

Powerpuff Girl Special Abilities
Hyper Blossom
  • Shooting Yo-yo!
  • Spinning Yo-yo!
  • Strawberry Daifuku Spin!
  • Almond Jelly Shoot!
  • Ice Cream Shoot!
  • Fruit Shoot!
  • Light White Choco Shoot!
  • White Choco Shoot II!
  • Panna Cotta Shoot!
  • Cream Anmitsu Yo-yo!
  • Apple Pie Shoot!
  • Macaroon Shoot!
  • Bavaroise Spin!
  • Baumkuchen Shoot!
  • Shiratama Anmitsu Spin!
  • Nata de Coco Shoot!
  • Fresh Juice The Loop!
  • Shooting Apple Pie!
  • Shooting Berry Tart!
  • Shooting Tangerine Jelly!
  • Spinning Fruit Daifuku!
  • Big Parfait Shoot!
  • Mitsumame Cake Shoot!
  • Walk the Dog!
  • Tsukimi Dango Shoot!
  • Mooncake Seven Shoot!
  • Sachertorte Shoot!
  • Mont Blanc Shoot!
  • Coffee Jelly Shoot!
  • Ujikintoki Shoot!
  • Shooting Mille-feuille!
  • Caramel Shoot!
  • Caramel Shoot - Extra Large!
  • Takoyaki Spin!
  • Triple Science Attack!
  • Fried Cracker Spin!
  • Shooting Castella!
  • Shooting Xmas Cake Special!
  • Bracken Rice Cake Spin!
  • Spinning Gold Flake Chocolat!
  • Mont Blanc Spin!
  • Spinning Choco-fudge!
  • Kintokidou Special Bean Paste Shoot!
  • Mitarashi Dumpling Shoot!
  • Mitarashi Dumpling Shoot II!
  • Sweet Bean Paste Shoot!
  • Shooting Babarois!
  • Akashi-style Octopus Puff Spin!
  • Shooting Strawberry Mille-feuille!
  • Strawberry Sundae Shoot!
  • Special Melon Cream Shoot!
  • Caramel Blueberry Shoot!
  • Banana Crepe Shoot!
  • Dorayaki Spin!
  • Clotted Scone Shoot!
  • Tiramisu Shoot!
  • Spinning Turtle!
  • Castella Spin!
  • Shooting Castella!
  • Shooting Kintokidou Special Bean Paste Dumpling!
  • Ribbon Boomerang!
  • Spinning Tangerine Mousse!
  • Apple Yogurt Shoot!
  • Custard Pudding Shoot with Melon Syrup!
  • Wedding Cake Finish!
  • Wedding Cake Blossom Finish!

Rolling Bubbles

  • Bubble Champagne!
  • Bubble Catcher!
  • Bubble Poyon! (Boing)
  • Bubble Champagne II!
  • Triple Science Attack!
  • Balloon Neba-neba! (Stickiness)
  • Shabon Freedom!
  • Energy Ball!
  • Bubble Popper!
  • Bubbles Finish!

Powered Buttercup

  • Megaton Dunk!
  • Graviton Drive!
  • Swing Sonic!
  • Swing Sonic II!
  • Swing Sonic Flash!
  • Hurricane Lutz!
  • Smash Block!
  • Triple Science Attack!
  • Buttercup Finish!


Due to the nature of the Powerpuff Girls TV series, power is very inconsistent and relatively difficult to calculate. However, when judging their strength and power, it is recommended to take high-end feats. Other feats will not be taken seriously, and will most likely not be used for applications.

To aid those who are unsure about the exact extent of the Powerpuff Girls' strength, here is a list showing their feats (note: this will only cover the basic powers they share)

  • Superhuman Strength (lifting): The most a Powerpuff Girl has been shown to lift is the top of a mountain, as seen in the episode Members Only. However, this is due to the fact that Buttercup, the one who has displayed this feat, did it with relatively little effort.

    Superhuman Lifting

  • Superhuman Strength (striking): Like any other person, the Powerpuff Girls can destroy more than they can lift. This was displayed when, during the episode where Buttercup lifted a mountaintop, Blossom effortlessly destroyed flaming meteors about to destroy the planet by punching through them while flying forward. She was not slowed down at all by the meteors, and it seemed as if they weren't even there.
  • Superhuman Speed (flying): The Powerpuff Girls have, on numerous occasions, displayed faster than light flight speed. They flew from the Earth to the Asteroid Belt in a matter of seconds, along with flying so fast that they traveled through time.

Bubbles demonstrating her super speed.

  • Superhuman Speed (running): It is unsure exactly how fast the Powerpuff Girls can run, but they certainly are no pushovers in speed even without access to their flight. They managed to run so fast that they destroyed entire buildings by simply running into them, and Blossom was able to run so fast that she cracked the Earth's crust and unleashed magma. However, calculations are not exact.
  • Superhuman Durabiliy: The Powerpuff Girls have impressive durability, as they are generally immune against bullets and can survive in lava as if it's water. They also do not seem to be affected by high altitudes, pressure, or the dangers of outer space. They even survived a missile explosion that occurred right next to them in the episode Hot Air Buffoon (though possibly due to cartoon logic).

Buttercup's super Resistance, having been thrown through the planet coming out unscathed.

  • Flight: They don't seem to have any limits on their flight, as they flew for extended periods of time and can practically fly anywhere. They easily fly through the sky, outer space, underwater, and even inside an active volcano.
  • Heat Vision: Their heat vision easily melted a meteor, cut straight through concrete, and has shown to be adjustable. For example, although their heat vision is very hot and strong, they were able to lower the strength and heat to the point of not burning bread.

Bubbles preparing to fire a laser blast

  • Ability to breathe and survive in space: They do not require oxygen and can easily survive in the vacuum of space. Living in space is practically the same as living in an atmosphere for them.

Girls in space

  • Energy Projection: The little shown of their energy projection is impressive. They managed to destroy an entire city with little to no effort with it, although it required all three of them to combine their powers.
  • Super senses (sight and hearing): They are able to speak to each other and hear each other in the vacuum of outer space, and Blossom was shown to be able to "zoom in" her sight.
  • Invulnerability against extreme temperatures: They survived in lava as if it was water and was completely unaffected by the extreme temperatures of outer space, and, to a lesser degree (no pun intended), the North Pole.

The Girls Flying through lava.

The Powerpuff Girls
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