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Total Eclipse of the Kart

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Ms. Keane
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Jemmica Thrash is a character of The Powerpuff Girls 2016 reboot, who sports archaeologist attire and steals artifacts. She appears in Frenemy as a new student in the girls' class at school, making a grand entrance by flying in on her rope with adventurous music playing from her mini tape recorder. She states that she is an archaeologist, and has gone to six continents and never had ice cream headaches. However, she's also a power-hungry thief who likes to steal artifacts that contain destructive powers that could bring doomsday. In Total Eclipse of the Kart it was revealed that she's actually an ancient conqueror and powerful sorceress named Jemoire. It's revealed that centuries ago Jemoire was cursed and was changed into a human who everyone knows is Jemmica as her magic was sealed in a box and spent years traveling to find the key to break the curse and change back to her original self.


Jemmica/Jemoire is self-centered, selfish, dishonest, power-hungry, and treacherous. She shows more interest in power than in friendship or family. She would have someone to help her out in her criminal quest then eventually betrays that someone. She rather just save herself and the artifacts she stole than save anyone else from danger.

This become more apparent when her true form as an ancient evil being is revealed, revealing her tyrannical and megalomaniac nature.



  • Her voice actress, Anais Fairweather, also voices Thrash and Supergirl in DC's Super Hero Girls.
  • Her personality and interests are similar to that of Indiana Jones.
  • Jemmica is similar to Dick Hardly. Both are greed-motivated villains who use the Powerpuff Girls as a means to an end. The main difference is that Jemmica betrays the Girls once her plans succeeded and gets away with her crimes.
  • She also appears in the Powerpuff Girls world in Lego Dimensions and offers the player to help her in an archaeological mission.
  • In Total Eclipse of the Kart, it's revealed after returning to her true form that she really hates the name, "Jemmica", and the human form she was cursed to be in. The one who defeated and cursed her probably gave her the name "Jemmica" after he turned her into an eternally young human girl.
    • It is also possible it’s a name she gave herself as an alias so people wouldn’t know who she was.
  • Possibly why she never had an ice cream headache is because she wasn't really a human to begin with; she's really a supernatural being trapped in the body of a human girl who never aged while being in that body.


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