Imagine That
Season 2, Episode 18
Episode name pun on: The 2009 comedy film of the same name
Imagine That title card
Airdate: July 30, 2017
Director: Nick Jennings
Bob Boyle
Story: Kyle Neswald
Benjamin P. Carow
Writer(s): Jake Goldman
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"Spider Sense"
"Phantasm Chasm"
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Imagine That is the eighteenth episode (and the fifty-seventh episode overall) of Season 2 of the 2016 Powerpuff Girls series. It aired on Cartoon Network on July 30, 2017.


When Bubbles' imagination causes a bit of a calamity at school, HIM sees it as an opportunity. He taps into Bubbles' dreamscape of being a train conductor in a land populated by dust bunnies, milkshakes and marshmallows and using Bubbles' conductor that saps her of color and joy and turns the place into a hellish landscape.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • This episode marks HIM's first appearance in the second season and his fourth appearance overall.
  • HIM also uses his goth kid appearance from "Secret Swapper of Doom". This also reveals HIM's goth kid name is Harvey.
  • The way Bubbles waves her hand and forms the word "IMAJINASHULN" which misspelled "imagination" was a well-known phrase from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Idiot Box".
  • When Bubbles gets transformed into a sun, it is shown to resemble “Sun Baby” from the British TV show Teletubbies.
  • This episode aired 13 years after "West in Pieces" of an episode from the classic series.
  • This is the first time HIM talks without his eerie tone.
  • This episode brings back HIM being the train conductor, since his 1998 counterpart from the original series episode "Him Diddle Riddle".
  • This episode is another one to borrow elements from an episode of the original series, this time from 2002's "Power-Noia".
    • In this episode, when HIM casts a spell on Bubbles to make her imagination became real. In "Power-Noia", he also cast his nightmare spell on a Girls' dream to make their nightmares came true.
    • Also, in this episode HIM's train snake-like form mirrors his original incarnations spider-like monster form.
    • HIM's line in this episode, "And you still couldn't defeat me!" is similar to his counterparts line, "YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!"
    • The plot of this episode could be a reference to the classic series episode All Chalked Up.

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