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Professor Utonium's house



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2016 series

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Puffdora's Box

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Kate Micucci


Hope is a seemingly angelic child of unknown origin who came from Professor Utonium's mysterious and mystical box.


Puffdora's Box

While doing some cleaning, Blossom opened a mystical chest which unbeknownst to her was a prison for ghostly monster-like spirits. When the ghosts begin having a party in the house, Hope rises from the box delivering an impassioned speech about herself to Blossom only to subsequently get caught up in the fun of the party. When Blossom recaptures her attention, Hope informs her that she knows how to get rid of the monsters. However, she is once again distracted by the trampoline that was outside and phased through the wall so she can jump on it. Unable to handle the problem herself, Blossom asks Bubbles and Buttercup for help. In turn, Bubbles manages to get Hope to tell her that in order to send the ghosts back, they need to get them to say "Ta leme" ("See you later" in Greek). After they managed to trap the ghosts once again, Hope was still jumping on the trampoline until she saw a bicycle and decided to ride it to an unknown destination.


Hope appears to be a very knowledgeable and powerful little girl who has a pure heart and desire to eliminate evil. But being so young, she thrives for fun and has an extremely large amount of adventurous curiosity for the world around her. She is very easily distracted by toys and fun activities such as paddle ball, roller skating, toy cars, and trampolines. So once her attention is caught by something she thinks is fun, it is difficult to get her to focus on anything else, as she even puts off important things in favor of satisfying her youthful curiosity.


Hope is a small, toddler-sized girl with large blue eyes and thick blonde hair that takes up nearly the entire length of her body. She wears a white gown with two blue stripes in it and has two small white wings sprouting from her head, indicating that she may be some type of angelic being.

Powers and Abilities

  • Levitation: Hope has displayed the ability to levitate, similar to how The Powerpuff Girls do.
  • Intangibility: Hope has also displayed the ability to phase through solid objects such as glass.


Did someone call my name? It is I, Hope, who vanquishes evil and sends it back from whence it came. It is I, Hope who restores good and saves the day! It is I, Hope who... Whoa! What's that?


  • Her voice actress, Kate Micucci, also does the voice of the Steven Universe character Sadie Miller, Dr. Fox in Unikitty and is the Scooby-Doo! franchise's current voice of Velma Dinkley since 2015.