Keen on Keane
Season 4, Episode 11A
Episode name pun on: Being keen on Miss Keane (both keens/Keanes are pronounced the same way.)
Keen on Keane
Airdate: December 6, 2002
Director: Lauren Faust
Craig McCracken
Story: Lauren Faust
Writer(s): Lauren Faust
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"Forced Kin"
"Not So Awesome Blossom"
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Keen On Keane is the eleventh episode in the fourth season of The Powerpuff Girls. It is the eighty-fifth episode overall.


Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane go out on a date set up by the girls, though Ms. Keane and Professor get distracted from using the hotline so much that Mayor can’t reach the girls.


The episode starts at Valentine's Day in Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Ms. Keane is looking at Blossom's card, which appears to be a heart-shaped, colorful city skyline. A moment later, Bubbles comes running with her smaller card with Cupid’s arrow. Buttercup shows her next card with plenty of glue, then returns to play with Mitch Mitchelson and a black-haired girl. Three other girls are talking about dates, which causes Mitch, Buttercup and the black-haired girl to do nonsensical actions (especially Mitch), but Ms. Keane puts a stop to it. Blossom asks her that who's her "sweetheart" but Ms. Keane says that she doesn't have time for dates. The girls become worried.

The Powerpuff Girls are watching a romantic movie with a scene of engagement of Derek and Gabrielle. Professor Utonium calls the girls for dinner and shows a special dish which he made: a large, heart-shaped meatloaf with a caption "Be Mine". Blossom asks Professor where he is going out for dinner. Professor doesn't understand the question and Buttercup begins to poke fun. Bubbles asks him who's his "sweetheart", but the Professor says that he doesn't have time for dates. It turns out that the Professor and Ms. Keane are singles and the girls get an idea.

Utonium and Keane Awkward Date

Professor Utonium and Miss Keane's awkward first date.

At Ms. Keane's house, Ms. Keane is writing something in her notebook and her cat named Valentino is peacefully lying next to her. The doorbell rings, and she goes to answer. Her cat trails behind her. She opens the door, looks out at the welcome mat and notices a red rose and a note addressed to Ms. Keane. She quickly starts to read the note. The same thing occurs with the Professor and he also reads it. The note says that Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane have to meet each other "at the finest restaurant in Townsville, at the corner of Amore Avenue and Passion Parkway." This restaurant, as it turns out, is a Chuck E. Cheese's-esque family fun center, complete with ball pits and pizza on the menu.

Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane soon realize that the girls set them up, and take the girls home. However, they decide to go on more dates with each other and become sickening sweethearts. They hog the Powerpuff Hotline, and neglect their duties, much to the girls' dismay. Soon, a monster attacks the city, near the Mayor's office, and the Mayor tries calling the girls, but after hearing Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane on the hotline, he doesn't interrupt them and lets them hog the hotline, and refuses to listen to the alerted Ms. Bellum. All the while, the girls run late for the attack ahead since the Professor failed to alert them. Eventually, the Mayor sneezes and Utonium and Ms. Keane realize what they're doing, and they apologize for using the hotline. They all realize that the girls' delay was their fault. The two mention how they've been neglecting their duties. When Ms. Keane mentions her cat, the Professor becomes nervous since he had a bad experience with a cat. Ms. Keane doesn't believe his story, and the two break up, putting the girls back on track. In the end, the Narrator says that the day is saved, thanks to Valentino.


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  • In terms of production, this episode alongside its partner episode are the first episode of the fifth season and the first to be produced exclusively by Cartoon Network Studios.
  • This episode reveals that Ms. Keane has a cat named Valentino. It's also the only episode that features her house and appears to live by herself.
  • The restaurant Pete’s-A Pizza a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's, complete with ball pits, pizza on the menu and an arcade.
  • Bubbles was served meatloaf for dinner despite being revealed to be a vegetarian in episode Collect Her. However, it never showed if she actually ate her dinner.
  • This and its sister episode, "Not So Awesome Blossom", are the only non-full-length episodes in Season 4.
  • This episode is the second extra from The Powerpuff Girls Movie when it has the Color and Animation movie version.
  • This is the first episode to use the new animation style, which was introduced in the movie. There are some animation errors in this episode, Not So Awesome Blossom and Power-Noia where the camera zooms too far on something and it looks a bit sketchy, but this error was reversed beginning with Monstra-City.
  • When early recess occurs at the school, Harry Pitt is seen running around naked.
  • This is also the first episode to use the new character designs that were introduced in the movie.
  • This is the second time the Girls set the Professor up on a date after Mommy Fearest.
  • When the Professor was exercising, his shirt read "no pain, no pain", a pun on the expression "no pain, no gain".
  • This episode (along with Not So Awesome Blossom) is the first to use the Cartoon Network Studios logo.
  • Although this episode is set during the Valentine's Day season, it first aired on December 6, 2002 (a few weeks away from Christmas). It is unknown why Cartoon Network didn't air the episode closer to Valentine's Day.


  • The "really bad experience" that the Professor had with a cat, which made him "jump off a building" refers to the season one episode, Cat Man Do.


  • On the note to Ms. Keane, the fragment reads "this eve of love" instead of "the eve of love".
  • When Ms. Keane removes her sunglasses and a bandana, her gold bracelets disappear for a moment.

Production Notes

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